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01 January 2006 @ 09:38 pm
Power and Control- Chapter 10 part 1  

We all know Zaizen is a bad, bad man, right?

Power and Control- Chapter 10




Warning- This chapter will contain graphic sexual abuse.  Please do not read if you are sensitive to the subject matter.  I also want to remind everyone that this story is considered slightly AU, so there has been some tweaking of the facts. 






            Zaizen’s grip on Sakaki’s arm tightened as a predatory grin spread across the old man’s face.  Sakaki felt the strong fingers dig into his elbow joint to the point where his fingers were beginning to tingle.  He bit his tongue to keep the gasp from sounding. There was a painfully long stretch of silence in which the four men stared at one another.  Sakaki looked to Michael and he could see the stark terror expressed in those bright blue eyes.  His lover was visibly trembling.  Zaizen took a step towards the hacker, dragging Sakaki with him, and Michael took a step backwards. 


            “Wh-what are you going to do?” Michael asked.  The redhead glanced over his shoulder at Amon, looking to the older man for guidance.  Amon was as still and impassive-looking as a statue. 


            “Well,” the old man began smugly.  He continued to walk forward until he stood directly in front of Michael.  The boy cowered in front of him. “I had a feeling you two lovebirds would be here licking your wounds after last night.”


Sakaki twisted and yanked his arm in an attempt to free himself; his leather riding jacket crunched loudly under the strain of the old man’s vice-like grip. “Fuck you, you fucking piece of- Ah!” he yelped when Zaizen wrenched his arm behind his back and brought him down to one knee. 


Sensing that some of the fight had been taken out of the boy, Zaizen leaned down.  “Still fighting until the bitter end, are we?  No matter, in time you will learn your place.” 


Sakaki glared up at the man, his lips were curled back in a snarl.  Zaizen smiled down at the blonde, gloating.  “Such an explosive temper.  He reminds me of how you were when we first met, Amon.”  Zaizen’s steel-grey eyes tracked over to the dark-haired man.  “Why don’t you come over here and join us?”


            Amon didn’t react at first.  For the briefest of moments, Sakaki thought that the tall man was going to refuse the bastard’s order and perhaps the two of them could take the old man down.  Amon’s face was as unreadable as usual, but there was a peculiar fire building behind his hazel eyes.  Amon could be an obstinate, uptight jerk.  But when the dark-haired man walked stiffly towards them, the blonde felt his hopes begin to falter slightly. 


            Zaizen pulled Sakaki back up to his feet roughly, making sure to keep the boy’s arm pinned securely at his back.  “I think we should move this happy reunion into my office, don’t you think?”  Michael and Amon remained silent.  A low, rumbling laugh escaped the old man’s throat as he walked Sakaki towards his office. The other two obediently followed like lambs to the slaughter. 


            When they entered Zaizen’s office, the old man threw Sakaki to the floor in front of his desk.  “Stay there,” he ordered.  The blonde righted himself and glared at the grey-haired man as he tried to rub the feeling back into his abused arm.  Once Zaizen was satisfied that the boy was not going to try anything, he leaned back against his desk and looked towards the two figures standing just inside the office.  Both Michael and Amon had their heads down, carefully avoiding the old man’s harsh gaze.  “Michael,” he said and the hacker’s head snapped up.  Zaizen snapped his fingers at his side.  Like the trained dog he was, Michael quickly moved to kneel on the ground at his master’s feet.


            Sakaki was sickened by the display.  It made him furious to think of what his lover had to go through to become so accustomed to Zaizen’s commands that he could respond without any hesitation.  Zaizen reached out and placed his hand on Michael’s head.  Normally, a gesture such as that would be viewed as comforting, soothing, but the fact that it was that wretched man’s hand made it profane.  Sakaki tried to get Michael to meet his eyes, but the redhead kept his eyes on the floor. 


            “You were moving stiffly,” Zaizen whispered as he stroked Michael’s head.  “Are you in much pain?”  The hacker shook his head.  “I’m sorry that I was so rough, but you needed to be punished, Michael.  You know very well what happens when the rules are broken.”  Michael shook his head once again and a small sob escaped from him. 


