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04 April 2006 @ 08:10 pm
Black Cat the anime has been finished.  My thoughts after seeing all 23 episodes are that the manga was way better.  The series started out great, but then fizzled around episode 14 and the ending was just blah.  I did enjoy how they amped up Creed's obsession with Train to yaoi fangirl proportions *squee*   But how they resolved that storyline was so hella lame.  I mean, they spent the bulk of the show building to the ultimate showdown between the two of them and the final confrontation was maybe a five minute battle O_o  But the show was full of yaoi parings to exploit and I must say that I could probably come up with some Creed/Train smut if I really, really wanted to (and I kinda do)  Not to mention Sven/Train yumminess....but I won't.

I'm writing!  I really am ^__^ 
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