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18 May 2006 @ 08:35 pm
Naruto Manga 307

Okay, as we know from my last post, Sasuke has made his grand re-appearance.  So Sai was sent to assassinate him, but held back because he wanted to preserve the bond between Naruto and Sasuke.  There was a nice flashback scene to the big Naruto/Sasuke duel where Sasuke screams at fox-boy telling him that he never had parents and could never fathom what it was like to loose them as Sasuke did.  Anyway, the new and even more emotionally distant Sasuke tells Naruto that he's broken all ties with him, Konoha-everything.  The only bond he has now is the one he formed with his brother.  A bond of hatred.  Naruto asks why he didn't kill him after their duel and Sasuke tells him that it was just a whim that he spared his life, but to himself he admits that he didn't want to follow his brother's path to the Magenkyo Sharingan.  He then moves with incredible speed to stand directly in front of Naruto and puts his hand on the other boy's shoulder, mocking the camaraderie they shared.  

Sasuke:  Oh right, didn't you have a dream of becoming Hokage?  Is it really so good if you lost even that by chasing after me?

Sakura:  Sasuke-kun!

Sasuke:  That's why this time...at my whim, you'll lose your life. *draws sword*

Naruto:  A person who doesn't save one of his friends can hardly become Hokage...Isn't that right, Sasuke?

(end chapter) 

Sasuke is a condescending bastard in this installment and I expect he will stay this way for a long while.  Naruto is still as optimistic as ever.   I suspect that once he beats it into Sasuke's head that even though he lost his entire family, he still has made new bonds with both him and Sakura.  And I'm sure that beating will be dragged out painfully long and will probably come at the cost of someone's life.  Someone always dies.  Who will it be?  My spidey sense is telling me Kakashi.  I don't want it to be, but it would have to be him or maybe Jiraya.  Both haven't been in the manga for a while and I only started actually reading the manga 20 or so chapters go, so I'm not sure what they're up to exactly.  But like I said, someone will die and the battle between N and S will go on for a long time.  And in the end I can only think that when the time comes, Sasuke will not be able to kill Itachi. 
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