            It was the most insincere apology that Sakaki had ever heard.  He knew there was no way that that bastard was sorry for anything that happened last night.  Zaizen loved every second of agony he had caused the two of them.  He got off on the display of his dominance.  The violet-eyed teen watched Zaizen place his hand under Michael’s chin and tilt his head up.  Rage flared in Sakaki’s belly at the bogus display of affection.  The old man gently wiped the tears from the hacker’s cheeks as a parent would for their child and then leaned down to cover the boy’s mouth with a slobbery kiss.  The redhead let out a small squeak of surprise, but then relented and let the perverted man plunder his mouth.  


            Sakaki’s breathing became harsh as he watched Zaizen molest Michael not two feet in front of him.  His fingernails dug into the carpet.  The rage was building.  He was like a bull, pawing the dirt, waiting to charge.  Not again.  I will not let him hurt Michael again. I can’t act carelessly; I have to wait for the right moment.  The blonde turned his head and he closed his eyes tightly.  The wet, sloppy sounds were making him nauseous; he could not watch.  Be patient and wait for an opening.  Zaizen moaned into Michael’s mouth. Sakaki curled his fingers into a tight fist, hoping that the sharp pain of his nails digging into his palm could distract him.  Michael made a distressed sound and Sakaki’s eyes snapped open.  Zaizen had moved his hand down to the side of the hacker’s neck and was fingering the silver collar.  Zaizen had not noticed the burns from the previous night.  Michael’s trembling became more noticeable as he tried to remain quiet, but when the old man rubbed his hand too hard over the scabs on his neck and shoulders, he flinched and tried to pull away.  Zaizen grabbed hold of his scrawny arm to keep him from moving. 


            All of Sakaki’s planning went right out the window the second he saw Michael in pain.  “Get your hands off him!” he screamed and gave Zaizen a hard shove.  The blonde put his body between the two to act as a shield to protect the smaller boy. 


            “Haruto!” Michael gasped as he was tackled by his lover.  Sakaki pulled him into his chest and tried to cover him with as much of his body as he could.  Angry violet eyes turned to face the director of the STN-J. 


            “He’s injured.  Can’t you see that?” Sakaki growled.  Zaizen stared back; his eyes were calculating.  The back of the grey-haired man’s thick-fingered hand connected with the side of the blonde’s head with such speed that Sakaki wasn’t sure the man had actually moved.  Pain flared at his temple and the world exploded white behind his eyes.  He cried out when Zaizen took hold of a fistful of his hair and yanked his head back, exposing his throat. 


            “You dare give me orders, boy?  I suppose last night wasn’t enough of a lesson for you.  Do you need a reminder already?”   The fist in Sakaki’s hair twisted, demanding an answer.


            “No!  Please don’t hurt him,” Michael pleaded tearfully. 


            “Michael!” Zaizen barked and the redhead backed down.  Turning his attention back to Sakaki, he tugged the blonde’s head back further.  “Answer me, Sakaki.  Do you need to be taught another lesson?” 


            “No,” Sakaki croaked.  A satisfied smile crept across Zaizen’s face as he gazed down at the teen. 


            “Such a beautiful boy you are,” the old man said tenderly as he caressed Sakaki’s cheek.  The blonde reacted to the touch as though he had been scalded, twisting his head until he felt his hair ripping from his scalp.  “I’m going to break you slowly.  That way I’ll get to savor every bit of you.”  Despite all his earlier bravado, Sakaki felt an icy chill spread throughout his body at Zaizen’s promise, and he shivered in fear.


            The hand gripping the back of his head suddenly released and Sakaki fell forward on his hands and knees, panting in relief.


