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28 December 2005 @ 08:28 pm
Power and Control- Chapter 9 part 1  

Power and Control- Chapter 9


Warning: This chapter contains descriptions of sexual abuse.  Please do not read if you are sensitive to the subject matter.






Sakaki shuffled dejectedly behind Michael into the main control room to wait for Amon to arrive.  Still bitter about having their peaceful day interrupted, the blonde started pulling the cabinets of the kitchenette open and moving the contents around loudly in search of the firstaid kit Amon used last night.  Unable to locate the item, he slammed the doors to the cabinets shut.


“Haruto, what are you doing?” Michael asked as he stood in front of his desk.


“Looking for the firstaid kit,” he shot back with a hint of frustration leaking into his voice. 


“I think it’s under the sink,” Michael said, trying to be helpful.  He had been around Sakaki long enough to recognize his lover’s failed attempts at covering his anger over something.  Michael was disappointed that Amon was coming in to the office and would probably put him to work on something, thus ruining any possible alone time he might have had with Sakaki.  But he was much more easy-going than his headstrong boyfriend and was more adaptable to change.  An innocent hack into the wrong system mainframe which seemed like a lifetime ago forced him to be ready to have the rug pulled out from under him at any second.  Michael’s first few months with the STN-J, when he was a frightened thirteen year old, had been almost unbearable.  He had been torn away from his family knowing full well that he would never be able to see them again, collared like a dog, and locked inside a beautiful, Gothic stone cage.  He had never felt so alone in all his life.  There were many nights spent crying in an empty room, in an empty building, long after its employees had gone home for the evening.  In those first few months, Zaizen used to stay late and talk to him and keep him company, seemingly friendly, offering some kind of reprieve from the fear and desolation.  Occasionally Amon would stick around as well, pretending to be busy with some project, but Michael knew the solemn man was offering his own type of comfort and it made him feel better. 


Then Zaizen made his move.


Michael had been so desperate back then for the warmth of companionship and Zaizen had become sort of a father figure to the young hacker, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary when the director suggested they go into his office and talk one night.  Michael had become fond of Zaizen’s office.  He especially liked how Zaizen’s office overlooked the stone well in the center of Raven’s Flat cobblestone court yard.  The well was a favorite place for Michael to spend time and reflect on things.  How naïve he had been.  Zaizen wasted no time with pleasantries.  As soon as the door was shut behind them, he grabbed the boy and clamped his mouth over his in a sloppy, suffocating kiss.  Michael struggled to pull free, horrified and confused as to what the older man was doing.  Up until that point, the redhead had never even kissed a girl, let alone another man.  Never mind that this man was three times his age and his employer.  His struggles earned him a hard backhand from Zaizen that sent him staggering back against the large desk and then onto the floor.  Michael felt a shudder vibrate through his entire body at the memory of what happened next.


“Let’s get one thing straight, boy,” Zaizen said as he towered over the cowering hacker.  “You belong to me now.  I own you.  In exchange for your life you will do everything I tell you to.”  The grey-haired man bent down to pull the boy up by the collar of his shirt.  “The collar you wear around your neck is a symbol of ownership, Michael.  You can do nothing without my permission.”  Zaizen’s grin grew wide as the boy struggled against him, still fighting the inevitability of what was about to happen. 


“Let me go…please,” Michael begged.  He tried to twist himself out of Zaizen’s grip.  “I don’t want this…”


“It’s not a question of what *you* want,” Zaizen sneered into the frightened boy’s face.  “It’s what * I* want, and I want you, right now.”  Zaizen stood upright and pushed Michael away from him.  “Take your clothes off.”


“Please…no,” Michael whispered.  His arms were wrapped around his skinny body, hugging himself, trembling uncontrollably. It was a nightmare, this whole thing had to be a nightmare, he tried to convince himself.  If only he could just wake up.  Zaizen’s open hand connected with the side of his face with a loud smack that snapped his head in the opposite direction. 


“Do it now,” the old man growled.  Michael started to sob.  Zaizen rolled his eyes in disgust and slapped the boy again.  Michael tasted blood in his mouth when his lip caught on one of his teeth.  “Stop crying and do as you’re told.” 


Michael bit the inside of his cheek to try and subdue the sobbing, but the tears fell relentlessly from his eyes, blurring his vision.  His whole body was trembling so badly that it was difficult for him to raise his arms over his head to pull off his shirt.  He paused with his hands at the button of his pants.


“Please…don’t do this,” Michael pleaded once again.  He looked up at the grey-haired man with tear-filled eyes.  Zaizen crossed his arms over his broad chest and glared down at the boy, wordlessly ordering him to obey.  A pitiful sob escaped Michael’s throat and his breath hitched as he began to undo the button of his jeans and pull the zipper down.  He toed off his sneakers and then bent over to pull the pants off completely.  He paused, wearing just his boxer shorts and hoped against hope that the old man didn’t want him completely naked.


