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26 November 2006 @ 10:31 pm
What the kat is watching rather than writing...redux  
So, what did I do with my time off?  Did nothing but watch anime.  I didn't even work on P&C.  I think three-toed sloths did more this weekend then I did.  Pathetic, I know.   I will spend the rest of the night writing, I swear.  But here is a list of what I'm currently wasting my time with for anyone who's interested. 

Hands down, I think this one is my favorite at the moment.  I love me some samurais.  The plot is full of political intrigue and deception. 

Our angsty samurai, Akidzuki (see previous post for pic of him...too lazy to reupload) has decided, for reasons known only to him, to stay with the theater group as they spin their tales of corrupt government officials and such. 

Doesn't Kakashi (not to be confused with the one from Naruto) remind you of Feilong from Viewfinder?

Anyway, The Head of the Conqueror is still in town and Akidzuki, as the Eternal Assassin must stay until it is defeated.  The plot is moving rather slow, but its so compelling and the characters so interesting that you can't help but watch.   It's like a history lesson in every episode.^^

Just when you thought Bakumatsu had the longest title in anime history, I manage to find another one.  This is another feudal Japan story with a Princess Mononoke- like twist.  Monster/demon-gods called Yoi, have been appearing.  I'm not entirely sure why yet, but it would seem that they are either called out by human interference or angered when humans do something silly like not sacrifice a child to it.

Enter Yuki, our 40 year old hero.

When Yuki was a child studying to become a samurai, he somehow got sucked into the Yoi world.  It was a wondrous place that he has spent his entire life since then trying to forget and has been a drifter ever since.  The side effect of his time spent there is that he now has powers in which to combat the Yoi.  Like the quote above says, all creatures have a name and Yuki has the power to reveal that name and thus destroy it using another glyph that manifests itself physically.  It's really a lot better than I'm making it sound.  Yuki hesitantly joins a group of other Yoi hunters and we'll see where this one heads.  Four episodes in and I'm still curious about this one so that's a good sign.  Another interesting thing I should mention is the gender-bending.

This is a girl masquerading as a boy.

And this is a guy (who may also be some kind of priest) who dresses like a woman.  Can you say okama?  ^__^

Ah, it keeps things very watchable.

I started reading this manga a while back, but never got past the first few chapters.  No screen caps for this one cuz I'm lazy and there was nothing of interest.  If you're unfamiliar with the story, its about a teenage boy who finds a shinigami's book that if he writes a person's name in, that person will die.  This is one of those stories that makes you wonder what you would do if you had that kind of power.  You want to like and hate the main character, Light (Raito) at the same time.  He original goal is good, but the downward spiral the Death Note takes him on is quite the journey.  Again, very compelling.   Animation is excellent as well.

Ya'll have been listening to me go on about this one for a while.  All you need to know is that there are hot brothers with super powers who hug.


Now go watch.

I thought I wasn't going to like this one, but it snuck up on me.  It has a certain Fullmetal Alchemist feel to it and I suspect will get just as angsty :)  In this story we have teams of exorcists fighting akumas, which are basically ghosts (dead souls) that become trapped and or bonded to a special machine created by the Millennium Earl, the main bad guy.  As of episode 5, our main character, Allen Walker has just joined the Vatican-backed team of exorcists and is being sent out on missions to recover a substance know as Innocence.  Innocence is a strange material left by an ancient civilization which, if compatible with a person, can form into the weapons Exorcists use to stop the Earl.  Confused yet?  Don't be, it makes more sense if you actually watch it.

This is Allen.  He is apparently cursed somehow.  His left eye allows him to see Akumas.  I'm sure the whys and whatfors will be revealed eventually with gallons of angst.

He is all wide-eyed and naive in some respects, but (and I was shocked by this too) he's not annoying.  But my tastes, as we all know, run for the more serious and angsty.  This is Kanda...


Nuff said. 

Oh, and I started watching Bleach.  I figured since Naruto is giving us nothing but fillers I'd catch up on this one.  Waiting a whole week for a new episode on Cartoon Network is too long...so yeah, I love torrents.  So, there you go.  I guess I'm still not in the right mindset for P&C yet, but I promise, I'm not going to slack off any longer. 
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Franfranwi on November 27th, 2006 08:41 pm (UTC)
All you need to know is that there are hot brothers with super powers who hug.
That cracks me up every time!!

I definitely need to check some of these out. I'm really interested in that last one with Allen Walker. It has a nice look and it does seem FMA-like.

Wow, you're finally watching Bleach? It's like Naruto where it seems to drag on forever at times, but there are some great characters. Bleach Drabbles on ff.net really brings more life to some of those side characters and backgrounds - with yaoi pairings. ;)
evilkat_meow: Vincentevilkat_meow on November 28th, 2006 12:22 am (UTC)
We all love the hugging brothers of NHG ^__^

D Gray Man was a complete surprise. I honestly didn't expect to like it as much as I am. So far, it's not as heavy as FMA, but I'm sure things will change. Definitely take a look.

And yeah, I'm just getting around to Bleach. At the time, I had to choose between that and Naruto since I could only do one epic anime at a time. Don't worry, I'll be caught up in no time. I'm totally in love with Ishida at the moment^^

The others are really good too, especially Bakumatsu. I highly recommend that one.
Jukeboxjukebox_csi on November 28th, 2006 11:57 pm (UTC)
I just downloaded and watched the first episode of Death Note. I like it so far and am patiently waiting the second episode to download. I'll have to check out D Grayman too.

I also just rented the first DVD of Gantz that has episode 1 & 2. Despite the attractiveness of the drawn characters (though I could do without the focusing on the naked jiggling big boobs of the lead female), I was left with a WTF expression on my face. Seriously, there was a huge question mark blinking above my head. It lost me. I don't think I'll continue renting it (and how lame is it that the DVD only had 2 episodes anyway?).
evilkat_meowevilkat_meow on November 29th, 2006 12:14 am (UTC)
Gah! Gantz...Gantz had the biggest WTF? ending I've ever seen. Right up there with Wolf's Rain. I enjoyed the series because it was out there, but I expected more from the ending. I hate those stupid 2 episode DVD's too! Yet another reason to download!

Death Note is very good. Lots of moral conundrums for you to ponder.^^ I love animes that get me thinking.