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11 April 2005 @ 09:18 pm
Unicorn part 2  

Trowa swallowed hard.  “You would?”


Duo nodded slowly, deliberately, and his mischievous little grin widened.  He might as well have been licking his chops.  Trowa leaned back, trying to give himself room to form a rational thought.  But for every inch he retreated, Duo advanced.


“I…uh, well.”  It was no good.  Trowa’s tongue felt like it had been given a shot of Novocain and was rebelling against the words he wanted to form. He wanted the kiss more than he was willing to admit, but he didn’t think it would happen so suddenly and that he would be so unprepared for it.  He stared at Duo’s lips as the other boy moved in.  I bet they’re as soft as they look.  That’s it; no more running away…it’s just a kiss. 


With his mind made up, Trowa leaned in to meet Duo halfway and their mouths collided with a muffled clacking of teeth.  Trowa grunted at the sharp pain and pulled back slightly.  Both boys mimicked each other as they raised a hand to check for injuries.  Trowa was relieved when he found no blood, but his bottom lip was beginning to swell.


“Oh…I’m sorry,” Trowa quickly blurted out.  Duo let his hand fall away from his face and smiled.  His own lip was mirroring the bump on Trowa’s.


“It’s alright.  I appreciate your enthusiasm, but there is no need to rush things,” he said with a soft chuckle.  “Let’s try that again, only a little slower this time.” 


Trowa nodded dumbly as Duo leaned in once again.  This time, the long-haired boy’s lips met his with no abrupt collision, just a soft pressure.  Trowa let his eyes slide closed as Duo shifted a bit to make himself more comfortable and reached up to cup the side of his face.  Trowa had no prior knowledge of kissing, save for the one that Quatre surprised him with the other day, but he found the experience easier than he ever imagined, once he let himself go.  For a moment Trowa was unsure where to put his hands.  He gently clutched Duo’s upper arms for balance.  Duo moaned into his mouth.  An incredibly sexy sound, Trowa decided, and was anxious to hear more noises like that.  He followed Duo’s lead and opened his mouth and allowed the other boy to suckle on his bottom lip.  The lip-lock went on for a few more moments, neither harsh nor overly demanding.  The two boys content to just let things happen between them.   


Duo backed out of the kiss slowly, running his tongue over his moistened lips.  “Not so bad, right?” he asked as he swiped auburn bangs out of green eyes.


“No,” Trowa answered hoarsely.  The kiss wasn’t bad in the least, and the shy boy wanted more.  Duo seemed to find that humorous and laughed softly when Trowa moved in for another one.


“I’ve created a monster,” he joked seconds before Trowa’s lips closed over his.  The moment was completely ruined by the shrill ringing of the phone. 


“Of all the times,” Duo growled as he turned to give the phone a death-glare.  “Sorry, Tro, but I have to get this.”  The long-haired boy sighed as he clambered up to his feet and stomped over to the wall-mounted phone.  Trowa watched as Duo grabbed the receiver angrily and held it up to his ear.


“Hello?”  Duo’s demeanor did an immediate about-face.  “What do you want?” he asked with a scowl. 


Trowa did his best to not appear as though he was eavesdropping, but it was difficult sitting two feet away.  He watched as Duo began fidgeting nervously, casting quick glances in his direction.


“Look, this isn’t a good time for me right now,” Duo told the person on the other end of the line.  Clearly frustrated, the long-haired boy ran his hand through his bangs.  “That’s none of your business.  What I do with-“  Duo sighed heavily and looked over at Trowa’s curious expression.  “Okay, fine…just hang on a sec.”  He placed the receiver down on the small table underneath the phone and walked over to Trowa.


“I’m sorry, Tro.  I need to take this.”  The green-eyed boy immediately jumped up to his feet.


“That’s okay.  I understand,” Trowa reassured as Duo escorted him to the door.  “Did you still want to come over for dinner tomorrow?”


Duo smiled, but it wasn’t his usual lustrous grin.  “I’ll have to get back to you on that one.  I had a really nice time tonight, and I want to get together again soon, but with the show coming up, my schedule is a little weird.  I’ll let you know when I’m free, okay?”


Trowa nodded and accepted Duo’s friendly kiss on the cheek.  It paled in comparison to the ones they had shared just moments ago. 


“I’m really sorry,” Duo said again, avoiding Trowa’s eyes. Only this time, he sounded like he was apologizing for much more than an ill-timed phone call.  The gloomy expression gave Trowa the distinct impression that his neighbor would rather be doing anything other than talking to whoever it was on the other end of that phone.  “”I’ll see you soon.” 


