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29 March 2005 @ 08:43 pm
It's another FMA drabble  

A friend from work challeneged me to find the MP3 for the opening theme of Ghost in the Shell- SAC.  I've scoured IRC and believe I have found it.  It's downloading as I write.  This same friend and I also had an intersting chat about how we would cast the movie "Pulp Fiction" using FMA characters.  This is what we came up with.  Feel free to comment or add if you like.

Butch- Ed

Fabian- Winry

Marsalis- Mustang

Mia- Hawkeye

Jules- Scar

Vincent- Envy

Zed- Kimbley

Winston Wolf- Hughes

Lance- Havok

The Gimp- Al (Now, my friend came up with this one.  I didn't agree, but his reasoning was that it would be funny to see a 7 foot suit of armor covered in leather.  Can't argue with that.)

That was as far as we got today.  Perhaps we'll figure out more tomorrow.  It's been kinda slow at work lately.  Anyway, here is the latest FMA drabble.  This weeks topic was "Impartial."  Enjoy!  Feedback is always appreciated.


Title: Black.  Two Sugars

Author: evilkat

Rating: PG

Parings: Roy/Riza

Warnings: None




Colonel Roy Mustang stared at the steaming mug of coffee placed in the upper right-hand corner of his desk blotter.  Every morning, without fail, that mug of coffee was waiting for him, prepared the way he liked it.  Black, two sugars.  Situated directly below the mug was the morning’s edition of Central Times, folded in half with a precise crease.  On the opposite side of the blotter was a tidy stack of reports and acquisition requests for him to approve and sign.  He looked up to the only other occupant of the office as she moved around the room, distributing the day’s work. 


First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye was not an unattractive woman.  In fact, Mustang found her looks quite appealing.  Her golden-blonde hair was pulled up in its usual, efficient style, and her uniform that disguised what he knew had to be a wonderfully feminine figure, was pressed and neat   Out of that uniform, she would definitely be the type of woman he’d buy a drink for in a bar.  So different than the girls he usually took to his bed, Hawkeye was smart and fiercely independent.  If they were a couple, he knew she wouldn’t treat him like an accessory, something to drape on her arm like a mink stole.  The hash marks on his collar and the medals on his chest caught the eye of the ladies, but that was as deep as the relationships went, and those liaisons often left him with a hollow emptiness that lingered for days. 


If things were different, perhaps he could get to know more about this intriguing person.  But the military’s code of conduct between officers and their subordinates was clear- there was to be no relations, other than professional.  Whatever it was that sparked inside of him at the thought of knowing this woman outside of the uniform, had to be doused for both of their sakes. 


“Is there something wrong with the coffee, Sir?”


The question startled Mustang from his daze.   He blinked a few times and realized that he had been staring intently into the mug before him.  He glanced up into soft ruddy-brown eyes.  “No, everything’s fine,” he answered with a broad grin.  Hawkeye’s eyes widened slightly before she returned a shy smile of her own, and turned back to her work.


Mustang fought back a sigh and brought the mug up to his lips.  This would have to do for now.  The coffee, the paper, waiting for him in the morning, and everything it symbolized.  It would have to do for now.


Perhaps, if things were different, Hawkeye would wear a mini-skirt and her hair down for him.  He smiled to himself as he took the first sip of the best damn coffee he ever tasted.  


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