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24 April 2005 @ 08:36 pm
Sunday night already...  

Back to work tomorrow...blah.  Tomorrow is the big day when we hear back from the manager at the VW dealership concerning they're huge mistake.  The way I feel right now is that they should eat the $981.  It was their mistake, too bad, so sad.  I'm also bringing the car to get inspected and have them run the code to find out why the engine light is back on.  Hopefully its something easily fixable and not a major repair.

I've been working pretty steadily on the next chapter of "Light" for the past two days and making some good progess, I think.  I sometimes begin to doubt myself when it comes to this story because its so close to my heart.  I want to do right by it and portray eveyone as realistically as possible, but am I accomplishing that?  Am I just another author writing another cliched rape story?  I hope not.  When I set out to write this story, it was with the intention to take a cliche situation and make it real.  I was fed up with all the stories that focus too much on the actual rape itself and cheat both the characters and the readers out of the reality of dealing with rape, which is the aftermath.  That was why I set the story after the fact, because I didn't want the readers to be distracted by the rape itself.  As another challange, I have the bulk of the story being told by a person who did not experience what had happened, but is watching his two closest friends try and deal.  I want to give as much detail about what recovery is like and I worry that I might be getting too in-depth and that the story might become boring.  I must also admit that it irks me when I see so many stories where the author has all the characters have an instant recovery as soon as they have sex again.  This is complete fabrication.  Yes, being able to have intimate relations after such a traumatic event is an important step, but its not the ONLY step.  In fact, a return to that level of intimacy brings a whole new set of insecurities and problems that a victim might go through. 

Meh, I'm rambling.  I would appreciate any feedback on this.  If you're out there, drop a line to say hi or if you have any thoughts on what I've mentioned, feel free to bring it up.  I'm always open to discussion.

Later all!   

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