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01 August 2006 @ 08:48 pm
[Gundam Wing Fic] Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This- part 2  


It was time to kick his seduction skills into high gear.  Being in a long-term relationship might have made them a little rusty, but he knew his lover and what got him going.  He was willing to bet that Trowa spent the day mulling over the angry words they traded that morning.  And knowing the other man as well as he did, he knew that Trowa would be feeling horribly guilty.  Despite the eerily calm demeanor he presented whenever they would argue, the taller man was actually very sensitive and was extremely apologetic afterwards.  When they first met, back in their teens, Trowa was so introverted and reticent, but Duo patiently coaxed him out of his shell over the many years of their friendship and through the beginning stages of their relationship. 


So, Duo waited in his car in the school’s parking lot until all the kids had been picked up from practice.  It was just after seven o’clock.  After fifteen minutes had passed with no sign of Trowa, he knew his lover was stalling for time.  Perfect.  It was show time.


He found Trowa seated behind his desk in the gym office adjacent to the boys’ locker room.  All the lights were off except a small desk lamp illuminating the papers the green-eyed man scrutinized.  He quietly backed up; careful not to rustle the bag of goodies he was carrying and walked down the hall.  The janitor’s office was around the corner and with any luck someone would be in there.


“What can I do for you?” The balding man in his early fifties said when he answered the door.  He was wearing blue overalls with an embroidered name patch over the breast pocket.   


Duo gave him a friendly smile.  “Hi…Sal. This is going to sound really strange, but I was wondering if you could do a small favor for me.”


The janitor eyed him suspiciously.  It wasn’t everyday that a well-dressed man with a long braid of hair knocked on his door.  “Yeah?”


“Mr. Barton is down in the gym office and I need to get him out of there for a few minutes.  I was wondering if you could create a diversion for me.”


“What kind of diversion are you looking for?” the older man said nonchalantly, like he was asked to do this everyday.


“Well, I’m not sure.  It doesn’t have to be anything major; I just need to get him out of there for about five minutes so I can set up a little surprise for him.”  He gestured to the bag he was holding.


Sal the janitor cocked his head to the side as if he was gauging the validity of the whole situation.  “You’re the boyfriend, aren’t you?”


“Excuse me?” Duo said, taken aback by the comment.


Sal turned around and walked back into the office, motioning for Duo to follow him.  “He’s mentioned you.”


“He has?”


“Yeah, we sometimes talk at night.  He’s been working late for a while now, hasn’t he?”


“Too long,” Duo answered with a sigh.  “Has he said anything to-“


Sal waved his hand quickly to silence Duo as he picked up his phone and dialed a number.  “Hey Trowa, it’s Sal.  Listen, I’m down by the equipment room and it looks like the door was open.  I don’t think anything was taken, but can you come down and check?  Okay, see you in a few.”  He replaced the phone in the cradle and glanced over at Duo’s wide-eyed expression and shrugged.  “I’ve been married for thirty-two years.  I understand how these things go.”


“Thanks, I really appreciate this.”


“Don’t mention it, kid,” Sal said with a chuckle as he rubbed the back of his neck.  “Wait here for two minutes and then head down.  The coast should be clear.  I’ll keep him busy for you.”  The janitor shut the door behind him when he left.


When Trowa returned to his office, some ten minutes later, he found that his desk had been cleared of all papers, books, etc. and had been replaced by a table cloth, plates, and something that smelled heavenly.  Duo was seated in his chair, smirking mischievously.   


“What the--?” he sputtered.  “Duo, what’s going on and why are you dressed like that?  Hey, is that manicotti?”


The braided man stood and walked around the desk, grabbing both wine glasses on the way.  “Well, I wanted you to take me seriously, so I figured I’d dress the part.”  He extended one of the glasses to his lover who plucked it from his fingers dazedly.


