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24 May 2006 @ 05:32 pm
The Unicorn- Chapter 2 part 2  

They entered the market cautiously.  Trowa was immediately on guard for any signs of trouble, but everyone in the place appeared to be acting normally.  Trowa felt himself relax.  He picked up one of the shopping baskets and proceeded to the produce section. 


The unicorn followed, but he couldn’t keep his mind off of the way Trowa had reacted.  Quatre really and truly wanted to help the boy, though Trowa probably thought otherwise.  Quatre knew Trowa was digging himself deeper into a rut and if he didn’t get out, he would be stuck, miserable, for the rest of his life.     


“Quatre?”  Trowa’s voice broke Quatre’s train of thought.  “Granny Smith, Red Delicious…what kind of apples do you want?”


“Uh, the green ones,” the unicorn answered with a smile.  Trowa gave him a suspicious eye as he picked out a few apples and placed them in a bag.


“What were you thinking about just now?”  Trowa asked as he moved over to the vegetables and began to pick out some carrots.  “You had this look on your face.  I’ve seen it before and it usually means you’re up to no good.”


Quatre gave Trowa a guilty grin and moved until he stood shoulder to shoulder with him.  “It was nothing, really.  So, Trowa, what kind of boys do you like?”  The auburn-haired boy was so shocked he nearly toppled the neat stack of vegetables.  “Dark hair or light?  Hmm, I bet you like dark-haired boys.  Am I right?”


“Quatre,” Trowa ground out through gritted teeth.  It didn’t stop the unicorn.


“What about eye color?  I bet you like light-colored eyes as opposed to dark eyes.”  Trowa turned and began to walk away.  Quatre was by his side in an instant.  “I bet you like guys that are slightly shorter than you too, right?”


“Quatre!  I am not discussing this with you here, okay?” Trowa hissed.  A few of the nearby shoppers looked in their direction.  Trowa felt the blush spread across his cheeks and he stomped out of the produce section. 


“Trowa!” Quatre shouted as he went after the tall boy.  “I’m sorry.  I won’t talk about it again,” he said when he caught up.  The unicorn was genuinely apologetic.  His intentions were to break down Trowa’s inhibitions, not to drive the poor boy insane.  They continued shopping in silence. 


Trowa did his best to ignore the pouting blonde-haired unicorn trailing a few steps behind him.  He was thoroughly and rightfully embarrassed by Quatre’s actions.  He had enough trouble admitting to himself what he felt about his sexuality.  He didn’t need Quatre’s playful questioning to try and get him to open up.  As they walked through the health and beauty aids, Trowa stopped in front of a rack of barrettes, head-bands, and other hair accoutrements.


“Hey, Quatre, do you want to get something to hold your hair back?  So it doesn’t get in your way all the time.”


The unicorn blinked at him momentarily before he responded.  “It doesn’t really bother me that much,” he answered smoothly and slid up beside Trowa.  When there was no protest, Quatre pressed his body up against Trowa’s.  “If I put my hair in a braid, would you find me more appealing?” he asked seductively and slowly began to grind his hip into Trowa’s crotch. 


Trowa’s body had gone stock-still when Quatre first moved into his personal space.  But when the unicorn began to rub his body against his nether region, he felt a shudder vibrate through him.  When Quatre turned on the charm full-power, he was hard to resist.  Trowa moaned softly when the unicorn moved again, growing bolder as he leaned in to press his lips to Trowa’s neck.


Oh…it feels good.  I can’t concentrate when he does stuff like this.  I…I shouldn’t be enjoying this.  We…we’re in the middle of the store!


Trowa snapped out of his euphoria and shoved Quatre away from him.  He was slightly out of breath.  “Don’t you ever, ever, do that to me again!” he screamed.  Luckily there was no one in the aisle with them to witness this little display. 


“Trowa, I’m sor-“


“Sorry?” Trowa interrupted.  His voice was low and ominous.  “I’ve had it with your apologies.  You just don’t get it, do you?”  Quatre stared at him in disbelief, his eyes wide.  “Just leave me alone.  In fact, do me a favor and don’t talk to me for the rest of the day.”  Trowa turned on his heels and walked down the aisle.


 Quatre stood there for a moment, letting everything soak in.  He pushed too hard, too soon.  Trowa was much different than the other girls and boys he had come to over the many centuries of his life.  He needed to form a new strategy.  With that in mind, he set out to catch up with Trowa.


