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05 December 2005 @ 02:33 pm
Power and Control- chapter 3  

Amon and Sakaki have a very important conversation in this chapter that begins to set things in motion Sakaki is apprehensive, but hopeful that Michael's nightmare will soon come to an end. Little does he know that the road that all three of them have chosen to travel down is full of twists and turns. Despite the sense of foreboding, the two lovers still have a moment together...this was my first lemon, btw. Hard to believe that I wrote it over a year ago...yikes, where did the time go?


Power and Control- Chapter 3





            Sakaki watched the door to Zaizen’s office close.  He was so frustratingly angry that he wanted, no he needed, to vent before he went super nova.  How dare he.  How dare that arrogant bastard come waltzing in here like nothing was wrong.  Sakaki clenched his hands into tight fists at his sides. What I wouldn’t give to smash my knuckles into Zaizen’s face just once to let him know what it felt like.


            “Sakaki?” Robin’s quiet voice broke through his nearly blinding ire.  “How is Michael?”  She placed a gentle hand on his arm as if to bring him out of the daze he was in.  Sakaki had to take a moment to pull himself together before he could answer her.


            Breathe in.  Stay calm.  Breathe out.


            “Uh, yeah, he’s feeling a little nauseous,” Sakaki answered.  He turned to stare into Robin’s concerned face and could see her eyes widen slightly.


            “Oh, I hope staying up late with me last night didn’t make him sick.  I would feel awful if that was reason,” Robin said.  Sakaki could see that her concern was genuine and a small grin touched his lips.  It soured immediately when he remembered the real reason that Michael had to call in “sick” this morning.


            “No, he thinks it was probably something he ate.  All that junk food, you know?” Sakaki made an attempt to keep his voice friendly.  He realized the importance of maintaining the illusion that everything was fine.  As difficult as it was at this particular moment, if he let it slip that something was off, then questions might be asked.  Robin smiled at his remark, obviously buying into his story.


            “I always tell him that he should eat more healthy things, but he never listens,” Robin said with a slight chuckle.


            “Yeah, he’s like that sometimes,” Sakaki said as he turned from Robin and walked over to his desk.  He sat down and punched the power button on his computer angrily.


            “Hey, are you alright?” Robin asked in a hushed tone.  Sakaki was unaware that she had followed him.  The sudden fear that Robin was being too perceptive for her own good flashed across his mind and his chest tightened in response.


            “Um, yeah, I’m fine.  Why do you ask?”  Robin’s eyebrow rose in suspicion and Sakaki cursed himself for making it more obvious that he was trying to cover something.  Robin settled herself in the chair next to Sakaki.


            “You seem really out of it this morning.  But more than that, you seem upset about something.”


            “Where’s Michael?” Doujima’s nasal voice drowned out Robin’s words.  The blonde glided over to her desk completely unaware of the angry glare that Kosaka was giving her from across the room.  She made a show of throwing her purse onto the desk and plopping herself down into a chair.


            “He won’t be working today.  He’s not feeling well,” Karasuma answered.


            “Oh, the little puppy won’t be here today, he’s feeling all icky,” Doujima said in a parody of a child’s voice.                                                                                          


That was all Sakaki’s hair-trigger temper needed.  He was sick of Doujima referring to Michael as a “puppy.”  She did this constantly both within his presence and without.  As if Michael needed to be reminded of the fact that he was at Zaizen’s and the STN-J’s disposal.  Sakaki was positive no one else ever noticed the flash of pain that would momentarily show in his eyes whenever she taunted him.  But Sakaki did, and this was not the day to be pushing at his already raw nerves.


“Why the hell do you always do that?” Sakaki yelled at Doujima.  The girl in question had the audacity to look surprised.  “How do you think that makes him feel when you call him a puppy, or remind him that he’s the company’s work dog?”  Doujima opened her mouth as if to say something, but Sakaki cut her off.  The others watched in stunned silence.  “You think that it doesn’t hurt?  How would you like to be locked in this building knowing that you could never leave?”


