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24 May 2006 @ 05:29 pm
The Unicorn- Chapter 2 part 1  

The Unicorn- Chapter 2






            Trowa let go of Quatre’s wrist as they exited the lobby of the apartment building and stepped out onto the street.  Duo was correct; it was hotter than hell outside.  Trowa was willing to bet that the temperature was well over ninety degrees Fahrenheit with a hundred percent humidity.  As soon as they began to walk, he felt his clothes begin to stick to his body.  He looked over to the unicorn.  Quatre seemed unaffected by the heat and that irked him a little.  The unicorn grinned happily as he kept up with Trowa’s long strides, his long hair trailing behind him like a cape.


            “Trowa, what’s going on over there?” Quatre exclaimed as he latched onto Trowa’s elbow and pointed at a large crowd of people.  Trowa looked in the direction the unicorn indicated and saw what all the commotion was about.  A blue and white truck with a picture of a cartoon ice cream cone with eyes and a toothy grin was parked by the curb.  There was a line of people waiting to step up to the small window on the side.


            “It’s an ice cream truck.  People are in line to buy ice cream from him,” Trowa explained.


            “Oh, ice cream?  What is it?” the unicorn asked.  Trowa blinked at him for a second.


            “Its milk, sugar, and different flavors mixed together and frozen.  It’s sweet and creamy.  You’ve never had it before?”  Quatre’s eyes rolled up in thought.


            “I don’t think so,” he answered.  “But can we get some?  It sounds delicious.”  When Trowa was silent for too long Quatre began to tug on the sleeve of his shirt and turned up the charm. “Please, please can we get some?”  The unicorn knew that if he whined and begged enough, Trowa would eventually give in. 


            “Oh, all right,” Trowa groaned in irritation.  He took hold of Quatre’s hand and walked to the end of the line.  The line was moving rather quickly, much to Trowa’s delight.  The sooner they got their ice cream, the sooner they could get to the store.  The sooner they would get to the store, then the sooner they could be back in air-conditioned bliss.  When it was their turn at the window a haggard looking, middle-aged man asked for their order.  Trowa thought about it for a moment.  He decided against any of the more exotic flavors and kept to the basics.


            “One vanilla cone and one chocolate cone, please,” he told the man.  Quatre stood beside him, rubbing his hands in anticipation.  Once the frozen treats were paid for and handed over to Trowa, he motioned for the unicorn to walk with him.  He directed them to a short masonry wall that concealed a staircase leading to the basement of the corner restaurant and sat down.  The unicorn followed suit. 


            “Here, Quatre, this is chocolate,” Trowa said as he handed one of the cones over.  The unicorn gently took it from his hand; his ocean-blue eyes were dazzled.  “It should taste a little like the candy I gave you the other day.  It’s going to melt pretty fast in this heat, so eat quickly.”  Quatre brought the cone up to his mouth and gave it an experimental lick.  He winced slightly at the cool sensation, but when he licked again, the smooth flavor settled over his taste buds.


            “Oh, this is wonderful,” the unicorn said as he licked the ice cream cone in unbridled glee.  “Mmm…so delicious.  Ooh….mmm.”


            Trowa had to look away.  Watching Quatre’s pink tongue as it slid all around the top of the cone was too much from him to bear.  If he let himself, he would start to imagine what that tongue would be like in other places.  Thoughts like that were too dangerous to be having, in Trowa’s opinion.  The fact that Quatre sounded like he was having an orgasm right next to him wasn’t helping matters either.  He turned away and busied himself with his own cone while he watched the people walk by.


            “What does yours taste like, Trowa?” the unicorn asked. 


            “Vanilla,” he answered without turning.  Trowa nearly jumped up to his feet when he felt something brush against the side of his face.  He turned sharply and Quatre smiled slyly as he licked at Trowa’s ice cream cone.


            “Quatre!  What are you doing?”


            “Hmm, vanilla is good.  I like yours much better,” the unicorn said in a low, husky voice.  Trowa felt his cheeks burn.


            “Here, take it,” he said and thrust his cone at Quatre.  The unicorn accepted it with a squeal and handed Trowa his own half-eaten cone.  The auburn-haired boy hung his head in defeat and began to eat what was left of the chocolate cone. 


            He’s trying to kill me.  He’s found the perfect way to kill someone- embarrassment.  Perhaps I should just give him what he wants.  Then, maybe he’ll leave me alone and I can get on with my life.     


            “Hi,” a small voice stated.  Trowa’s head snapped up and he looked over to Quatre.  A little girl, no more than six years old was standing next to the unicorn.  She was wearing a hot pink T-shirt with matching shorts and little white sandals.  Her mousy-brown hair was done up in pigtails.  Trowa had not seen her approach. 


            Quatre stopped licking his ice cream and responded cordially, “Hello, Amanda.”    The little girl’s smile lit up her face at the sound of her name.   “What can I do for you?”


            “Can you come home with me?” little Amanda asked in sugary desperation.  Quatre reached out and placed his hand on top of her head.


            “I’m sorry little one, but I can’t.  I already have someone I need to look after,” the unicorn explained and glanced in Trowa’s direction.