The rest of the shopping and the walk back to the apartment were conducted in a subdued and uncomfortable silence.  Trowa was shocked that the unicorn could keep his mouth shut for that long.  When they entered the apartment, Trowa headed for the small kitchen area to put the groceries away. Quatre made a beeline for the bedroom to rid himself of the imposed clothing, Trowa figured.  After he finished with the groceries, he sat on the couch to relax and watch a ballgame.  He could pretend for just a little while that he was back home watching the game with his father.  Trowa was never a big fan of baseball, but his father was a huge Yankees fan.  His father even managed to take Trowa to a few games, when his schedule allowed.  Sitting with his father in the box seats behind the dugout at Yankee Stadium were some of the happiest memories he had.  Sadly, he reminded himself that those days were over.  Almost twenty minutes passed before he realized that Quatre hadn’t emerged from the bedroom yet.  Not that he was concerned or anything.  The unicorn was probably in there, sulking, and Trowa was fine leaving him to it. 


Three hours later Trowa began to prepare dinner.  Quatre made an appearance when he heard the pots and pans being banged around.  Trowa’s anger had abated somewhat, but he was still not ready to talk with the unicorn-turned-human just yet.  Quatre surprised him, however, by wearing his robe.  Quatre glided into the room without a sound and perched himself on the armchair facing the kitchen.  The strange robe he wore reflected and shimmered even under the artificial light.  Trowa glanced at him from the corner of his eye and noted the expression on his face.  The unicorn looked like he wanted to say something, but was dutifully holding his tongue. 


“Come and eat, Quatre,” Trowa beckoned as he set a salad bowl on the table.  Quatre rose from his chair and sat down at the small table obediently. 


“Do you have the dressi-“ Quatre began softly, but stopped as Trowa shoved the bottle of French dressing in his direction.  “Thank you,” he said meekly.  They ate their meal quietly and Quatre noticed that Trowa was still not looking at him.  When they were finished, he helped Trowa clean up and wash the dishes. 


“Dinner was very good, Trowa.  You cook very well,” the unicorn said carefully as he wiped a plate with the dishtowel.  Trowa looked up from the sink full of dishes and gave a small nod to acknowledge the compliment. 


“Would you like to take a walk after we finish?”  Trowa didn’t bother to turn around this time and just shook his head in the negative.  “Oh, okay,” Quatre said dimly.


  After they were finished, Trowa sat back down on the couch to watch more television.  Quatre plopped down in the armchair and pretended to be interested in what was displayed on the glowing box.  However, he found he couldn’t keep his eyes off the silent boy on the couch and wondered how long he was going to get the silent treatment.  They stayed like that until it was time to go to bed.


Trowa lay on his side, facing away from Quatre.  He heard the unicorn moving about the room before finally lifting the covers and slipping into the other side of the bed.  Trowa was expecting the ever-horny unicorn to snuggle up behind him, but was once again surprised when nothing happened.  Quatre had acted quite morose for the remainder of the evening and he did feel a little guilty about ignoring the unicorn’s attempts at winning his favor.  Quatre wore his robe all night because he knew his nudity bothered him.  Quatre complimented the dinner and even helped clean up, and Trowa began to think that he overreacted a little.  Quatre didn’t understand how things worked in the human world and he thought that Trowa blowing up at him was not the way for the unicorn to learn.


“Trowa?” Quatre’s voice was unsure.  “Are you still mad at me?”  Trowa thought he sounded like a scolded child.  He sighed heavily.


“No, Quatre, not anymore.”


“Good, because I can make it up to you if you want,” the unicorn sounded hopeful.


“No, I have work tomorrow…and I told you I’m not having sex with you.”  Trowa could almost hear the unicorn’s pout. 


“Okay, good night,” Quatre said.  The disappointment was apparent, but at least he was forgiven.


“Good night, Quatre.”  Trowa yawned once and let his body drift off to sleep.






The dream was the same as it had been for the past three years.  There was a deafening silence right before the god-awful thunder of metal crunching and glass exploding.  There were screams, and sirens, and blood…so much blood.  The smells of burned rubber and gasoline singed the inside of his nose.  There were voices overlapping, too many for him to distinguish one from another.  Trowa’s own heart was pumping fiercely; he could almost hear the blood racing through his veins.  Then he was being led away.  He did not want to go.  He wanted to stay with them, by their side.  They needed him.  He couldn’t leave them, not now…not…


Trowa jerked awake with a huge gasp.  His pulse was racing and his skin felt clammy.  He pressed the heels of his palms into his eye sockets.  Why?  Why do I still have these dreams?  Why do I feel so, so…alone?   He felt the mattress shift beside him.


“Trowa, are you all right?”


“I’m fine,” Trowa managed weakly and rolled on to his side to curl into a ball.


“No, you’re not.  Let me help,” Quatre said as he placed his hand on Trowa’s shoulder.  With a strength that took the tall boy by surprise, the unicorn rolled him onto his back and pulled him into his lap.  Trowa was now cradled inside the circle of Quatre’s arms. 


