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01 January 2006 @ 09:43 pm
Power and Control- Chapter 10 part 2  

Sakaki was at a loss for words.  He looked over to Michael and could see that his lover was just as dumbstruck.  That Zaizen had gone so far as to have Amon permanently scarred for his own sadistic pleasure was mind-boggling.   Just when he thought he had seen the depth of the old man’s perversions, Sakaki was quickly reminded that he was only scratching the surface. 


“How could you?” Michael whispered so softly that Sakaki almost missed it.  That was the one question that so succinctly, summed up everything Sakaki had been asking himself since he first found out about Michael’s abuse.  Zaizen appeared to not have heard the question.  The grey-haired man had turned Amon around to face him and was casually flicking at his nipple rings.


“Still so responsive,” Zaizen stated as the dark-haired man shivered.  “Let’s see if you still possess those skills that made you a favorite among the elite.”


Sakaki knew what was about to happen.  Michael made a panicked sound next to him.  Amon sank to his knees, his face was blank, and began to undo Zaizen’s trousers. 


“Amon!  Don’t-“  Don’t what?  Don’t do it?  Don’t let that fucker force you?  Sakaki left his thought unfinished, but he noticed that Amon paused briefly when he cried out.


“No comments from the peanut gallery, Sakaki.  That is, unless you want to take his place,” Zaizen offered.  Sakaki immediately backed down, disgusted.  Zaizen chuckled maliciously and placed his hand on the back of Amon’s head, urging him to continue. 


Sakaki watched as Amon sucked Zaizen’s thick cock.  He was surprised by the size of the old man’s member.  It was huge.  The rookie witch hunter absently noted that it was no wonder that Michael was torn so badly.  He found he could not tear his eyes away. It was like coming across a car accident you knew had to be fatal and having the compulsion to take a look to see how bad the carnage was.  It was so surreal, as though it was a dream, and not actually happening right there in front of him.  The old man had his hand fisted in Amon’s hair and was thrusting himself vigorously down Amon’s throat.  Sakaki stared, eyes wide, as Amon was basically being skull-fucked by the other man.   




Michael’s gentle voice drew him away from the live sex show and he turned to meet teary blue eyes.


“Don’t watch, Haruto.  Don’t watch his shame,” the redhead wrapped his arms around Sakaki’s shoulders and pulled their bodies together.  The blonde buried his face into the crook of Michael’s neck.


“Untie me,” he whispered into the hacker’s ear.  Michael started at the request and then shook his head in the negative.


“I can’t…he’ll get angry.”


“I don’t care.  I can get him while he’s distracted.”


“No,” Michael whispered sharply.  He tightened his grip on Sakaki.  “Haruto, listen to me.  Don’t make him any angrier that he already is.  The only reason he’s holding back is because you’re amusing him.  If you piss him off anymore, he will turn on you and you’ve seen what he is capable of doing.”


“I’m not just going to sit here and take it.  I-“


“You have to.  For now anyway,” the hacker interrupted. 


A throaty moan rumbled through the room and Sakaki suppressed a shudder.  Zaizen must be close to finishing.  “Please, Michael,” he begged.


“I’m sorry, but please believe me.  This is for the best.  I won’t let him touch you, but you have to keep your mouth shut.”  Michael pushed Sakaki away from his body to hold him at arms length.  The redhead’s eyes were serious and he was imploring his lover to follow along. 


The old man came into Amon’s mouth with a loud shout that drew both teens’ attention.  The dark-haired man slumped despondently as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.  Zaizen tucked himself back into his pants and leaned back against his desk slightly winded. 


“Your skills have not faltered.  I am impressed, Amon,” Zaizen said as he lovingly stroked and petted Amon’s head.  “Stand up.” 


Amon did as ordered and rose to his feet.  He glanced over to Michael and Sakaki through his long bangs and then quickly looked back down to the floor.  Zaizen pushed away from his desk and began to slowly walk around the somber man. 


“I’m feeling especially generous tonight; Amon deserves a treat for being such a good pet,” the old man drawled slowly.  “Which one of you two would like to give Amon a reward?”  Neither of the boys responded.  “How about you, Amon?  Do you have a preference?”  Amon kept his eyes trained on the floor.  “Michael is very good.  I can’t speak from experience yet with Sakaki, but Michael didn’t look like he had any complaints.”