And just like that, Trowa was left alone in the hall, staring at the closed door to Duo’s apartment.  That was really strange.  I wonder who called.  He looked like he didn’t want to talk to him or her.  Maybe it was his mother.  Duo did mention that his relationship with his parents wasn’t the greatest since he came out.  It sounded too personal to be his agent or someone calling about his show.  Bah!  I’m sure I’m just reading too much into it.  Trowa shrugged to himself and headed down the hall to his own apartment. 


Trowa turned the key in the lock and eased the door open.  The inside of the apartment was dark, and for a panicked moment he thought that Quatre had gone out by himself, until he heard singing.  He closed the door behind him and set off in the direction of the voice.


He found Quatre seated in the bedroom window looking out over the city.  The unicorn was lounging comfortably, dressed that unusual, moon-silver robe of his.  It was tied loosely around his narrow waist and one side had slipped off his shoulder to reveal a dusty-rose nipple.  There was no denying it, Quatre was stunning.  Trowa’s breath caught in his throat as the unicorn’s voice wove a hypnotic tapestry of sound.  Like the call of a Siren, he found himself lured deeper into the rich, sensuous melody.  Trowa remembered hearing this voice the night Quatre held him and chased away his nightmares.  It had sliced through his despair, had driven straight into his heart, and soothed his fears like a balm to his soul.  The unicorn’s eyes were closed, his face serene, as his lips formed the words of his song.  Seemingly engrossed in his private concert, Quatre had yet to acknowledge Trowa’s presence.  Not wanting to interrupt the hauntingly beautiful aria, Trowa stood in the doorway and listened. 


When the song finally came to an end, Quatre turned to his young master and gave him a coy grin.  “Hello, Trowa.  How was your date?”


Trowa blinked, still under Quatre’s spell.  “Huh? Oh, it was good, but it wasn’t a date,” he replied as he moved into the room.


The unicorn swung his legs around and hopped down from the window seat.  He pulled the fallen sleeve back into place and Trowa felt a twinge of disappointment.  “Oh, I see.  Well, I’m glad that you had a good time, even if it wasn’t a date.” he said as he walked by Trowa and headed in the direction of the kitchen.




The blonde stopped and turned to look over his shoulder at Trowa’s beckoning.  “Yes?”


“That song you were singing just now, it was so…sad.”  No, that’s not the word I want.  Not sad, not gloomy or depressing.  Think!  I need an adjective.


“Sad?” Quatre asked, sounding a little annoyed.


“No, not sad,” Trowa quickly admonished, “but beautiful…in a melancholy way?”


A smile graced the unicorn’s lips at Trowa’s description.  “Yes, I supposed it was a little somber, but it was not my intention to make you feel down.”


“You didn’t.  I was just curious about the meaning of the words,” Trowa asked shyly, as if he were intruding upon something personal.


“Ah,” Quatre said in realization.  “Tonight was the last night of the full moon, so I thought I would sing a song to bid it farewell until next cycle.”     


“Oh, okay,” Trowa said softly. Quatre smiled again and turned back to continue walking towards the kitchen. 


Trowa watched for a second before entering the bedroom to get ready for bed.  He pulled his shirt off and deposited it in the hamper and then went into the bathroom to quickly brush his teeth.  He brushed vigorously, pondering the unicorn’s uncharacteristically subdued mood.  Quatre was normally all over Trowa the second he walked in the door, but tonight he hadn’t even made an attempt to so much as touch him.  He spat the mouthful of toothpaste into the sink and rinsed, drying his face on the hand towel when he was finished.


The bedroom was unoccupied when he re-entered, but Trowa could hear the sound of running water in the kitchen sink.  The auburn-haired boy sat on the edge of the bed and pulled off his jeans and socks, leaving him in nothing but boxers.  He placed those items in the hamper and absently noted that it was time to do the laundry again.  He heard the water shut off in the kitchen only to come on again almost immediately, and then shut off again.  Trowa groaned quietly.  Quatre was at it again.  In the first few days that the unicorn had come to stay with him, Trowa had explained how the faucets in both the kitchen and the bathroom worked.  The unicorn was astounded that one could summon hot or cold water at will without the need for a well, and spent hours turning the faucets on and off in rapt fascination.  Trowa was not about to try and explain the workings of indoor plumbing to an ever-horny unicorn, so he just let Quatre believe it was due to some kind of magic he had never encountered before.