“He knows I’m only joking around with him,” Doujima retorted.  It was a weak argument and she knew it, but she wasn’t going to let some uppity rookie tell her off.  “Besides, if my joking hurts his feelings so much, then why doesn’t he ever say anything?  He’s a big boy.  He doesn’t need you to stick up for him.”  Sakaki was on his feet and closed the distance between them in a matter of seconds.


“Why you little-“


“Enough!” Amon said with a commanding voice, effectively ending the spat between his fellow co-workers.  Amon’s cool gaze took the wind out of Sakaki’s sails and immediately deflated Doujima’s wounded ego.  “Doujima, I want you to go with Robin and Karasuma to the area where the recent witch attacks have occurred.  Ask around and see if you can find anyone who has seen anything unusual lately.  Sakaki, you’re coming with me.”  Amon turned and walked towards the elevator.


“But Amon-“ Doujima began to complain, but one look at Amon’s stony face and she knew the matter was not open for debate.  She slouched in her chair and crossed her arms over her chest.


“We’re not through,” Sakaki whispered to Doujima as he hurried to catch up with Amon.  The blonde haired girl just gave an angry sniff and tossed her hair over her shoulder. 





            Sakaki slumped in the passenger seat of Amon’s car.  It was a good thing that Amon was not very talkative, because he knew there was no way he could carry a conversation right now.  Damn Doujima and her stupid comments, he thought.  If she knew what Michael was going through, she would be so ashamed of every snide comment that issued from her stuck up little mouth.  Part of his vindictive side wanted to tell her just to see the look on her face. 


            “We’re here.  Get out,” Amon said as he opened his car door.  Sakaki had been so deep in thought that he didn’t notice that the car had stopped.  He quickly exited the car and looked around to get his bearings. 


            Takahira Park?” Sakaki said, surprise filling his voice.  “What are we doing here?  The attacks happened on the other side of town.”


            “Yes, I know where we are.  I drove, remember?” Amon stated dryly.  “Walk with me.”  Amon turned and began to walk into the park at a leisurely pace.  His hands were stuffed in the pockets of his ever present black trench coat.  Confused, Sakaki set off after the solemn man. 


            The two walked in silence for a while.  At this time of the morning the park was nearly empty.  They saw the occasional jogger or person walking a dog, but they were alone for the most part.  The morning air was chilly, but without the biting cold of winter, and the trees were beginning to show signs of budding leaves.  Spring was just around the corner. 


            Amon’s baritone broke the silence, “I wanted to talk to you away from the others.”  Sakaki immediately thought he was going to get another lecture on his lateness and overall job performance.   “It’s about Michael.”  Sakaki stopped dead in his tracks.  After a few steps Amon noticed and turned around.


            “Wait...wha..?” Sakaki suddenly found it difficult to speak.


            “He’s not really sick is he, Sakaki?” Amon asked.  Sakaki took a moment to inventory the expression on Amon’s face.  The realization hit him like a ton of bricks.


            “You know?  How is it that you know?” Sakaki sputtered. The implications of Amon having this knowledge did not sit too well with him.


            “That’s not…..important right now,” Amon said as he gestured to a nearby bench.  Sakaki was all too grateful for the chance to sit down.  He did not trust his legs to hold his weight at the moment.  Amon sat down gracefully next to him.  “I know what Zaizen has been doing to him,” Amon continued.  “He’s been abusing him since the beginning.  It started shortly after Michael came to the STN-J.”


            “And you didn’t think to stop it? If you knew about it from the beginning, why didn’t you find a way to end it?” Sakaki asked with an accusatory tone in his voice.  Amon meet Sakaki’s gaze and his eyes narrowed.


            “If there was a way, I would have.  There are many ….things that are happening that I don’t approve of.  I want to put an end to them, but I need time and I need help.”


            “If it means getting Michael away from that sadistic man, count me in,” Sakaki volunteered.  