“Quatre, let me up,” Trowa protested.


“Shhh, let me hold you.”  Quatre began to run his fingers through Trowa’s hair and the other boy eventually relaxed.  “So much pain you hold inside of you.  It’s okay to let it go.  You need to let it go in order to be free,” the unicorn soothed. 


Trowa resisted at first, but when Quatre began stoking his hair, he crumbled.  His mother used to do that when he was a little boy.  It made him remember just how much he missed her. The emotions that he had been holding back for so long came bubbling up to the surface and in spite of his best efforts, the tears came anyway.  Once he started there was no stopping.  He began to sob piteously into Quatre’s chest and the unicorn held him tighter.  Quatre’s hand never stopped the comforting motion as he began to sing quietly to the frightened little boy he knew was hiding somewhere inside the young man he held in his arms.  Even though he didn’t understand the language of the song, Trowa felt the meaning deep within his soul.  Quatre’s voice was beyond ethereal and the melody was hauntingly beautiful.  When Trowa finally calmed, what seemed like hours later, Quatre continued to rock him like a baby until he fell into slumber.




He awoke in the morning feeling more refreshed than he had in a very long time.  Quatre had one arm draped around his waist and a rather impressive morning erection pressing into the cleft of his ass.  It was enough to make Trowa bolt out of the bed.  The unicorn didn’t even wake up fully.  He just curled into the warm spot that Trowa left and fell back to sleep.  Trowa shook his head and proceeded to the bathroom to get ready for work.  Quatre was still asleep when he left.


The day had been long for Trowa.  He spent most of the day distracted by what had happened the night before.  The unicorn had comforted him last night and he felt so amazingly good this morning that he wondered if Quatre put some kind of spell on him.  The more he thought about it, the more it made him feel twice as guilty for yelling at the unicorn for his playful needling.  As he rode the bus home that evening, amongst the exhausted rush hour crowd, he decided to make it up to Quatre.  Perhaps he would take him out for some more ice cream, since he enjoyed it so much.


When he entered his apartment later that day, Trowa was greeted by a very enthusiastic and very naked Quatre.


“Hi, Trowa how was your day?” 


“It was okay,” he responded as he walked into the bedroom to change.  Quatre followed him and flopped onto the bed.  The unicorn watched Trowa take off his tie and dress shirt.  Living with Quatre had forced Trowa to become less body-shy.  Quatre had taken to jumping in the shower with him and after the first few times, he didn’t mind it so much.  As long as the unicorn didn’t try and touch him, he was okay with it.  It also made it easier to accept the fact that Quatre enjoyed watching him get undressed. 


“I ran into Duo when I went out for a walk today,” Quatre said.  Trowa paused in folding his dress slacks and stared at the unicorn.




“I invited him over for dinner tomorrow night,” Quatre said happily.  The pants and hanger fell to the floor.


“You did what?!”



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dmnutv_archer: Cutie - Fruitydmnutv_archer on May 25th, 2006 10:44 am (UTC)
Since I am not familiar with Gundam Wing, I am not sure if Trowa's nightmare is a reflection of a past I should know of? Or is it part of your story? I guess that's one disadvantage of reading fanfiction based upon manga/anime one has not read or seen. But this is way too much fun to dissuade me!

Trowa is one strong individual. Resisting that gorgeous creature the way he is? Denial can be a powerful force. *sigh* Though something tells me he will soon learn to embrace who he really is. Er... And hopefully that will not be all he embraces! *grin*
evilkat_meowevilkat_meow on May 25th, 2006 11:30 am (UTC)
No, this story is completely AU. So don't worry about missing any of the finer details^^ Everyone's backstory is of my own invention.

Yup, Trowa has the strength of Heracles to resist Quatre, but you can trust that ever-horny unicorn to take every chance he can to wear him down. Thanks for reading.
Franfranwi on May 25th, 2006 01:55 pm (UTC)
They're so CUTE! This is a nice read, sweet and funny. I adore Trowa's nervous concern. His earlier line of, "What kind of unicorn are you?" had me cracking up. The magical and whimsical aspects are entertaining and adds a bit of mystery into the story. Is Quatre really there to steal Trowa's innocence, or help him face it and accept himself, so Trowa can discover what might otherwise pass him by? It's a great tale so far. Love the attention Quatre receives, and how he can sniff out the innocence around him. Great descriptions, too. Looking forward to more!
evilkat_meowevilkat_meow on May 25th, 2006 11:57 pm (UTC)
Why thank you, my dear. It's nice to write something fun once in a while. Perhaps this reposting will get me motivated to finish it. But I'm glad you're enjoying things thus far.