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04 April 2005 @ 08:17 pm
An apple a day...  
Hubbie and I went to the dentist this afternoon. I haven't been in..oh, five years. Needless to say, I was frightened about what they were going to find. I fully expected them to tell me I had no fewer than 3 cavities at least. I nearly fell out of the chair when they told me I had no cavities. I'll say that again- no cavities! Woo Hoo! Hubbie on the other hand has one cavitiy and a wisdom tooth that needs to come out...hee hee. I'm mean, sorry to hear that, babe.

Still watching episodes of Get Backers like a fiend. I'm forcing myself to take a break to work on "Light" some more. Though Ban's eyes will be lingering in the back of my head as I do. Being addicted to bishonen sure makes it hard to concentrate sometimes *sighs whistfully*
Current Mood: shockedshocked