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07 December 2005 @ 01:13 pm

Happy 3rd Anniversary Hubbie!!!!

Wow, three years flew right by.  At least we didn't get hit with too much snow this year...only a few inches as opposed to the blizzard we usually get ;)  In lieu of going out to dinner, I will be making a pot roast.  Now, I've never actually made one myself, but I know how to do it in theory.  This will be a fun adventure and I can follow directions, so I'm anticipating no problems.

Still working on "P&C" and I am almost done.  I will finish it this week.  Unfortunately there is a Black Cat one-shot rattling around my head that is trying to distract me.   I keep trying to ignore it until "P&C" is complete, but it's being stubborn.  *Sigh*  Damn you plot bunnies!  *Tries to kick the bunnies back into their cages*

Current Mood: happyhappy