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05 March 2006 @ 10:11 pm
Stick a fork in me...I'm done  
I'm never helping anyone move ever again.  We spent the entire day saturday helping my brother move into his new house.  I hurt.  There was a lot of lifting and heavy furniture involved.  My sister-in-law has two huge fish tanks and even though we drained them to the lowest possible level for the fish to survive, they still had to weigh 100 pounds.  

The twins are doing very well.  They are now over two pounds!  They are still the teeniest things I've ever seen.  Seems there are tons of pregnant women in my life lately.  The wives of two of my husband's friends are pregnant.  I have to admit that I'm eager to start a family of my own.  I'll also have to admit that I'm scared shitless about it too.  Me...as a mom...O_O

I've also decided to give up on IRC trivia for this month.  It was causing too much trouble for what it was worth and eating up my writing time.  I totally blame it on my lack of productivity for the last 6 months.  It's just so addicting and I'm really good at it.  Well, I'm satisfied that I came in first for February.  If I never win again, I don't care.

I'm also going to attempt my first Viewfinder fanfic.  After squeeing like a fangirl over the new chapter, an interesting idea popped into my head.  Let's see what happens when I try to write it out.  I'm still working on the next chapter of "Light" and I'm actually making some good headway with it.  Maybe by the end of this week.  Keep your fingers crossed.  

Here's a little something to keep you laughing because for some reason, mascots fighting is funny ^__^  When keeping it real goes wrong...
Current Mood: soresore