“You are out of your fucking mind, old man,” Sakaki snapped.


“Ah, Sakaki, thank you for volunteering,” Zaizen said as his mouth curved into a broad grin. 


The blonde sat back, a stricken look on his face.  He can’t possibly be serious.  He wants me to…to…with Amon?


“No!  I’ll do it,” Michael cried out.  “Please…Master, don’t make him.  I will take his place.”


Did he just call Zaizen “Master?”


Zaizen was not amused.  “It’s very moving to see you stand up for your love, Michael, but Sakaki is going to have to get used to this sort of thing.  Your request is denied.”


“Please!  I beg you,” the hacker choked out with a sob.  Zaizen walked over to Michael and clamped his hand onto the teen’s jaw.


“You don’t get to make the decisions here. I do.  You wanted him, Michael.  You wanted to keep him all to yourself, but you are not so privileged.  What you think of as yours also belongs to me.  Never forget that.” The old man let go of Michael and walked over and untied Sakaki’s wrists.  The redhead rubbed at his jaw to ease the throbbing pain.  “Now that that has been said, it looks like you have an order to fulfill,” he told the blonde.


“No fucking way,” Sakaki said as he massaged his wrists.  The abrasions were torn open and bleeding freely.  Zaizen sighed heavily.


“Sakaki, I’ve had it with your foul language.  The next profanity I hear from you will result in some pain for Michael.”  To illustrate his threat, the grey-haired man pulled the remote to Michael’s collar from his pocket.  “It’s time to put that filthy mouth of yours to good use.”


“This is not necessary,” a low baritone voice interrupted.  All three sets of eyes fixed on the slender, pale-skinned man. 


            “Come now, Amon, this is for you,” Zaizen said.  There was a twinge of irritation in his voice.


            “It’s not necessary,” Amon repeated sternly.  Zaizen walked over to the man, shaking his head in disappointment. 


            “Don’t lie.  How long has it been…hmm?”  The grey-haired man spoke softly as he ran his hand along Amon’s collarbone and then lower, over a pierced nipple.  The hazel-eyed man gasped, almost wantonly, and bit his lower lip in an effort to stay silent.  “Was I the last?  Or have you allowed others to enjoy this body?”  Zaizen rolled the overly sensitive nub between his thumb and index finger and smiled when Amon began to quiver.  “Well?  Has there been anyone since me?”


            “No…no one,” Amon choked out with a groan.  His hands were curled into tight fists at his sides. 


            “It pleases me to hear that, but three years is a long time to go without.”  Zaizen let his other hand slip down to cup Amon’s growing erection.  The tall man lurched forward in surprise and had to throw out his arms to brace himself on Zaizen’s broad chest. 


            “Ngh…don’t,” Amon panted.


            “Why not?  It feels good doesn’t it?”  Zaizen leered as he continued to rub his palm over Amon’s groin, slowly coaxing him into full arousal.  “Sakaki, come here.  He’s ready for you now.”


            “Hell, no,” the blonde shot back. 


The old man’s shoulders dropped and he gave an annoyed sigh.  Stopping his ministrations, he turned to face the young troublemaker.  Despite his best effort not to, Amon still groaned at the loss of contact.


“Rule number one, Sakaki, is that when I give you an order, you follow it,” Zaizen stated calmly.


“No,” Sakaki retorted defiantly. 


Zaizen arched an eyebrow.  “No?”


“Please, Master.  I’ll do it,” Michael once again attempted to save his lover from humiliation. 


“No, Michael.  Sakaki needs to learn.”


The pain that was burning in the pit of Sakaki’s stomach ever since this whole ordeal began started to flare in a churning, cramping sort of way.  He should have known it was going to end badly when he saw the gleam in the old man’s eyes when he ran into him in the parking garage.  Sakaki stared down at the floor because he knew that if he looked up into that smug face he was going to say or do something they would all end up regretting.  Michael was trying to divert the attention off of him, but he didn’t really like the alternative.  If he didn’t give in and suck off Amon, then Michael was going to have to do it.  A motherfucking no-win situation.  What the hell should I do? 