            “Oh,” Amanda said sadly as her eyes went down to stare at her feet.  Quatre moved his hand to lift her chin with a finger.


            “Perhaps we will meet again when you’re a little older.”  The little girl’s eyes went wide.


            “I’d like that a lot,” she said enthusiastically.  Quatre gave her a serene smile in return.  “May I…may I touch your hair?” Amanda said as she reached out tentatively.  The unicorn nodded and leaned forward so that one section of white-blonde hair fell over his shoulder.  Amanda clasped the lock in her tiny hand and pulled back so that the silken strands fell through her fingers.  When she reached the end, she repeated the process of finger-combing Quatre’s hair.  “Oh, it’s so soft,” she exclaimed in wonderment.  The unicorn nodded in agreement as he idly licked at his ice cream cone.


            Trowa watched the scene completely dumbfounded.  Just what was it that this little girl saw when she looked at Quatre?  Did she see a beautiful young man or did she see through the illusion?  Or did she see a white horse with a golden horn sitting on a stone wall eating an ice cream cone?  Kids were hard to read sometimes.  Trowa decided that the less he thought about it, the better. 


            “Amanda! Amanda, where are you?”


            Trowa looked up at the frantic woman who was working her way through the crowd of people.  Little Amanda gave no indication that she heard her name being called.  Amanda’s mother looked to be in her late twenties, fashionably dressed ensemble in a teal V-neck shirt and white Capri pants.  At a glance, she looked classy, but Trowa noticed that the leather pumps and matching designer handbag were fakes.  He knew what the real ones looked like.  His mother once had a closet full of them.  The woman stormed up to Amanda and grabbed the little girl by the elbow and spun her around.


            “Amanda, I thought I told you not to wander off from me.  You had me so worried,” the woman scolded. 


            “I’m sorry, Momma,” Amanda said with her head downcast.


            “You’re just lucky nothing happened,” Amanda’s mother continued, and although her voice was angry, there was the distinct sound of relief in it.  She raised her head and looked to the two boys sitting on the wall.  “I’m sorry she bothered you.”


            “It was no bother,” Trowa answered politely.  Amanda’s mother took the little girl by the hand and led her away.  She hadn’t even glanced in Quatre’s direction once.


            “Goodbye.  I hope to see you soon,” Amanda said with a wave.  Quatre waved back.  When he turned to face Trowa, he was met with a scowl.


            “What?” the unicorn asked innocently.


            “What the hell was that?” Trowa asked, more out of curiosity than anger.  Quatre shrugged.


            “I don’t know.  Some children are more perceptive then others,” he said as he munched on the sugar cone. 


            “Does that mean that you’re going to search out that little girl and try and get into her bed too?”


            Quatre smiled.  “Maybe, but not for a few years. She’s too young for my tastes, and besides, I’m still bound to you.”


            “Lucky me,” Trowa said sarcastically.  “You done?” he asked the unicorn as he stood.  Quatre shoved the last bit of cone into his mouth and nodded.  “Good, let’s get going.”


            They continued down the street towards the small market that was two blocks up.  They passed by a small group of girls around the same age as Trowa walking in the opposite direction.  The girls eyed the two boys favorably and Quatre turned to smile at the group while he walked backwards.  Trowa grabbed him by the arm and turned him back around.


            “No more distractions, Quatre,” he scolded.


            “I was just being friendly, Trowa,” the unicorn complained.  Trowa ignored the childish tone and kept on walking.  “You’re not really interested in them, are you?”


            “Interested in who?  Those girls?”  Trowa felt the anger begin to rise.  He did not like having a unicorn try to psychoanalyze him.


            “Girls in general,” Quatre answered plainly.  Trowa stopped dead in his tracks and turned around.  “It’s okay, Trowa I understand.  I’ve known from the beginning, but I was just waiting to see if you would tell me yourself.”


            “What is it that you think you know?” Trowa growled and stepped closer to the unicorn.  Quatre’s eyes widened a bit and he backed down.


            “I mean no disrespect, Trowa.  It’s just that I know that you find boys more appealing and th-“


            “Keep your voice down!” Trowa yelled; his cheeks had flushed bright red.


            Could things possibly get any worse?  I don’t need some oversexed unicorn outing me in the middle of a public sidewalk. 


            “Trowa, it’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Quatre admonished.


            “I’m not ashamed,” Trowa quickly denied.  “I’m…fine with it.  I…I, let’s just get going.”  Trowa took hold of Quatre’s wrist and pulled him along.  The unicorn let the topic drop, but decided that this was something he needed to bring up later.  Perhaps when they were alone later, Trowa might be a little more open to discussion. 

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kath_mandu on May 24th, 2006 09:50 pm (UTC)
I love this story so much it's not even funny. LOL! ^__*
evilkat_meow: Yukio- Hievilkat_meow on May 25th, 2006 01:01 am (UTC)

I'm glad you're enjoying things so far.
dmnutv_archer: Cutie - peachdmnutv_archer on May 25th, 2006 09:34 am (UTC)
I think I want some ice cream for breakfast. ^_~
*runs to read next part*