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20 December 2005 @ 06:57 pm
Fun with FMA  

Ever heard the infamous Tenacious D "Friendship Test" skit?  No? Yes? Not sure who Tenacious D is?  OMG!  Well Tenacious D is a music/comedy duo consisting of Jack Black (currently starring in King Kong...which I saw.  More on that in a bit.) and Kyle Gass.  Funny, funny stuff.  Anyway, some brilliant person took that audio and dubbed it over scenes taken from Fullmetal Alchemist.  Hi-larious.  Turn your speakers up and enjoy!


So yeah, King Kong...three hours I'm not getting back.  It wasn't horrible, but they could have easily cut an hour out of that movie.  The beginning was rather tedious and then all the dinosaur peril on the island went a bit over-the-top.  It felt like Jurassic Park for a minute or two there.  Closer to the original that the crappy Jessica Lange remake of the early 80's.  And I found myself thinking that Adrian Brody's nostrils are huge...I mean you could crawl up in there. 

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