            “Good.  I will give you more information later, but for now I want you to know that you can trust me with keeping this a secret from everyone else.”  Sakaki nodded in understanding. 


            Knowing that Michael and he had someone else on their side eased some of the tension that had been building inside Sakaki.  He sighed and leaned forward so that his elbows rested on his knees.  Michael’s abuse started shortly after he was caught hacking into the STN-J mainframe.  That meant he had been dealing with this for almost three years.  Sakaki felt sick. 


            “Do you mind telling me how you found out about this?” Amon asked quietly, interrupting Sakaki from his thoughts.  The rookie witch hunter sat up straight and leaned back against the bench.


            “I came across it a few months ago, accidentally I suppose.  I realized I had left my wallet on my desk when I got home one night so I went back to the office to get it.  I noticed Zaizen’s car pulling out of the garage as I turned the corner.  I just figured he had been working late.  When I went up to the office Michael wasn’t at his computer.  It was turned on and whatever he was working on was still up, but he was nowhere in sight.  I don’t know what I thought at the time; maybe that he was in the bathroom or something.”  Sakaki swiped a hand through his hair before continuing.  “I grabbed my wallet off my desk and was about to leave when I heard a strange sound.  I thought it was Michael, so I called out to him but no one answered.  I went to look where I though the sound had originated from and I found Michael collapsed in the hallway just outside his room.”  Sakaki glanced briefly at Amon who was listening intently; a look of sadness touched his features.  “He was barely conscious, so I helped him get to his room.  The collar of his shirt was ripped and I noticed that his pants were unbuttoned.  There were bruises on his wrists- it didn’t take a genius to figure out what happened.”


            “So, why didn’t you say anything?”


            “He begged me not to when he came around and saw that it was me who helped him.  I didn’t want to, but he told me that if Zaizen found out that anyone knew what was going on, they would be in as much danger as him.”


            “Yes, he was right on that account,” Amon said as he stood up.  “But don’t worry; we’ll figure this whole mess out and we’ll get Michael to safety.”  Sakaki stood up as well and dipped his head to Amon in silent thanks.  The two walked back to Amon’s car with a new understanding between them.  When they reached the car Amon paused.


            “Just one more thing,” The tall man said.  “I’ll also help you keep your relationship with Michael a secret.”  And with that, Amon slid behind the wheel, leaving a stunned Sakaki staring at the place where he had been standing.


            Damn, Sakaki thought, he found out about that too.




            After working hours, Raven’s Flat was eerily quiet.  Sakaki made sure that Zaizen’s car was not in the garage before he made his way up to the office.  He silently made his way to Michael’s room and slowly opened the door.


            Inside the room, Michael sat at his desk furiously typing away on his laptop, unaware that he had a visitor.


            “Knock, knock,” Sakaki said loudly, startling the other teen.


            “Haruto! You nearly gave me a heart attack,” Michael gasped as he held his hand over his heart in mock hurt.  Sakaki walked into the room and closed the door behind him, chuckling softly.


            “You can’t be mad at me,” Sakaki said with a smile.


            “Oh and why not?  You sneak in here and purposely try to scare the ever-loving crap out of me,” Michael said as he crossed his arms and did his best to look pissed.


            “Because I brought you your favorite fast food,” Sakaki said as he held up a brightly colored paper bag.  Michael’s expression did a complete turnaround.


            “You are the best!” Michael said as he yanked the bag from Sakaki’s grasp.  The younger boy sat down on his bed cross-legged and tore into its contents.  Sakaki sat down on the chair his lover had vacated and watched him devour the hamburger with an almost orgasmic delight.  He debated whether or not to tell Michael about what Amon had said but, decided not to.  The less Michael knew, the less chance there was for Zaizen to find out.


            “Your cheek looks a little better,” Sakaki said.


            “I put an ice pack on it.  Most of the swelling has gone down,” Michael said around a mouthful of burger.  “I’m not sure what I’m going to tell the others tomorrow,” He added after swallowing.


