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29 October 2006 @ 11:00 am
Another one bites the dust  
Innocent Venus has ended.  *cries*  I was very pleased with this series.  For a show about and involving mechas, it didn't revolve the entire show around battles.  It maintained a very human quality and I liked that very much.  Also, it wasn't insanely angsty, nor was it a total piece of fluff.  It found a nice, comfortable middle ground between the two.  The end wasn't WTF? but it was a little too opened ended for me.  I'll go into that later.  The final episode did have one of the funniest fansub translation moments I've seen in a while.  

I've also finally figured out how to do screen caps, so my reviews will be much more colorful^^

So, it turns out that the Gladiators were powerful because they incorporated the nervous systems of genetically altered children.  That has to go down as one of the more fucked up things I've ever heard of.  They were a little vague about Sana's involvement, but I assume she was the link between the Gladiators and the pilots.  The reason why Jo cried each time he would fight in his suit was because he felt the lingering fear from the children used to make the suit.  It was also why so many pilots were unable to use the suits without going insane.  The Phantoms were a bunch of ruthless, emotionally dead people which is why they were perfect pilots.  

That brings us to Jin.  In his quest for revenge, he loses his humanity.  It served him in the beginning, but it ended up being his downfall.  In his final battle against Jo, the children's ghostly spirits attack him and drive him mad.  As he lay dying, he tells Jo that he wanted to be like him.  Jin though of Jo as the perfect solider, no emotions.  Before the fight he told Jo that he hated him when they first met because of this.  I guess this is where the irony kicks in.  Jin thought he needed to be more withdrawn from his emotions, but Jo let himself feel.  That was why Jo was able to sync up with the Gladiator to become an unstoppable force.   And just because I know that Jo and Jin had a more-than-friends relationship...here is some proof.

As Jin is dying, he reaches out to touch Jo's face.  

Such an intimate gesture.  Fangirls like me live for these moments.  *squee*

Jo sheds a tear for his fallen friend.  *huggles Jo*

So, in the end, the good guys destroy the place where they were making the Gladiators.  Will there be a new understanding between the Revenues and the Logos?  Unknown, but we are left with a sense that that's where things will be heading.  With nothing left to do with his life, Jo decides he will walk the Earth like Cain on Kung Fu...not really, but he will travel around and assess the damage and promises Sana and Toriji that they will meet again.  The final image is a rare smile from Jo.  

*squee*  I love Jo.  Always the serious ones with me.  I suppose it's because I like trying to figure them out.   Anyway, check it out.  I give it two thumbs up^^ 

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Jukeboxjukebox_csi on October 29th, 2006 08:46 pm (UTC)
WTH does 'watch your corn holes' even mean? *laughs*
evilkat_meowevilkat_meow on October 29th, 2006 09:22 pm (UTC)
They were being told to watch their butts as they went into battle. The fact that the translator felt the need to use "corn hole" is hilarious. It was just an odd moment of vernacular that came out of nowhere.