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16 April 2005 @ 10:38 pm
The Jetta saga has a happy ending  

Picked up my car yesterday.  Now, my hubbie and I were under the impression that the two year warranty on our certified pre-owned Jetta expired in February.  I was told on at least two occasions by the woman at VW that all the repairs would be covered under said warranty.  The entire day I worried that I would show up to get the car and they would be like "Ooops, we made a mistake.  You have no warranty."  If that happened, I would have thrown a fit right there at the dealership.  But, luck was on my side for once.  I walked in, and the woman behind the counter said "That'll be $160.42" to which I said, "Let me get my credit card."  I can only imagine what the bill would have been if it wasn't still covered.  The work done to my car consisted of the following: replace ignition module, replace secondary air pump, replace vacuum hoses, replace temperature sensor, replace impulse sender, and throttle body service (paid for, not covered by warranty)  All that plus labor would have cost a pretty penny.

I watched the first episode of Loveless.  The animation was beautiful and the story held my attention more than the manga did.  The second episode is downloading as I write.  Wheee...catboys!  The anime has a much more dramatic feel that I am enjoying immensely.  And did I mention catboys?  Its insanely cute...and angsty at the same time.  Is it wrong for me to be facinated by the fact that they loose their ears and tails when they lose their virginity?

Sigh...no writing has been done for the past few days due to the headaches.  I need to get cracking on the next chapter of "Light."  I started it, but thanks to my car and spring, I had to put it aside for a bit.  Now that those have been squared away, I can get back to work.  Well, I'm off to watch tonight's episode of FMA.  I am enjoying watching the dub to see the differences between versions.  Its also one of the few dubs where I like many of the American voice actors.  Except whoever they got to voice Kimbley, that guy doesn't hold a candle to the original seiyuu.  Anyway, that's my two cents for the evening.


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