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09 December 2005 @ 05:36 pm
Power and Control- Chapter 4  

Zaizen plays his hand and threatens Sakaki's family if he doesn't cooporate.  And it all ends with another one of my evil cliffhangers.  Not too much to say about this chaper other than I wanted to show more of Sakaki's frustration.  He really is hot headed, but very genuine with his feelings.

Power and Control- Chapter 4


Warnings and disclaimers in the first chapter.






            Sakaki groaned as he reached out to smash the off button on his clock radio.  The obscenely loud J-Pop was cut off and the room was once again returned to peaceful silence.  Sakaki stayed flat on his back, staring up at the ceiling for a few more moments before gathering the strength to sit up.  He had set his alarm to go off a half hour earlier in an effort to make it in to work on time.  With a resigned sigh he threw back the covers and swung his legs over the side of the bed.


            Sakaki cast a weary look around his tiny, one bedroom apartment.  It wasn’t much, but considering his money situation, it really wasn’t that bad.  There was a small kitchen with a dinning area, a modest sized living room, a small bedroom, and an adequately sized adjoining bathroom.   The only thing missing, in Sakaki’s opinion, was a body to wake up next to in the morning.


            A sad smile touched Sakaki’s lips at the thought of having Michael here with him.  It had been so hard last night, as it was every time, to leave his lover and go back to an empty apartment.  After Zaizen’s brutality yesterday, Sakaki was filled with an even bigger need to protect the younger teen.  His stomach clenched in response to the thoughts of what Zaizen had been doing to Michael.  The things he did with Michael were done out of love and passion, never with the intent to hurt or degrade him.


            Forcing himself to stand, Sakaki shuffled his way into the bathroom.  He turned the taps on in the shower and brushed his teeth while he waited for the water to warm up.  Once it was to temperature, he stood under the spray for long while trying to get his sluggish brain to start functioning.  Lack of sleep was catching up to him big time.  He was never a morning person, and today was particularly hard.  Things would be so much easier if he didn’t have to wait until after work to spend time with his boyfriend.  Or maybe it wouldn’t be such a strain if he could go to sleep after their lovemaking and not have to wake a few hours later and drive home. 


            Sakaki turned the water off and grabbed the towel off the rack outside the shower.  He silently berated himself as he furiously scrubbed the towel against his head.  It was stupid to get himself worked up over things he didn’t have the power to change.  He prayed that Amon would be able to come up with some way for them to get Michael away from Zaizen; then they could be together like they were supposed to be.


            Glancing at the clock as he pulled on a pair of tan Dockers, he realized that it was later than he had thought.  Sakaki finished dressing as fast as he could.  No breakfast this morning if he wanted to make it to work on time.  He pulled on his jacket and grabbed his keys and helmet on his way out the door.




            Sakaki arrived at Raven’s Flat with ten minutes to spare.  A small smile of accomplishment touched his lips as he rode the elevator up to the office.  When the doors opened he could hear voices and laughter.  He made his way over to the coat rack and hung up his jacket and stored his helmet, then went to investigate the commotion.


            Karasuma and Robin were standing next to Michael’s desk and had him engaged in a conversation that he clearly did not look happy about.


            “Good morning, everyone,” Sakaki said to the group.  The two women looked up at him and returned the greeting.


            “Thank God you’re here, Sakaki,” Michael said with an exasperated sigh.  Sakaki felt a small twinge of pain when Michael reverted back to calling him by his family name rather than his given name.  But appearances needed to be maintained.  “Perhaps you can tell these two that I don’t need to be mothered,” Michael finished.


            “Why would you need to be moth- what happened to your face?” Sakaki said with as much fake surprise as he could muster.  When he left last night Michael still had yet to come up with a cover story for the bruise on his face.  He promised Sakaki that he would think of something and that Sakaki should just react to whatever it was.


            “It’s nothing really.  I slipped and fell in the bathroom and hit the sink on my way down,” Michael said.  Sakaki did his best not to roll his eyes at the lame story he came up with.


            “When was this?” Sakaki asked.


            “Last night.  I was feeling better so I went to take a shower and I guess the floor was slippery and I, well- slipped.”


            “But you were sick, you could have been really hurt,” Robin’s said, her voice filled with concern.  “Tell him, Sakaki.” 


            “I’m staying out of this,” Sakaki as he put his hands up in a gesture of surrender and walked over to his desk.


            “Thanks,” Michael called sarcastically after him. 


            Amon appeared from inside the conference room and strode up to Michael’s desk.  Karasuma and Robin immediately stopped their bantering and stood up to greet the man.  The tall man nodded briefly to each girl in turn before focusing his attention to Michael.


            “Have you had a chance to correlate the data that the girls retrieved yesterday?” Amon asked.


            “I’m almost finished with it,” Michael replied.