Trowa’s eyes took in the vision before him.  The impeccably tailored suit accentuated Duo’s lean, but stockier build.  The jacket was cut to broaden the shoulders and tapered down to accentuate his lover’s trim waist.  The straight-legged slacks gave Duo the illusion of being a little taller than he was, but it was Duo’s cocky grin that really sealed the deal for him.  Just seeing that smile was enough to make his breath catch and his pulse race. 


“I know you haven’t been eating that well, and frankly neither have I, so I stopped by Veneri’s on the way here.”  Duo never underestimated the power that cheese-filled pasta had over his love. 


“You did all this for me?” Trowa sounded astonished. 


“Well, yeah.  I wanted to apologize for the way I acted this morning.  I really shouldn’t have-“  He was cut off when the taller man suddenly pulled him into a bear hug that threatened to squeeze the life out of him.


“I’m the one who should be apologizing.  You were right; I’ve been ignoring you.  I got too wrapped up with trying to prove that I could take on the head coach position and then with mid-terms on top of that…I’m sorry, Duo.  I’m so sorry.”


Duo let him babble on with his apologies until the need to breathe forced him to interrupt.  “Can’t breath, Tro…crushing my lungs,” he wheezed out.  His lover immediately let go and stepped back with another stream of apologies.  He had to chuckle to himself.  Standing on his tippy-toes, he placed a chaste kiss on the other man’s lips.   “Don’t worry about it.  Come on, let’s eat.”


The two ate the delicious manicotti in a companionable silence, savoring each other’s company as much as the red wine. 


“It’s kind of funny,” Trowa said as he wiped his mouth with a napkin.


“What is?”


“The two of us.  You in a suit and tie and me in sweats and a t-shirt.  I think this might qualify as role reversal.  You’re the teacher and I’m the naughty student who needs to be punished.”  Trowa chuckled brightly, but then stopped, eyes going distant as the wheels in his head started spinning.  He glanced over to Duo and their eyes met. 


“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” the braided man asked.  Trowa nodded.  “Does this office have a-“


“I’m on it,” the tall man said as he practically vaulted the desk to shut and lock the door. 


Duo picked up the ends of the tablecloth, swept all dishes into one neat pile and placed the bundle on the floor.  He then leaned back against the desk with his arms folded casually across his chest.


“Mr. Maxwell, would you mind if I spoke with you about my grades?” Trowa asked coyly.


Duo smirked.  “Of course not, Trowa.  You know my door is always open to my students.”  


“Well, if I fail another one of your tests, coach is going to pull me from team.”  He slowly walked until he stood directly in front of Duo.  “I can’t let that happen.  Please, Mr. Maxwell, I’ll do anything to stay on the team…anything.” 


Duo quirked an eyebrow at the way the last word was accentuated.  “Really now?”  Student-Trowa nodded vigorously.  Pushing himself away from the desk, teacher- Duo slowly walked around the other man.  “You should really be careful who you say that to.  Some people might take advantage of your desperation.” 


“But I am desperate, sir.  Please, isn’t there anything I can do to make sure that I don’t fail?  I’ll even suck on your…your thing.”  Trowa’s head bowed in mock shame, that fall of auburn hair fell into his eyes and covered most of his face.


“My thing?  Should I be worried about how good you are at this?” Duo inquired as he moved to stand in front of the other man. 


“Shhh, don’t break character,” Trowa said without looking up.  Duo shrugged and continued on.


Placing a hand under Trowa’s chin, he gently pulled down so that they could look eye-to-eye.  Being a few inches shorter than Trowa made the student/teacher relationship scenario harder to pull off, but Duo was up for the challenge.  “Tell me, have you ever sucked on a man’s cock before?”


Trowa started at the crude words, but then solemnly shook his head.  “No.”


“You are a very bad boy, Trowa…propositioning your teacher like this.”  Duo slipped his finger into the knot of his tie and pulled it from around his neck.   Leaning back against the desk, he motioned for the other man to come closer.  “Kneel.”   Trowa complied stiffly, trying to make it seem that he was nervous, but when he looked up at Duo with those bright green eyes, the braided man lost it.  “God, Tro…I want you so bad,” he said as he gently caressed the other man’s jaw.  “I don’t think I have the patience to for this.”