            “We’ll think of something,” Sakaki said as he stood and went over to the window.  He was standing there for only a few minutes when he felt arms encircle him from behind.  Michael gently leaned his head against Sakaki’s back.


            “I missed you today,” the redhead sighed.  Sakaki turned around so that he could fully embrace the shorter boy.


            “I missed you too,” he replied.  He placed a finger under Michael’s chin and lifted his face so that he could brush his lips against Michael’s.  The kiss was chaste, but soon became deeper and more passionate.  Sakaki put his arms around Michael’s shoulders and pulled him closer.  Michael in turn used both hands to cup Sakaki’s face and draw him into the kiss. 


            The two stumbled over to the bed and fell onto it in a heap of tangled arms and legs.  Sakaki pinned the other boy beneath him and ran his tongue down the pale column of Michael’s neck until he reached the junction at the collarbone.  There he sucked softly and nipped gently with his teeth.  Michael moaned softly in appreciation.  Hands roamed everywhere.  Down the slender bodies, underneath shirts to pinch at a nipple, over firm backsides to give an affectionate squeeze.  They were building to a fevered pitch and it was Michael who voiced it first.


            “I want you so bad,” He whispered as he sucked on Sakaki’s earlobe.  Sakaki pulled back and look into his lover’s face.


            “You’re hurt; we can’t.  I don’t want to hurt you more-”  Michael’s finger on his lips silenced him.


            “We can do other things,” He said seductively and Sakaki smiled wickedly.  Michael urged Sakaki to roll over and switch positions so that he was straddling the blonde.  Once on top, Michael gazed down at his lover’s passion-filled eyes.  He bent down and engaged him in another searing kiss and then he slowly began to lick and suck his way down Sakaki’s neck.  Michael pulled his shirt up and sucked hungrily on his nipples until Sakaki moaned and writhed under him.  A dexterous hand made quick work of the buttons and zipper of Sakaki’s jeans. 


            When Michael’s mouth enveloped Sakaki’s erection, he felt such blinding pleasure he was sure he would die from it.  His back arched off the bed and tried desperately not to thrust into that moist heat.  Michael was so very good at this.  He knew exactly where and how Sakaki loved to be touched.  It didn’t take long, and before he knew what hit him Sakaki cried out as his body was overtaken by a powerful climax.  Michael did not falter in his rhythm and dutifully swallowed all the warm fluid that filled his mouth.  Sakaki lay upon the bed gasping, desperately trying to gather his wits.  After a few moments Michael cuddled up next to him and rested his head on his shoulder.  When Sakaki made a move to attend the other boy’s neglected hard-on, Michael stopped him.


            “You don’t have to,” Michael whispered.  Sakaki was taken aback by this reaction.


            “It’s okay I want to,” Sakaki replied as his hand slipped inside Michael’s pants.  He pulled the pair of sweats down far enough so that he could gain access to the weeping and painfully engorged erection.  Michael moaned as Sakaki’s hand closed around the rigid shaft and his eyes fluttered closed.                                                                                             

Sakaki was not as good with oral sex as Michael was, but he made up for lack of talent with pure enthusiasm.  Sakaki licked at the tip of Michael’s penis experimentally before closing his mouth over the entire length.  Michael all but screamed in pleasure.  Alternating between sucking hard with his mouth and jerking him off with his hand, Sakaki soon had Michael on the edge.


“So good…….I’m so close, Haruto,” Michael gasped.  When Sakaki’s hand closed over Michael’s shaft that final time he was rewarded with streams of pearly white semen that coated his hand and sprayed onto Michael’s abdomen.  The blue eyed boy’s scream echoed in the quiet room.  Afterwards, Sakaki crawled up to place a kiss on Michael’s mouth.  He rested his forehead against Michael’s and let a sated smile touch his lips.


“I love you, Michael,” Sakaki said softly. 


“I love you too, Haruto,” Michael said as he gently ran his fingers through dirty blonde hair.  The two boys embraced each other once again blissfully unaware of the hidden camera that had recorded all of their actions just moments before.





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