A plain manila envelope was dropped on the floor directly in front of him.  Sakaki turned his questioning eyes up to the man towering over him. 


“Open it,” Zaizen instructed.


Sakaki reached into the envelope and pulled out what appeared to be a few photographs.  His violet eyes widened considerably when he realized who was pictured.


“Mariko,” he gasped as he looked down at the face of his younger sister.  These were obviously surveillance pictures taken with a telephoto lens.  The first picture showed his sister walking home from school with some friends, smiling and happy.  The second was Mariko and her foster-brother playing in the backyard of their house.  But the last one made him want to scream.  The mysterious photographer snapped a picture of Sakaki’s sister while she was in her room changing her clothes.  The photo was taken from behind, but she was obviously shirtless.


“Your sister is very beautiful and she seems so happy where she is,” Zaizen said as he looked down at the photographs the blonde was holding.  “You wouldn’t want to do anything to jeopardize that, would you, Sakaki?  I know many people who would pay good money for that last picture.  Just think what they would do if they had an opportunity at the real thing.”


Sakaki’s resolve shattered like a television set being struck with a sledgehammer.  His world exploded into a million pieces.  His vision swam with a sense of vertigo like someone had just yanked the floor out from under him.  He felt lost, disconnected, drowning in the overwhelming misery that was thrust upon him. 


“She’s twelve, you bastard,” Sakaki spat out, though it sounded suspiciously like a sob. 


“Yes, I suppose I am a bastard,” the old man said with a victorious look.  “It’s just a matter of knowing how to properly motivate people.  I believe that we just found your motivation, Sakaki.”    Zaizen reached out and ran his hand through playfully through the blonde’s hair.  He laughed when Sakaki jerked his head away.  “Now, I gave you an order.”


Sakaki wasn’t sure how he managed to convince his body into crawling the few feet over to Amon.  And even more baffling was how he was able to reach up and begin to unbutton Amon’s pants.  His hands were shaking badly and he jumped when graceful, long-fingered hands settled over his own.  Sakaki looked up at Amon’s miserable expression.


“I’m sorry,” the dark-haired man said softly.


“Don’t be sorry, Amon.  This is for you…enjoy this gift.”  The tone in Zaizen’s voice filled Sakaki with an urge to vomit…or drive his fist so hard into the old man’s face that it would come out the other side.  It was a tough call.


Sakaki nodded once to acknowledge Amon’s apology.  It was a minute comfort that the other man was not drawing any pleasure from this experience, but it didn’t change the fact that the blonde was spitting mad at the fact that he was being forced to perform oral sex on his superior and that his sister’s wellbeing was on the line if he refused.  He reached into Amon’s pants and pulled out the flaccid member.  He tried to keep himself detached and focused on getting Amon to the finish line as soon as possible.  Sakaki gently clasped the base of Amon’s penis.  He was a little shocked to see that Amon was circumcised, but tried not to dwell on it or the size and coloration, or the faint musky aroma.  He refused to let his mind wander to those places because it would be another reminder that it was not Michael he was kneeing before. Amon had gone soft at some point.  Not that it really made a difference to Sakaki; he was being forced to do this and was far from enthusiastic about it. Swallowing what was left of his pride; he leaned in and suckled on the tip.  The dark-haired man made a funny little noise in the back of his throat, almost like a kitten’s mewl.  The blonde figured he must be doing something right and took more into his mouth. 


Pretend its Michael.  You can do this; just pretend that it’s him.  Fuck!  I shouldn’t have to be psyching myself up for this. That fucking bastard is dead!  I will make him pay for this.


Amon’s body was completely rigid.  Sakaki could feel the tension from where he placed his hand on the other man’s thigh for balance.  He dared a glance up to Amon’s face.  The dark-haired man’s head was bent forward and his eyes were shut tightly.  His face was contorted in an expression of pain.  Sakaki let his own eyes slide closed.  It made it a little bit easier to disassociate himself.  He was trying his damnedest, but it didn’t matter if went slow or fast, or how hard or soft he sucked, Amon was not getting hard.  Sakaki didn’t know whether to rejoice or be annoyed. 