Not having the energy to scold the unicorn, Quatre didn’t understand the meaning of wasteful; Trowa shut the light and crawled into bed.   He was just beginning to doze off with thoughts of Duo’s soft lips against his when the blonde came sauntering into the room.  After hanging his robe on the back of the bathroom door, the unicorn slid into the bed and spooned up behind Trowa.    


“What were you doing?” asked a sleepy-voiced Trowa.


“Getting a drink of water,” the unicorn replied as he settled himself into a comfortable position.


“It sounded more like you were playing again.”


Quatre giggled quietly at the slight reprimand, seemingly back to normal.  “Well, maybe I was a little.  So, are you going to tell me all about what went on this evening, or do I have to tickle it out of you?”  To punctuate his threat, the unicorn ran his index finger, feather-light up Trowa’s rib cage.  The other boy gasped and jerked away.  The unicorn giggled again, louder this time, and repeated the motion. 


“Ah! No, don’t!” Trowa yelped and nearly fell off the bed.  He silently cursed the day that Quatre found out how ticklish he was.   


The unicorn threw his arm over Trowa’s chest, effectively pinning his arms and rendering him immobile.  “So, start talking,” he whispered, mouth grazing the boy’s earlobe.


Trowa couldn’t hold back an involuntary shiver as Quatre nuzzled the back of his neck.  “We, uh…went back to his place after the bar.  He said he wanted to show me something.”  The unicorn pressed his lips to the skin right below Trowa’s jaw. 


“What did he want to show you?”


Trowa was suddenly finding it very hard to breathe.  “He had taken a picture of me that he wants to use in his photography show.  He…he needed my permission…and- Oh,” he gasped as Quatre’s hand moved over his chest and the unicorn’s thumb brushed over his nipple in a slow circle.


“And then what happened?” 


Trowa moaned outright, when the unicorn dragged his mouth down the side of his neck to the juncture at his shoulder and bit down gently.  “We, uh, we, uh…talked for a little bit…and…and…”  Trowa’s mind was a swirling jumble of sensations.  Words were becoming harder to form.  He was keenly aware of Quatre’s erection pressing against the divot right above his ass cheeks.  To his own shock, he felt himself responding in kind. 


And, what?”  The unicorn inquired as his nipped along the boy’s upper back.


The hand that had been caressing Trowa’s chest began to slowly work its way lower and lower.  Trowa was panting, open-mouthed now.  “We, ughn…we kissed.”


“It must have been a very good kiss,” Quatre commented.  His hand continued to slide down over firm stomach muscles until it met with the waistband of Trowa’s boxers.  There it lingered, testing, teasing. 


“It was…really good,” Trowa managed between huffs.


“How good?” 


            “Really good.  I…I didn’t know what to do, but Duo…he’s good…so good.  He showed me what to- O God!” Trowa yelled as Quatre’s hand snuck into his boxers and slender fingers encircled his painfully engorged flesh.  Panic flared inside him and he began to try and twist away from those skilled fingers.  “Quatre?  Wh- what are you…”


            “Shh, easy, Trowa.  Let it happen.  Let it happen.  Oh, you’re so beautiful like this…that’s it…that’s it,” the unicorn cooed, his hand never faltering in the steady up and down rhythm.


            Trowa’s vision blanked as overwhelming pleasure that shot through his body like a bullet train.  His mind reeled at the thought that it was not his hand down there.  It was someone else causing this ecstasy.  It was so completely different than any time he had masturbated.  Just as good, but the thrill of not doing it yourself heightened the sensation tenfold.   


It was all over in an embarrassingly short span of time.  Since Quatre had come to stay with him, Trowa found he was unable to have any time alone to take care of his personal needs.  He supposed that made him a little more edgy.  One final brush against the overly sensitive tip of his penis, and Trowa came all over the inside of his boxers with a choked cry, cut off when he buried his face into his pillow. 


“What have you done?” Trowa asked as soon as he was coherent enough to do so.  The hand inside his shorts withdrew slowly.


“What?  You’re mad?” The unicorn sounded surprised.  Angry green eyes glared at him when Trowa sat up and turned to face him.


“How could you?  I can’t believe you just…why did you? Argh!” Trowa growled in frustration.  He threw back the covers and shoved Quatre away from him as he stormed from the bed and into the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind him.


Once inside, he leaned heavily against the door, staring down in disgust at the wet spot on the front of his boxers.  I can’t believe he just did that.  I can’t believe I let him.  What now?   What do I do now?