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11 June 2006 @ 10:41 am
I'm baaaaack.....  
Did you miss me? ;P

After the four hour flight, we touched down at Princess Juliana International Airport in sunny St. Maarten, FWI at 12:30ish PM.  Now, for those who are unfamiliar, St. Maarten is a tiny island in the Caribbean, east of Jamaica.  St. Maarten has the unique distinction of being divded in half and ruled by two different countries.  The southern half is ruled by the Netherlands and the northern half by France.  We stayed in Orient Beach (Baie de Orient) on the French side, which is considered one of the best beaches in the world...and it sure was.  Anyway, the airport is located on the Dutch side so we rented a car and drove on what I think is the one main road around the island to our hotel- Resort de Esmeralda.  

Let me pause for a moment to mention that there are no street lights...anywhere.  There is the occasional round-about, but that's it.  The roads are one lane in each direction, so when you want to pass you need to go into oncoming traffic.  Wheee....fun.  It was like this in Jamaica as well, only difference this time was that we were drving ourselves.  And I also want to mention that this tiny island is very hilly and the rounds involved steep inclines and declines, not to mention the occasional almost 90 degree turns.  And you need a car to get anywhere since the resorts are not all-inclusive.  I can only imagine what it would have cost to take taxis everywhere.  The driving around made the trip seem more like an adventure anyway.

The hotel was nice, nothing spectacular, but from what research hubbie did beforehand, it's one of the nicer places and close to the beach.  Many of the other resorts required a long walk or drive down to the water and by staying at the resort, we didn't have to pay to use the lounges.  If we went down to another resort's stretch of beach we would have had to pay $15-20 for use of their lounges and umbrellas.  The umbrellas were a necessity as the sun is so strong down there, even with sunblock it would be so easy to burn.  And besides, you needed some shade once in a while to cool off.   The water was the insanely crystal blue and the sand was pure white, not the course, crappy sand we have up here in NY.  The sand down there didn't get blistering hot and was so fine it felt like you were walking on corn meal.   The one cool feature of this resort is that each villa (four seperate rooms) had their own pool to use.  Hubbie used it in the evenings for a quick dip.  I only made it in once, but it's still a nifty thing to have...especially when the need to *cough* go for a skinny dip hits you.^^  All the beaches are topless with sections to go totally nude if you wished.  After spending a week naked at Hedonism III last year, this didn't faze me one bit.  But it's true, the people that go totally all nude are generally not anyone you want to see. 

Now, a friend of mine went there on her honeymoon about 5 years ago and told me to avoid the French side becuase they were rude and it was dirty.   She tells me this after we booked, of course.  But we found that she was completely mistaken.  No one was rude to us, in fact, they were all very friendly and eager to help us in any of the stores we went into since neither of us can speak a lick of French save for deja vu and croissant.  I could have used you, Luna!  The currancy was in Euros, but most places would match dollar for Euro if you paid cash.  If you charged it, you were at the mercy of the exchange rate and the various fees from your credit card company. 
The week was spent carefully sunning ourselves and swimming.  We were supposed to go out on a snorkling cruise on Thursday, but when we showed up for it that morning, we were told it was cancelled because not enough people showed up.  Deadbeats!  That was going to be the highlight of our trip because everyone who went on it raved about it. :(  Still bummed about it.  We drove down to the Dutch side on Wednesday to take advantage of the cheap duty-free shopping.  We bought all kinds of flavored rums and absinthe...you read that right, the Green Fairy herself.  (Before you get bent, it's illegal to sell here, but you can own it.  I'll let you know how that goes when we drink some more.  Hubbie and I sampled it last night with no ill-effects, but we suspect we may need drink more for full potency.)  We unfortunately went during the off-season so there was no nightlife...none, zero...at least on the Frech side.  We could have driven to the casinos on the Dutch side, but meh.  I did get to catch up on all the sleep I've missed for the past year.   We did get to go jet skiing one afternoon and had a blast.  Not sure if my speedometer was in MPH or Km, but I had that baby up to 50 (30 MPH if it was in Km) and I was flying.  I hit one wake and caught some air.  Hubbie said I had a least 2 feet between me and the surface of the water.  Awesome!

We did, however, spend most of our nights eaten the best food.  In Grand Case, a little north of where we were staying, is a street filled with nothing but resturants...gourmet resturants.  One hostess jokingly referred to it as the Champs Elysees of St.  Maarten.  But the food...OMG was the best.  It was all beautifully prepared and present like any fine resturant.  It was pricy, but not too bad.  We spent anywhere between $100-$120 for the two of us each time.  That's including everything from appetizer to dessert.  And dear god the desserts were out of this world.  The sorbet alone was orgasmic.  And if you do go, be prepared to spend no less than 2 hours at dinner.  They sure do take their time, but believe me, it's worth it.  And you get a complementary shot of rum afterwards...yay!  

So, after a week of that, I'm sure I've put on some weight...le sigh.  It was a fun trip and the only bad parts were the cancelation of our trip and the fact that hubbie and I got eaten alive by mosquitos.  It's funny, I'm the one who the mosquitos usually ignore, but apparently caribbean variety love me.  I've got bites up and down my legs and hubbie has them all over his feet. Bring Off, we were dousing ourselves and the bed with it.  

So, there's the trip in a nutshell.  I should have some pics to show you all soon.  They will paint a better picture.  I missed you all!  Now, I have a ton of yaoi to catch up on^^  *HUGS*

Current Mood: drainedbut content
Fran: Winry - Hyper Happy! (FMA)franwi on June 11th, 2006 10:09 pm (UTC)
Welcome back! That sounded like a fun, relaxing, and tasty vacation! Oh the way you described the sand and water makes me so envious! I could do without the mosquitoes, but the SLEEPING and beach lounging... ahhh. Makes me feel guiltlessly lazy. I like that. I hope the soothing aspect of the trip sticks with you for a while yet. Can't wait to see some pics!
evilkat_meowevilkat_meow on June 11th, 2006 10:21 pm (UTC)
Re: Waii!
Hi! The sleeping, eating, and lounging were the definite highlights. I could do an entire entry just on the food. *drools thinking of the lobster thermidore* But it's good to be back. Not good to be going to work tomorrow, but I feel slightly rejuvinated^^

And in case you didn't know, ep 9 of Princess Princess was just released. I'm downloading it as I type.