“What have we here?” Zaizen’s irritating voice questioned.  He had moved to stand to the left of the pair and was watching the two closely.  “It looks like you’re not enjoying Sakaki’s efforts, Amon.  You know better than that.  Would you like me to help things along?” 


Sakaki didn’t like the sound of that.   Amon didn’t reply, but Sakaki felt the muscles in his legs twitch.  The old man maneuvered himself behind the slender man and licked his index and middle fingers.  Without a word of warning, Zaizen thrust his fingers into Amon.  The dark-haired man cried out sharply and doubled over, nearly falling on top of the blonde, gagging him accidentally.  Sakaki winced slightly at the tight grip Amon had on his shoulder to keep from collapsing and he backed off so that he wouldn’t unintentionally injure the other man.  


Zaizen looked over Amon’s shoulder and stared down at Sakaki.  “Did I say you could stop?” he barked. 


The blonde balked at the harsh tone momentarily, but then went back to his task.  Amon began to thrust into his mouth.  An inadvertent motion created by the ramming of Zaizen’s fingers.  Sakaki swore the old man was purposely shoving Amon’s body forward with each thrust just to watch him gag.  Tears were streaming from the corners of his eyes as he struggled to not choke on the now hardened flesh in his mouth.  Time seemed to pass excruciatingly slow.  Eventually a rhythm was established and Sakaki lost himself in it.


In and out.  Don’t think…just in and out.


“You like that, don’t you?” Zaizen slurped into Amon’s ear.  “You always were a little slut…letting all those men do whatever they wanted.  Is that why no one has touched you for all these years?  Huh?  No one could fuck you like me…isn’t that right?”


Amon’s whole body seemed to convulse and he let out this ragged, broken shout as he came into Sakaki’s mouth.  The blonde felt the hot fluid hit the roof of his mouth and jerked his head back to remove himself from Amon’s cock, but Zaizen quickly grabbed a handful of dirty-blonde locks and kept his head in place.  A few more spurts of semen followed and Sakaki struggled to free himself, desperately wanting to spit out the vile tasting liquid in his mouth.  Once the shudders stopped, Zaizen yanked Sakaki off Amon so hard that the blonde’s teeth scraped the sensitive tip in their retreat.  The old man’s meaty hand clamped over Sakaki’s mouth.


“Swallow it,” Zaizen ordered.  The blonde began to panic, wildly kicking while he tried to claw at the hand keeping his jaw shut.  “Swallow it!” he ordered again, pressing harder against the boys face.


 Sakaki screamed behind Zaizen’s fingers.  This was something he was unable to do for Michael, even under the best situations.  There was no way in heaven or hell that was going to make him start now.  Fed up with the blonde’s resistance, the old man roughly stoked his throat, coaxing Sakaki’s reaction to swallow.  With a sobbing moan, he did just that.  Sakaki felt the fluid slide down his esophagus with all the consistency of a glob of warm snot.  His stomach immediately began to protest that decision and lurched powerfully.


“Keep it down, Sakaki,” Zaizen warned.  When the old man was satisfied that nothing was going to come up, he let the boy go.  Sakaki fell over, shaking and boneless.  Michael rushed to his side and placed a cool hand on his forehead.


“Haruto, its okay…you’re okay,” the hacker said as soothingly as he could.  Sakaki wanted to scream, he wanted to cry, and he wanted Michael to stop fussing over him.  He would have yelled at his lover had he possessed the strength, but right now, at the forefront of his mind was not vomiting all over the place. 


“You did very well for your first time, Sakaki.  You may leave now,” Zaizen said to the room as he gathered his overcoat.


Sakaki couldn’t muster up the energy or the scathing words he wanted to shout back at him.  He instead glared wearily over his shoulder at the man as Michael dragged his uncooperative body out the door to the office.  The redhead sat him in the first chair they came upon and before Sakaki could register that he was gone again, a paper cup of water was being held in front of his face.  Sakaki took the cup and drank from it greedily, eager to wash away the salty, starchy taste from his mouth.  When he finished, he leaned forward to rest his elbows heavily on his knees. 


I can’t believe I just did that…with Amon. 


“Good job tonight, boys.  I will see you in a week and we’ll have some more fun.”