            “Good.  We’ll meet in the conference room in fifteen minutes.”




            The briefing was short which made Sakaki grateful for small favors.  He really was not in the mood for one of the long winded, far too much information to process, can’t keep your eyes open, meetings.  The girls had managed to gather quite a bit of information and had a few leads to follow but there was still some leg work that needed to be done.  Apparently many of the witch attacks happened near this one particular warehouse.  After speaking with a few of the employees, the girls managed to get the names of a few suspects.


            Sakaki had been given the arduous task of going through each of the suspect’s phone records looking for calls made to the warehouse on the days leading up to and the day of the actual attacks.  Because they were so localized, Amon believed the warehouse was being used as either a meeting place or a lure for the victims.  But after three hours of looking at numbers, Sakaki was ready to pass out at his desk. 


            “Sakaki!” Kosaka shouted from his desk.  Startled from his daydream, Sakaki turned to look at the bald man.  “Mr. Zaizen would like to see you in his office.” 


            Sakaki felt like his heart stopped beating for a moment.  His chest tightened and he could not breathe.  The ever present sound of Michael clicking away on his keyboard stopped at Kosaka’s announcement.  The redhead turned in his chair to look at him.  They both wore identical expressions of fear.  Fuck, what could he possibly want?  Sakaki thought to himself.  Maybe he just wants to speak with me about my job performance.  Stay calm, don’t overreact. 


            Sakaki stood on slightly shaky legs, then walked over to Zaizen’s office.  On his way by Michael’s desk he gave the hacker his best “don’t worry” smile.  Michael didn’t look convinced.  In fact, he looked like he was ready to vomit.  The rest of his co-workers barely spared him a glance figuring he was about to get reamed for all the costly mistakes he constantly made on missions.


            Sakaki swallowed the lump that had lodged itself in his throat before knocking on the door to Zaizen’s office.  There was a buzzing sound and the door unlatched and opened by itself.  Sakaki stepped into the viper’s pit.


            “Close the door behind you,” Zaizen’s bass voice instructed.  Sakaki did as he was told and then moved to stand in front of the gray haired man seated behind the large desk.  For a long stretch of seconds Sakaki stood in front of his boss while the other man looked him over appraisingly.  It made him very uncomfortable.


            “Please, sit down,” Zaizen said finally.  Sakaki took a seat and looked questioningly to the other man.  Zaizen leaned back in chair and crossed his arms.


            “You can relax,” The old man said with a slight smile.  “I’m not going to discuss the recent expenditures you’ve cause the company.  I have other things in mind right now.”  Zaizen fell quiet again and began to slowly rock his chair.  He cocked his head to the side thoughtfully.


            “How long have you been working here, Sakaki?”


            “Two years, sir.”  Sakaki felt an unease start to build in the pit of his stomach.


            “And you are happy here?”


            “Very much, sir.”


            “I would like you to take a look at something for me and then I would like an explanation.”  Zaizen hit a few keys on his keyboard and then reached over to turn his flat screen monitor so that Sakaki could see it.  After a few clicks of the mouse the screen began to show an image.  Sakaki could tell that it was video from a surveillance camera from the time-code running at the bottom of the screen.  It took only a few seconds for Sakaki to figure out what he was watching.  His eyes went wide as he watched a recording of him and Michael engaged in some rather heavy petting.


            This was last night.  He knows.  Oh, god………he knows.


            “I must admit that I was completely unaware that the two of you had something going on,” Zaizen said as he stood and walked to the front of his desk.  “You were directing a lot of anger at me yesterday.  I figured it had something to do with Michael.”  The old man stood next to the chair Sakaki was seated in and leaned his weight back against his desk.  “I did a little checking and I came across some wonderful footage of the two of you.  Like this,” Zaizen twisted around so that he could use the mouse to bring up another file.


            Sakaki nearly choked as the image of Michael and him making love came on the screen.  The sudden realization that every moment that he had shared with Michael had been recorded hit him like a fist to the gut. 


            “I believe this was the first time that the two of you actually had sex.  I mean, you messed around for a while, but this was the first night that Michael let you fuck him,” Zaizen said with a sneer in his voice.  Sakaki’s vision swam.  An unnamed emotion was building inside of him.  He gripped the arm rests so hard that his knuckles were white and his jaw hurt from gritting his teeth.


            “The first time is always clumsy isn’t it?” Zaizen asked conversationally as if they were talking about the weather.  “This is reminiscent of my first time with Michael.  Here, why don’t you have a look,” Zaizen once again clicked the mouse and a new scene appeared on the monitor.  Sakaki watched as a younger Michael was bent over the desk in the very office that he was now in.  Behind him Zaizen was thrusting into him with hard, brutal strokes. 


            //Please……stop.  It hurts………you’re hurting me…..//  The on-screen Michael pleaded as his head was pressed firmly into the desk.  Sakaki could hear Zaizen’s grunts over the sobbing coming from the boy.  It was too much. 