“Everything, Michael,” Zaizen said with a frustrated edge in his voice.  Michael lowered his head and hooked his thumbs in the waistband of the boxers and pulled them down.  He kicked them aside to his pile of clothes.side to the pile of his clothes.very had in his entire life.s off completelyand let them fall to the ground.yes, blurring his vi  He now stood naked and exposed in front of the man he thought was a friend, feeling more vulnerable than he ever had in his entire life.  He crossed his arms in front in a valiant attempt to cover himself.  Zaizen pushed himself away from his desk and walked slowly around the boy.  Michael felt like he was on the block at a livestock auction.  He couldn’t suppress the shudder that shot through his body as Zaizen moved to stand behind him.  Though he was unable to see the old man’s eyes he knew that they were appraising every inch of his body. 


“You’re a scrawny little thing, aren’t you?” Zaizen said with a soft chuckle as he reached around to cup Michael’s chin and tilt the boy’s head up.  The boy started at the contact and unintentionally fell back against Zaizen’s chest.  “That’s alright, you’re still a growing boy,” he said as he caressed Michael’s cheek with his thumb.  “You haven’t even started to shave yet, have you?”  When Michael didn’t answer, Zaizen pressed his fingers into the boy’s jaw.  “Have you?” he asked harshly.  Michael made a small, pained sound and then dutifully shook his head in the negative. 


“Now, I want you to lean forward over the desk.  This is how I prefer to take you, though in the future, when you become more experienced we may try other things,” Zaizen said as he shifted his hand to the back of the hacker’s neck and began to push Michael towards the desk.  The redhead came alive suddenly in one final attempt to get free.  He twisted violently in Zaizen’s grip and managed to jab his elbow into the old man’s gut.  Zaizen doubled over with a grunt and loosened his hold.  Michael spun around and for a few glorious seconds he was free.  He bolted towards the door, not caring if he was naked.  He only made it three steps before Zaizen’s thick-fingered hand clamped down on the back of his neck and hauled him backwards as though he was a kitten.


“Not a good idea, boy,” Zaizen sneered as he slammed Michael’s chest onto the desk.  “I was planning on going easy on you tonight, being your first time and all, but it looks like you don’t follow orders too well.  Perhaps a little pain will teach you not to disobey me.” 


Michael struggled against the weight that was pressing down on him and holding his head firmly to the desk’s cool surface.  His hands scrambled to find purchase on anything he could use as a weapon, but the desk was clear save for the computer at the other end, and even that was out of reach.  Zaizen reached into the desk drawer and pulled out a tube of lubrication.  Michael stopped struggling when he felt the old man’s fingers spread the cool gel between his ass cheeks, and realized with sickening dread that he was not going to be able to get away.  The young hacker closed his eyes and prepared himself to endure being raped by the person he thought was going to be looking out for him. 


“Please…stop,” Michael choked out through his sobs, hoping that he would be able to convince the man somehow.  Zaizen leaned forward and ran his finger tenderly over Michael’s damp cheek.


“Shh, relax.  It won’t hurt so much if you relax,” Zaizen whispered and then pressed two fingers into the boy.  Michael let out a keening wail and curled his fingers into tight fists at the pain.  The gray-haired man nuzzled his face into the back of Michael’s head, relishing the cries he wrought from the boy as he moved his fingers in and out.  When he was satisfied with the minimal amount of preparation, Zaizen withdrew his fingers, stood up, and opened his pants with one hand to free his straining erection.


Michael lay gasping, his mind reeling, after the fingers left his body.  He already felt sore and torn both inside and out.  He had no time to recover as he felt the blunt tip of Zaizen’s cock press at his already abused opening.  It felt twice the size of Zaizen’s fingers and Michael didn’t think it was possible for him to stretch wide enough to accommodate it.  But Zaizen kept pressing relentlessly forward, forcing the tight ring of muscle to yield.  He screamed in outright agony as the tip of Zaizen’s cock breached his anus.  The pain was white-hot, blinding and it ripped the breath from his lungs.  The old man didn’t give Michael a moment to adjust and just shoved himself in to the hilt.  Only when he was fully embedded did he finally wait until Michael’s screams died down. 


“Ah…it hurts…please, you’re hurting me,” Michael gasped as Zaizen began to pound into him.  The redhead thought he was going to vomit from the pressure of Zaizen’s thick cock battering his bowels.  He was positive that it was ripping him in two, tearing through his intestines and internal organs, causing him to bleed to death internally.  He wanted to die.  There was no way he could live after this.  There was no way he would ever do this again…never again…




Sakaki’s voice broke the hold Michael’s memory had over him and he crumpled to hands and knees on the floor, gasping for breath. 


“Michael?  What’s wrong?” Sakaki said as he rushed to the hacker’s side.  Michael’s eyes were wide and tear-glistened.  Sakaki knelt down beside his lover, unsure what had happened and what he should do. 


