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14 April 2005 @ 09:17 pm
Jamaica, mon!  

Hubbie and I just booked a vacation to Jamaica...woo hoo!!!  We went on our honeymoon two years ago and have done nothing but talk about going back since.  So, with our tax return funds, we're going back to the isle the end of June.  I can't wait.  Fun in the sun lounging by the pool or the beach with a margarita or a daiquiri is mighty appealing right now. 

In car related news, we dropped my Jetta of at the VW dealer this morning and it turns out that it was the ignition module causing all the problems.  Hopefully that will be the end to all these stupid little problems.  We pick it up tomorrow and I pray that they won't screw us over with the cost of the labor and such.

A sinus headache for the past two has prevented me from writing.  Its kind of a bummer, but once everything blooms I should be okay.

Later all! 

Current Mood: excitedexcited