            “You bastard,” he screamed at Zaizen.  The old man casually turned his gaze to Sakaki.  “How could you?  You fucking, raping, bastard!”  The rage that had been building inside hit its apex and Sakaki lunged for the man. His fist swung out to smash into Zaizen’s face. 


            It never connected.  Seconds before Sakaki’s fist impacted, the old man moved with a speed that took Sakaki by surprise.  Zaizen caught Sakaki’s fist with his own and wrenched his arm behind his back.  Sakaki yelped in pain as he was brought down to his knees.


            “How could I? You ask,” Zaizen said as he loomed over Sakaki.  “I do it because I can.  Michael is mine.  I own him.”


            “You can’t own another person,” Sakaki spat back through clenched teeth.  Zaizen began to laugh.  A deep, malicious laugh that rumbled through the room.  He released Sakaki’s wrist and gave him a hard shove that sent the young man sprawling onto the floor. 


            Sakaki sat up and cradled his abused wrist to his chest.  His eyes trailed Zaizen as he moved around his desk and sat down in his leather chair.  Zaizen gestured to the seat Sakaki had vacated, indicating that he should retake his seat.  Sakaki narrowed his eyes at the man but then reluctantly crawled up from the floor and back into the chair.


            “You have a fiery temper. I can respect that,” Zaizen said.


            “Yeah, well fuck you.  I don’t want your respect,” Sakaki replied angrily.  Zaizen laughed again.  That pissed Sakaki off even more.  “I’m so glad I amuse you,” He snapped.


            “Yes, you do.  It’s a pity that I didn’t find out about the two of you sooner,” Zaizen said evenly.


            “What do you want?  You’ve found out our secret, so what do you want?”  Sakaki wanted nothing more than to get out of this office.  Zaizen leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms over his broad chest.


            “Cutting right to the chase, I like that,” Zaizen said.  Sakaki rolled his eyes.  He didn’t give a fuck what this man liked or didn’t like.  “What I want,” Zaizen continued, “Is not that difficult.  Things will continue as if we never had this discussion.  Michael will continue to service me but I will allow the two of you to work out your teenage hormones on each other.  I rather enjoyed watching the two of you together and I look forward to it in the near future.”


            Sakaki went pale.  As long as Michael was a prisoner here the two of them would never have any privacy. Zaizen would always be watching.                                           


“You can’t get away with this,” Sakaki said.  “Sooner or later you are going to get caught and I will be there when you get taken down.”


“Don’t make me laugh, boy.  Michael Lee is dead.  According to his death certificate he died when his apartment caught fire three years ago.  I own him.”


“You will never own him.  Sure, you can keep him locked in this building and force him to do what you want but, you will never own him,” Sakaki yelled back, his whole body shaking in frustration.


“You really are naïve.  He who has all the power has all of the control.  Right now, I have all the power.  You will keep your mouth shut and carry on as if everything is normal,” Zaizen said, raising his voice a few notches.


“And if I refuse?” 


Zaizen smiled at Sakaki as if he knew the young man would say that.  “If you refuse, you will find that the funding that goes to pay for your mother’s care in that sanitarium in Sendai will be cut.  Your younger sister that is currently in foster care, I can have the people she is with brought up on charges and have her removed from their custody.  Do you know what usually happens to children in her situation? They fall through the cracks in the system. And believe me, I can guarantee that she will fall through the cracks.”


“You wouldn’t!” Sakaki gasped.  The arrogant look on Zaizen’s face told him that he sure as hell would.


“Have I made my point?”


Sakaki nodded his head.  He was in too much shock to do anything else.  This man had just threatened his family.  He felt his world slowly crumble around him.  He was completely powerless.  There was absolutely nothing he could do.  I hope Amon has something planned. If not, we’re fucked. 


“If you think Amon is going to be able to help you, you’re wrong.”  Zaizen said as if reading Sakaki’s mind.  The gray haired man typed something on his keyboard and motioned for Sakaki to look at the screen.  What he saw on the screen made him want to faint.


The video quality was grainy but Sakaki would recognize the naked figure anywhere.  A young Amon, no more than eighteen years old was being held down by a man who thrust viciously into him from behind.  After a few moments another man appeared and grabbed a handful of Amon’s hair and pulled his head up roughly.  Sakaki did not know who either of the men were, but watched in horror as the second man dealt a harsh slap across his face before presenting his erection to the teen-aged Amon.  When Amon refused to take it into his mouth he was slapped again.  Reluctantly Amon opened his mouth and the other man rammed his cock down Amon’s throat.  Through the audio he could hear Amon choking and gasping for breath.


“Oh, no,” Sakaki said in a voice that was barely a whisper. 


“Now do you see?” Zaizen sneered, “I own him too.”





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