            “Haruto?  Are you okay?” Michael whispered as he put a reassuring arm around the blonde’s shoulders.  He had crawled over to his lover the moment Zaizen stepped back.  The hacker was sick with worry.  He should have known that it was only a matter of time before they would end up in the very situation he had feared from the beginning.  Sakaki shook his head in answer to his question, but he didn’t take his eyes off the old man who stood over them.  Zaizen’s threat still hung heavy in the air and Michael knew from experience that it was far from empty.  He also knew that his lover’s hot temper could quickly get him into more trouble.  Michael made the mistake of refusing an order only once back when he still had the emotional strength to resist and that was all it took for him to never, ever consider doing it again.  The grey-haired man had whipped him with a dog leash until his throat felt like it was bleeding from all the screaming and then fist-fucked the boy until he lost consciousness.  Michael closed his eyes at the memory.  This was his fault.  No matter what anyone else told him, Michael knew that it was his selfish need for happiness and something that was his and his alone that was going to end up with another person caught in Zaizen’s demented web.  And once trapped in the web it was very, very hard to escape from it.    


Sakaki gave a quick glance at Amon.  The tall man was standing stock-still with his head bent down, but he could see the hazel eyes assessing the situation from under long bangs.  Zaizen caught the look and leaned back against his desk and crossed his arms over his broad chest.


“Amon,” the old man beckoned in an unnervingly charming voice.  The dark-haired man’s head snapped up at the sound of his name.  “Come here.”  And Amon obeyed without hesitation.  He moved with the same fluid grace as always, his facial features were calm, but Sakaki could see tightness around his mouth and that betrayed the illusion.   “My, my, it has been a while,” Zaizen said and then stood up to reach out and cup the side of Amon’s face.  The somber man bore the touch without reaction, much to Sakaki’s surprise.  The blonde found the old man repellent in every possible way.   


“To think I could have forgotten about you, my beautiful Amon,” Zaizen cooed. 


“You were a little busy with other projects,” Amon replied with a quick glance to Michael.  He managed to sound annoyed by the whole thing and Sakaki envied that.  He knew Amon wasn’t going to betray them.  Sakaki kept repeating to himself that he was just playing along, buying some time.  Zaizen laughed, loudly.


“Now, now.  I might think you were jealous with a comment like that.”


“Hardly,” Amon muttered.  Zaizen laughed again, softly this time, as his hand slipped down the dark-haired man’s chest and clutched the Orbo pendant that hung around his neck.  The old man tugged on it lightly, testing its weight.  The tall man gasped and yanked the pendant out of Zaizen’s hand.  There was genuine fear in Amon’s eyes. 


“Still so afraid?” Zaizen asked. 


Amon didn’t respond, but composed himself quickly.  Still seated on the floor, Michael and Sakaki shared a confused look with one another.  Afraid?  What could possibly scare Amon enough to get a reaction like that?  He barely touched him.   


“Why shouldn’t I be afraid?” Amon protested, still holding on to the pendant.  “You’ve used it against me to force me into your sick games.  You’ve taken pleasure at my expense while you’ve watched others do horrible, evil things to me.”  Amon’s voice was raised to a near-yell and Sakaki watched, mystified at the exchange happening in front of him.


Zaizen raised an eyebrow.  “How soon we forget.  I seem to recall it was you who offered yourself to me, not the other way around.” 


“You left me with no other choice!”


The office had become dead calm after Amon’s shout echoed off the walls.  Sakaki had no clue what it was that Zaizen was holding over the normally stoic man, but Amon’s normal composure was breaking down.  The dark-haired man was enraged to the point where his whole body seemed to be vibrating like a tuning fork.  Whatever was happening between these two, it was a long time coming apparently.  Sakaki had seen the pain in Amon’s hazel eyes when he found out that the younger boy knew of and had seen video evidence of his abuse at the hands of Zaizen and his minions.  He had also witnessed Amon’s tears and Amon’s anger over the fact that the sickness had spread to include Michael and now himself.  It was a hard thing for Sakaki to reconcile within himself because looking back over everything he thought he knew about the STN-J’s team leader, he realized that perhaps he didn’t really know Amon at all.  Sakaki always thought of Amon as someone who was very independent and self-assured.  He wasn’t a thug or a deviant, and he never enjoyed whenever he had to resort to physical violence.  There was a gentle soul residing somewhere beneath that stony exterior. Sakaki had admired him, looked up to him even, but it was still a shock to see this other, darker side of Amon, just as it was when he found out that Michael was being abused.  How did it come to this? 