“I’m okay,” Michael said softly after a few moments. He took a deep breath to calm down.  “I was thinking about…something I haven’t thought about in a while.”  Sakaki reached out to cup the side of his lover’s face and Michael nuzzled against it, wanting to erase from his memory of the feel of Zaizen’s touch on his skin.  The heat from Sakaki’s hand against the side of his face burned with the love he felt for the hacker and Michael drank from it greedily, wanting it to cauterize all his wounds.  The redhead met his lover’s violet eyes and saw the passion behind them.  Zaizen must never have him.  Michael would rather die than see in Sakaki the same dull, lifeless eyes that stared back at him every time he looked in a mirror, on his lover.  Sakaki’s fire, his spirit would not last long under Zaizen’s abuse, just as his own had withered.  He had been living on borrowed time when Sakaki first stumbled onto his “secret” and had it not been for the blonde’s confession of love, he would have ended it all long ago.  Michael vowed to himself that he would do everything in his power to keep Sakaki from the same fate.    


“Do you want to talk about it?” Sakaki asked.  Michael closed the small gap between them and wrapped his arms around the blonde’s waist.


“No, not really…just hold me,” he sighed.  Sakaki was more than happy to oblige and swept the smaller boy into a tight embrace.  The two held onto to each other desperately, not even breaking apart when they heard the elevator doors open.


Amon casually walked into the office and stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of Michael and Sakaki on their knees, hugging in the center of the room.


“Am I interrupting?” the dark-haired man asked.  The two lovers reluctantly broke apart and turned to face him, both wearing identical looks of annoyance.  Amon carefully ignored the two and walked past them and into the kitchenette.  The two watched as he picked up the coffee pot and poured himself a mug.  Michael was about to warn Amon about the horrible brew Sakaki had made earlier, but the blonde put a hand on his shoulder and shook his head, indicating that he should stay quiet.  An evil little grin formed on Sakaki’s lips as he watched Amon bring the mug up to his lips and take a sip.  Within seconds the tall man was spitting out the mouthful rancid coffee and hacking into the sink.


“Good god!  You let Sakaki make the coffee didn’t you?” Amon croaked as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.  It was such an undignified gesture for a normally refined man that Michael and Sakaki couldn’t help but laugh out loud.  Amon scowled at the two for making a joke at his expense.  “The least you could have done was warned me, Michael,” he said dourly but there was a slight, barely noticeable upward turn to the corner of his mouth that betrayed some of the anger he was conveying. 


            “Sorry, Amon,” Michael said as he still chuckled softly, “It was too funny, we had to let you find out for yourself.”  Amon softly growled his disapproval.


            “Sakaki, if I ever catch you anywhere near this coffee machine again, I will kill you,” Amon said seriously but the two lovers just looked at each other and burst out laughing again.


            “Don’t worry, it’s a chore that I will happily leave to someone else,” Sakaki said after his laughter abated.  


Amon opened the refrigerator and rummaged around for something else to drink to get the taste of Sakaki’s special morning blend out of his mouth.  He found a half-empty carton of orange juice that had been shoved in the back and took it out and poured himself a glass.  Michael spoke when he took his first sip.


“Uh, Amon, that orange juice has been in there for about six months,” the redhead warned.  The dark haired man immediately spat out the mouthful into the sink.


“Jesus! Are the two of you trying to poison me this morning?” Amon gasped.  Sakaki snickered and turned away before he started to cackle once again.


“I guess we should clean the fridge out more regularly, huh?” Michael said diplomatically.  “I would stick with water today if I were you, Amon. I don’t think you want to try for a third shot.”


“You’re probably right,” Amon said as he walked past Michael and Sakaki and back into the office.  He shrugged off his trench coat and threw it over one of the chairs and then casually sat down at the desk across from Michael’s.  His hazel eyes tracked the redhead as he walked stiffly to his desk and lowered himself slowly, with the great care, into his chair.  “How are you feeling today, Michael?” he asked.


“Um, a little sore, but I’m okay,” Michael answered without turning around.  “I was kind of hoping to have the day off to rest,” he added sheepishly.  Amon sat up straighter and then sighed heavily.


“I know, and I’m sorry.  I got word that-“ 


“Wait!” Sakaki shouted, interrupting Amon as he jumped up from his chair.  He scurried over to Michael’s desk and switched on the CD player.  “The music will make it harder for him to listen in on our conversation,” the blonde stated to Amon’s questioning look.  Michael turned his chair around and Sakaki pulled his over so that the three of them formed an odd little huddle.


“As I was saying,” Amon began again. “I received word that Zaizen is leaving for a conference in Osaka tomorrow and will be gone all week.  We need to get what we can off his computer so that I can give it to my source.  There are already some stirrings into The Factory’s practices and Zaizen’s involvement.  We need more information and this is the perfect time to do it.”  Michael acknowledged Amon’s statement with a curt head nod and turned around to his computer.


“He didn’t make any announcements that he was going away.  Do you think Kosaka knows?” Sakaki asked. 


“By now?  Probably.”    


“Then I guess it’s time to get to work.  I have no idea what kind of encryptions or password protections he has,” the hacker paused briefly with a short laugh.  “I never thought I would be hacking into my boss’s computer.  Isn’t this how I got into trouble the first time?”




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