Not missing a beat, Trowa said, “So, what you’re saying is that you don’t want me to be the naughty student anymore.”  He reached a hand up and began moving it over the bulge in Duo’s pants.  His partner sucked in a breath and nodded.  “That’s fine; I guess we’ll just have to have some naughty office-sex instead.  I think I’ll start with this.”  Trowa’s nimble fingers quickly unbuckled the belt and slowly slid the zipper down.


Duo swallowed hard as he watched his lover.  It had been far too long since they’d been together like this and he prayed that it wouldn’t be over in three seconds.  He legs went all wobbly and he had to lean more of his weight against the desk when Trowa’s lips slowly closed around his hardening flesh.  With one hand gently kneading his balls, his lover began to slowly move up and down, taking him deeper each time until he felt the tip of his penis brush the back of Trowa’s throat.  The other man backed off and then repeated the motion until his nose was almost buried in Duo’s pubic hairs.  “Fuck,” he gasped out as he snaked a hand around the back of Trowa’s head to guide the motion as the other man devoured his cock.  It was so good, too good.  If he didn’t stop it now, it really would be over in three seconds.


“Tro…stop,” he said pushing at Trowa’s shoulder to signal him to back off.  “If you don’t stop, I’m going to come.”


The taller man rose to his feet with a smile and cupped Duo’s face to pull him into a passionate kiss.  Trowa’s lips were soft and moist with saliva and he sucked on them hungrily.  His lover returned the fervor, sliding his hands up the back of Duo’s jacket.  


“I really want to fuck you now,” Duo groaned as he covered Trowa’s neck and face with sloppy kisses.  “You’ve kept me waiting for three weeks.”


Trowa gasped and moaned seductively as the sensitive spot right below his ear was licked. “Then why wait any longer…ungh…let’s get going.”


Duo switched their positions and pushed his lover back until the other man was seated on the desk and situated himself between Trowa’s thighs.  He helped the other out of his t-shirt, tossing it carelessly over his shoulder, but when he started to shrug off his suit jacket, Trowa stopped him.


“Leave it on.  It’s sexier if you leave it on.”


Duo gave him a quizzical look.  “You just want me to stay in it because I never get dressed up.”


“It’s true, but you look so fucking hot in it, I don’t want to see you out of it yet.”  He wrapped his legs around Duo’s waist and pulled him into his body.  “Plus, it’s so much naughtier to leave your clothes on,” Trowa whispered into Duo’s ear as he ground their erections together.  Those long-fingered hands quickly unbuttoned the front of his shirt and spread it wide to expose his chest.  The braided man’s whole body shuddered with raw pleasure as his nipples were rubbed and pinched.


“So, how do you want it?” Duo asked as he pulled on the waistband of Trowa’s sweatpants.  The other man shoved him back and stood to pull them down on his own.


“Hard and fast,” he said as he bent forward over the desk, looking over his shoulder.  “We’ll make up for lost time later.  Right now I want you to pound the ever-loving shit out of me.”


Duo grinned wide.  “Well, how can I say no when you put it so nicely?  Here, put one leg up on the desk like this.”  He helped his lover move into position and snuck a hand underneath to fondle Trowa’s heavy balls.  “Perfect.”


“Please tell me you brought lube,” the green-eyed man gasped.


Duo fished the small bottle out of his pocket and held it up for the other man to see.  “I’m always prepared.  Now relax, baby, I’m going to take good care of you.”


He squeezed a large dollop onto his fingers and slid them between Trowa’s cheeks.  He tenderly circled the pucker applying just the barest amount of pressure.  To help his lover relax, Duo kissed and nipped the back of his neck and shoulders.  When the tension abated, he pressed a finger in.  Trowa tensed briefly, but quickly willed the muscles to relax so that another finger could be added.