“I gave you damn good choice, especially when you consider the alternatives!” Zaizen roared.  


“You are a seriously fucked up bastard if you think that-“ 


Sakaki wasn’t sure what shocked him more- the fact that Amon had cursed, because he couldn’t remember ever hearing any foul language from the man or that when Zaizen’s hand shot out to deliver his trademark backhand, Amon actually caught it. 


“Holy shit,” Sakaki exclaimed softly. 


Zaizen’s eyes widened slightly to indicate his surprise, but it was a huge mistake to underestimate this man.  What happened next seemed to unfold in slow motion.  Zaizen yanked his hand back.  Amon anticipated and strengthened his grip to prevent that from happening.  Zaizen countered by throwing a left hook. Amon dodged, but had to let go of the old man’s arm to do so.  Not to be outdone by a man half his age, Zaizen came back with another quick right.  Amon easily blocked the punch, but it put his body slightly off center.  Zaizen threw the left and he stumbled slightly, leaving an opening for the grey-haired man’s uppercut right to his gut.  The air left Amon’s lungs with a loud oof and the man doubled over right into Zaizen’s waiting arms.   


Zaizen spat angrily. “I may have let you off the leash, Amon, but you still wear my collar.”  He grabbed the dark-haired man by the hair on the back of his head and pulled back hard. 


Sakaki watched the events from the sidelines, waiting until he thought the time was right.  Zaizen had his back to Michael and him as the old man brought his knee up into Amon’s ribcage.  Sakaki moved his body into a crouch, ready to spring.  When he saw an opportunity, he moved to pounce, but just as he began his forward motion, Michael snagged his wrist.


“No! Don’t!” the redhead pleaded. 


The blonde turned his head to meet the worried eyes of his lover and shook his head sharply to indicate that he wasn’t stopping.  Michael’s cry had alerted Zaizen and as Sakaki swung his head back around, the old man’s elbow cracked him on the side of the head.  Everything went black and he crumpled to the ground like a puppet whose strings had been cut. 


“Haruto!” Michael screeched as he watched Sakaki’s limp body fall.


  The director of the STN-J let Amon drop to the floor, coughing and gasping for breath and knelt down to press his knee firmly between the rookie witch hunter’s shoulder blades.  The old man wrenched his tie from around his neck and used it to fasten Sakaki’s wrists together behind his back.


“Always have to do things the hard way, don’t you?” Zaizen said as he secured the blonde’s bindings. 


Sakaki moaned as the expensive silk tie tore open the abrasions around his wrists.  His vision was beginning to clear from the most recent blow to his head, the sharp pain of scabs being ripped off helping to speed up the process.  When Zaizen finished, he lifted Sakaki up into a kneeling position.  The blonde swayed, unable to balance himself as the room appeared to careen wildly.  Michael caught him before he pitched forward.


“Easy, Haruto.  I’ve got you,” the hacker whispered. 


“Why did you stop me?  I could have taken him,” Sakaki asked hoarsely.  He still felt unsteady; the side of his skull was throbbing in time with his pulse.  Michael looked away, ashamed.   


A shadow fell over the two lovers. “Michael knows better than that, don’t you, Michael?” 


Zaizen bass voice seemed to vibrate inside Sakaki’s head and he purposely ignored him, turning instead to face the boy seated beside him.  Michael’s shoulders slumped in defeat.


“Please don’t fight him anymore, Haruto,” the redhead’s voice was tiny and broken.  “I don’t want you to get hurt.”  


“What?” Sakaki gasped incredulously.    


“It’s…it’s easier if you just go along with it.  I’m sorry, Haruto…I never wanted you to be dragged into any of this.  I’m so sorry.” 


Sakaki could not believe his ears.  He stared at Michael, who he loved more than life itself, in complete and utter disbelief.  The hacker couldn’t even meet his eyes.  His scrawny body seemed to collapse in on itself.  He…he’s given up already?  No, Michael…no.  There is no way in hell that I’m going to let that motherfucker win.  If I have to be strong for both of us, then so be it.  I’m not giving in.