Sakaki raised his head to see Zaizen’s back as he left the control room.  He crushed the little paper cup in his fist.  It was a poor substitute for what he really wanted to unleash his rage upon.  There was no way he was ever going to allow himself to be used again.  He wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he let himself be manipulated into that evil man’s sick power game.  The recent events started to replay in Sakaki’s mind and he started going over the sequence in which things had happened. It slowly began to dawn on him that Michael and Amon were nothing but a pair of cowards.  Amon had spoken so confidently about his plans to bring Zaizen down and yet, after a three-year hiatus he fell right back into line like an obedient slave.


“Calm down, Haruto” Michael spoke tenderly, sensing that his lover was teetering on the edge of a complete meltdown.  He knelt down so that he was eye to eye with the blonde.  “You need to calm down. I know it’s…difficult, but calm down and we can talk this over.”


“Talk what over exactly?” Sakaki spat venomously back at the redhead.  “The fact that I’m just as fucked as you are now?”


Bright blue eyes widened in shock.  “I won’t let that happen, Haruto…please believe me,” Michael tried to sound convincing. 


Believe you?” Sakaki repeated incredulously.  “Why the fuck should I believe anything you have to say?  You….I…I could have stopped him, Michael.  I had the perfect opportunity and you didn’t help me.”


Michael stood and took a step away from the blonde.  His eyes narrowed.  “And then what?  If I untied you, what is it that you think you could have done?”


“I could have taken him down,” Sakaki answered simply.


Michael laughed bitterly.  “You honestly believe that don’t you?  You think what he made you do was that bad?  It would have been a hundred times worse if you tried and failed, and trust me, you would have failed.”  The redhead paused briefly and gave a rueful shake of his head.  “You really have no clue who you’re dealing with, Haruto.  He wants to hurt you.  Don’t you get that?  He wants to hurt you and he has no problem doing whatever he needs to get the reaction he wants.”


“Michael is right, Sakaki,” Amon said quietly as he entered the control room.  His high-collared shirt was back on and he looked no less ruffled then he had before.  Sakaki was out of his chair and his fist was connecting with the dark-haired man’s cheek before anyone could react.


How dare he.  How *dare* he come in here and look like nothing happened.


Amon’s head snapped to the side from the force of the blow and he didn’t make a move to defend himself when Sakaki let another one fly. 


“Of course he’s right, you son of a bitch!” the blonde screamed.  “You didn’t even try to stop him.  You let him…him…you fucking coward!”  Angry tears were streaming down Sakaki’s face as he landed another punch that brought the tall man down. 


Amon kept his head down anticipating another hit, but when it didn’t come he looked up.  Sakaki was standing over him, a look of betrayal on his face. 


“I looked up to you,” Sakaki whispered hoarsely as he stared down into haunted hazel eyes.  “I trusted you and now look at you.  You’re nothing but a worthless coward.”


“Haruto,” Michael gasped.  The blonde swung his head to glare at his lover.  Sakaki was beyond angry now.  If he stayed in that room one second longer he knew someone was going to get hurt.  He shook his head in disgust and stormed out of the room and towards the elevator.  He patted his jacket pocket to make sure his keys were still there.


“Wait!  Haruto!” Michael shouted as he rounded the corner.


“Leave me alone, Michael.”  Sakaki didn’t bother to look at him; he just kept his eyes fixed on the elevator doors.


“Please…don’t go,” the hacker sounded desperate.  “Please don’t leave me.”


Sakaki swallowed hard in an effort to keep the tears from falling.  When he felt a gentle hand on his forearm, he spun around and pushed the redhead away from him violently.


“Just stay the fuck away from me, Michael.”  The doors opened and he stepped inside the elevator car.  Michael made one last attempt to fling himself into the car before the doors closed, but Sakaki grabbed hold of him by his upper arms and shoved him back out.  There was enough force behind it to send the scrawny teen into the wall opposite the elevator.  


“Haruto,” the hacker sobbed as he watched to doors close on the enraged face of his lover.  His knees buckled and he slid down the wall.


“No…this can’t be happening,” Michael whispered.






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Fran: With Sad Eyes (WHR)franwi on August 9th, 2008 01:50 pm (UTC)
Eee, I just reread this chapter.
*dabs eyes with now-empty box of kleenex*
Sigh - so sad, but sooo good.