“Yeah, that’s it, baby…open up.”  With his other hand, Duo reached up between Trowa’s legs and palmed his dripping hard-on.  The auburn-haired man moaned into his forearm as Duo continued to finger-fuck him and thrusting his hips towards the hand on his cock.


“Enough, I’m ready.”


“Uh oh, someone sounds impatient,” Duo taunted as he curled his fingers upwards, knowing he hit the other man’s prostate dead on.  “Maybe I should make you wait as punishment.”


“Bright-eyes, shut up and fuck me already,” Trowa said with an exasperated sigh.  “You can do whatever you want to me later, but right now- fuck me!”


Duo clicked his tongue.  “Such a potty-mouth on you when you don’t get your way.”


“Duo!  I swear to god if you don’t…ughnnn…”


Duo took great pleasure out of shutting the other man up by pressing his rock-hard length into him.  He stopped halfway as Trowa’s channel pulsated around him, threatening to end this little tryst all too soon.  Once he felt his lover loosen up a bit more, he pushed the rest of the way in.  That was the only respite he gave the other man.  As soon as he was in to the hilt, he backed out and drove forward again vigorously.  He repeated the motion again and again, building the intensity until he was slamming into Trowa with enough force to lurch the desk a few inches with every inward thrust.


Trowa reached between his legs to work his own length.  Duo was too far-gone to help him in that respect.  Having let the sexual frustration build up this far, the two had to get it out of their systems.  They could be more loving and considerate later, once they satiated their more primal urges.  Duo grabbed onto Trowa’s narrow hips and pounded into him relentlessly as the other man choked out a string of profanities about God and Jesus that would have made any nun blush. 


Duo knew that they wouldn’t be able to keep up the breakneck pace for long.  Masturbation could never compare to the sensation of tight, moist, heat gripping him so fiercely or the way his balls slapped deliciously into Trowa’s.  No, he wasn’t going to last much longer like this.  He looked down and watched his dick move in and out, mesmerized. 


Trowa cried out suddenly, clamping down on the cock he was riding and arched his back spurting ribbons of semen all over his chest and the desk he was leaning on.  It was the last straw in Duo’s resolve and he went tumbling over the edge into orgasm.  His whole body jerked as he emptied himself deep within his lover.  He fell forward onto Trowa’s back and the two men collapsed down onto the floor, panting and exhausted.


“Holy fuck, that was incredible,” Duo remarked as he fought to catch his breath.  Trowa nodded, unable to do much more than that.    


“Duo?” Trowa asked after a long stretch of minutes had passed.  “Next time you need advice on seducing your man, try the direct approach and not something that you read in a magazine.”


Duo bolted upright.  “Wha- how did you know about that?”


“You left it on the coffee table.  I saw it last night.”  Trowa stretched his long arms over his head.  “I was wondering why there was a woman’s mag in our house until I saw that article.  I guess that explains the massage.”


“Well, you were ignoring all my other attempts,” Duo huffed indignantly.  “I was desperate.”


“I know,” the green-eyed man soothed.  “I’m really and truly sorry about that.  I’ll do my best to make sure it doesn’t happen again. But please, in the future, don’t hesitate to come right out and say something, okay?”


“Okay, but you owe me big time for this and I know the perfect way you can make it up to me.”




Duo’s grin went ear-to-ear.  “How do feel about playing dress-up for me?  I have the perfect costume for you.”





Excerpts taken from The Sex-Starved Marriage by Michele Weiner Davis.           