Zaizen reached out and ran his hand lovingly over Michael’s head.  “Yes, Michael is a very good boy.  You should take his advice.  You’re only hurting yourself in the long run.”


Sakaki ground his teeth together at the sneer in Zaizen’s voice when he called Michael a “good boy” as though he was just a dog put here to amuse his master.  But then that was what they all were in that depraved man’s eyes.  Nothing pleased Zaizen more then bending someone’s will to suit what ever mood he was in.  The old man was drunk on his own sense of importance. 


“Hurting myself in the long run?  You fucking piece of shit,” Sakaki said slowly, drawing out the insult and narrowing his eyes in defiance.  At that moment he didn’t care if he had to kill the bastard with his bare hands, he was not going to let Zaizen get away with this.  “Your days are numbered, old man.”


“Oh, they are, are they?”  Zaizen said through a dry laugh.  “I think it’s time for a demonstration of what ownership is, boys.”  The grey-haired man stepped over to Amon.  “Stand up,” he ordered.  Amon looked up wearily.  Sakaki recognized it as the same expression of resignation that Michael wore, but Amon’s displeasure regarding the situation was apparent from the tension around his mouth.  Despite all that, he still obeyed, and rose a little unsteadily to become fully upright.  The dark-haired man’s breathing was still heavy and he was holding his side tightly.  Zaizen smiled approvingly.


“Now, take off your shirt and show them, Amon,” the old man said as he moved around to stand behind Amon.  The man did not move.  “Do it now!” Zaizen ordered more forcefully and gave Amon a hard shove.  The slender man stumbled forward a step before catching himself. He turned to glare at Zaizen who sighed heavily.  “Amon, now is not the time to defy me.  I am in no mood and I will not be as forgiving as I have been in the past.  If you want punishment that bad, then by all means keep resisting.”


Amon glowered for a moment before he lifted his arms and began to undo the buttons on his high-collared shirt robotically.  When he finished, he let the garment slip from his shoulders and fall to the floor to pool around his feet like a drab-grey puddle. 


Sakaki’s eyebrows shot up into his bangs.  Amon’s body was just as perfect as one would expect of a man who was so meticulous about everything regarding it.  The dark-haired man was lean and well-muscled.  Not completely chiseled like a body builder, but there was definition to all his musculature.  A fine line of silky black hair made a trail from his navel down to the waistband of his pants.  But that was not what caused the blonde to feel like his stomach suddenly leapt up into his throat.  It wasn’t even the silver rings that pierced each of Amon’s light-brown nipples.  No, Sakaki thought as he sat there gaping, it was the winding tattoos, so stark in contrast with his pale skin, that came over the man’s shoulders to wrap around each bicep.      


Zaizen grabbed Amon by the shoulders and spun the unresisting body around so that Michael and Sakaki could get a full view of Amon’s back.


“Take a good look, boys,” the old man said as he looked over Amon’s shoulder to the two boys seated on the floor.  “This is the mark of true ownership.  As much as Amon likes to think that he is free, this will always serve as a reminder of who he belongs to.”


The tattoo was both horrible and breathtakingly beautiful at the same time.  Now that he could get a good look at the inking, Sakaki saw that it was one continuous design.  Two dragons, one black, one red, arched around each other, ready to strike, curved in a position that resembled a yin-yang.  The beasts snarled at each other, baring their terrible fangs, with long razor-sharp claws drawn in such exacting detail that they appeared to gouge the flesh of Amon’s back.  The whipcord tails crisscrossed between Amon’s shoulder blades and then coiled around each bicep, as if anchoring the dueling monsters to the body they were etched into.  It inspired as much awe as a piece of fine art and Sakaki sat there, bound as he was, with his mouth hanging open as though he was staring at the Mona Lisa.  Every subtle detail, every single scale that covered the warring dragons, everything down to fiery glint in the yellow, reptilian eyes was so precise, so perfect, that the tattoo seemed to have a life of its own.         


“Exquisite, isn’t it?” Zaizen asked both teens. 


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