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03 May 2005 @ 08:10 pm
I feel pretty good...for a Tuesday  

Hmmm...this good mood might have something to do with the Smirnoff Twisted Cranberry malted beverage I am currently enjoying.  You know what?  I don't really care.  The new air pump has been installed in my car (cost $100 for part and $0 for labor.  Hubbie installed it) and hopefully all will go well with the inspection on saturday.  The engine light is still on, but once we get the code reader we ordered we'll be able to clear it...yeah!

I re-read my last entry and I must have been completely out of my mind when I was writing it.  See kids, this is what happens when you have many margaritas.  Tequilla will F you up.  The last time I drank margaritas I had the strangest dream that I was in the movie Aliens...Sigourney Weaver was in it and everything.  It was actually pretty cool and very detailed.

Anyway, I'm working on "Light" just thought I'd take a break.  I think I might be able to have it finished by tomorrow.  Get ready, Press.  You'll be getting soon, hopefully. 

Later all! 

Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Insane in the Brain- Cypress Hill