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12 April 2005 @ 08:42 pm
The saga of the Jetta continues...  

Okay, so I'm having that intermitten problem where the car won't start if its too hot...possible fuel pump, ignition coil problems according to the one mechanic I took it to.  So, I call the VW dealership around the corner from my house to make an appointment to drop the car off thursday morning.  In hindsight, I probably should not have driven it to work today.  Jetta starts fine when I'm leaving work and all is well.  I need to get gas so I'm drving up the road to the gas station and stopped at a red light within 1000 feet of the gas station when the car dies on me.  Every indicator light came on for one glorious second and then engine cuts off.  I'm mean completely dead.  When I turned the key- nothing.  The engine didn't even crank.  So, now I'm stuck in the middle of rush our traffic.  I put on my 4-ways and call my dad on my cel because he is heading home and is the only person who can reach me in the quickest amount of time.  So, I'm sitting in my car.  I can see the gas station, taunting me in the distance.  If only I could have made it there before the fucking thing died, but no, I get to be stuck in the middle of the left lane on a busy road with people giving me dirty looks as they go around.  Like I chose to break down and inconvience them.  Well finally, a very nice father and son came over and pushed me to the side of the road.  I didn't get their names, but thank god for them.  I was all set to have some driver that wasn't paying attention, slam into the back of my car.

So, now I'm safely out of the way and waiting for my father.  I try the key again and the engine is now cranking, but not kicking over, same problem as before.  So we leave the car there and dad drives me home.  When hubbie gets home, we go back to the car.  Now, from past experiences, if the car cooled, the engine would start.  Not this time.  So, now we're like "Fuck, what are we gonna do now?"  We head over to Pep Boys to pick up a tow cable to tow the car back to our house.  Thankfully, I managed to break down within a quarter mile from my house so it wouldn't be a far tow.  After purchasing the cable for $30, my in-laws pick up hubbie because they are going to use their car to tow.  When they get to the car, guess what?  The fucking thing starts right up.  Hubbie drove it back to the house and hopefully it will start thursday morning and drive around the corner to the VW dealership so they can figure out what the problem is.  I just hope they don't need to run the engine for a very long time, the car is almost on empty.  I was trying to rectifiy that problem when it blew up in my face.  

So, that was my day.  How was yours?

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