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22 November 2005 @ 09:40 pm
Some more "Light" musings....  

I was having so much fun writing the musings on the previous chapters, so I figured I would write a few words about the two most recent chapters.

Chapter 15

I think this chapter is my favorite so far.  I really liked how vulnerable Heero was.  He really is stuck in the middle here.  One one side there is Duo, removed from the situation, but trying to keep it all together.  One the other is Trowa, trying so hard to maintain a strong front, trying to not show what he percieves to be weakness, and doing whatever he feels is necessary to keep the others away.  Then there is Heero in the middle, wanting to be strong for Trowa, but turning to Duo for help dealing with his own demons. 

Lyrics come from Alice in Chains and the song "What the Hell Have I?"   Duo's voice again.  I believe that he's realizing that all of them are driving each other away.  At this point its not on a totally conscious level, but he can sense where things are heading.   

Chapter 16- Interlude Trowa

This is the first and probably only chapter from Trowa's POV.  This was a difficult chapter to write.  I wanted to talk about the rape, give impressions of the rape, but not go into great detail about it.  Like I've said before, this is a story about the aftermath, not the rape itself.  Basically, I just wanted to give a tiny glimpse into what Trowa is going through and what he's doing to himself.  And once again, Heero takes the brunt of Trowa's anger.  Why is he so angry...hmmm?  Keep reading to find out.

I could not have asked for a better quote then the one used on this chapter.  "Prison Sex" by Tool...perfect.  Trowa was just a young boy when he was raped and tortured that first time.  Something inside him died that day and something else was born...something that would enable him to deal with it time and time again.  What does it take to be able to shut yourself off from such things?  Answers to this question and others are coming...eventually.

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