Feedback is never demanded, but always appreciated.
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dmnutv_archerdmnutv_archer on August 2nd, 2006 12:05 pm (UTC)
What I loved so much about this story was how REAL it is.
Though I read very little fanfiction now, I recall from when I first discovered all this that quite a bit is written by young, sexually inexperienced women (ok, girls). Though some of them can write good sex scenes, there is still the sense of realism lacking. Even a plotless smut fic benefits from a writer's experience. But that is off topic... Sorry. I just wanted you to know why I enjoyed this so much!
This is a mature story in the truest sense of the word. The sex is hot, and made hotter by the well thought out and skillfully written background you created for the reader.

evilkat_meowevilkat_meow on August 2nd, 2006 11:07 pm (UTC)
I always like a story, even if it's plotless smut, a whole lot more if there is a high degree of realism that I can relate too. So, in turn, I try to write with realism. I want people to feel like they know the characters, experienced something simular, perhaps. In each of my stories there is always some aspect of my marriage. How's that for realism? But you write what you know, right? Thanks for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed it^^
(Anonymous) on August 3rd, 2006 12:18 am (UTC)
Now that i found the 2nd (and read it) i'm sure: you will win!!
I really love it!!
and i really love you!!
evilkat_meow: Tooru&Yuujiro- laughingevilkat_meow on August 3rd, 2006 12:29 am (UTC)
Luna lurrrve! Thanks for the vote of confidence. Even if I don't win, I'm glad that you liked it that much.^^
(Anonymous) on August 3rd, 2006 12:38 am (UTC)
Nice icon XD XD XD
...i really didn't like the end...coz it was the end. I still want more ;_;
Want to write a fic about it? ;D
evilkat_meow: Tooru & Yuujiro- whisperevilkat_meow on August 3rd, 2006 12:42 am (UTC)
Sure, I am open for suggestions. *hint hint*
Franfranwi on August 4th, 2006 12:33 am (UTC)
That was great. As someone who has had naughty office-sex before, I have to say they pulled it off quite well! LOL.

as the other man choked out a string of profanities about God and Jesus that would have made any nun blush
HA! I love the humor mixed in with the porn.

I was wondering why there was a woman’s mag in our house
Because they're not THAT gay! Hee.

Glad Duo got Trowa to come around. Of course now I assume there are fishnet stockings and a frilly skirt in the Trowa's near-future! ;)

Thanks for the entertaining read!
evilkat_meow: Tooru&Yuujiro-sexyevilkat_meow on August 4th, 2006 12:52 am (UTC)
Re: Hee!
You're very welcome^^ Thanks for reading.

I was wondering why there was a woman’s mag in our house
Because they're not THAT gay! Hee.

Duo's a gear-head. It's nothing but Popular Mechanics for him.^^

I don't know why, but this was my favorite line in the story:
Duo never underestimated the power that cheese-filled pasta had over his love.

Of course now I assume there are fishnet stockings and a frilly skirt in the Trowa's near-future!

Oh, yes, perhaps I'll write that one soon or maybe I should save it for next year's contest. This is a direct result of all those Pri Pri episodes. Damn you cross-dressing bishies! (not really, but you get the point)

Franfranwi on August 4th, 2006 01:14 am (UTC)
I was going to post this at my journal - but it's totally for your benefit, so I'll just throw it right at ya!

THAT guy.

It's a Naruto vid, maybe you've even seen it already, but I L'edMAO and had to share. ;)
evilkat_meow: Naruto- thumbs upevilkat_meow on August 4th, 2006 01:21 am (UTC)
Re: Bonus!
Actually, no I hadn't seen this one before, but I loooove Dane Cook. Thanks^^
Fran: Tsunade-sama (Naruto)franwi on August 4th, 2006 01:23 am (UTC)
It syncs up so well with the anime, and I LOVE that the person who put it together actually used appropriate characters for everything (even at the end of that one, because yeah... Gaara's THAT guy, too! LOL) Check out some of the other Naruto/Dane Cook ones - #5 was hilarious.
evilkat_meowevilkat_meow on August 4th, 2006 02:13 am (UTC)
#5 was awesome! The monkey sketch is one of my favorites. I'm surprised that no one's synched up the Kool-Aid Man bit. That one's classic^^

And I have to admit, everytime I watch Heat I want to be part of a heist ;P