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30 September 2005 @ 10:34 pm
Saboo made me do this...now with quotes  

The soundtrack of my life. What you do is pick a song that relates to you for each of the following catagories:

Opening credits: Cure For the Itch- Linkin Park (This is basically an instrumental with various sound bites...very cool)

Waking up: Here Comes the Sun- The Beatles "Here comes the sun. Here comes the sun and I say its alright" (My mom sang this to me when I was a baby. I hope to sing it to my children one day)

Average day: Hit Me With Your Best Shot- Pat Benatar "Hit me with your best shot...fire away"

First date: Feeling This- Blink 182 "Place your hand in mine I'll leave when we wanna" (On a personal note, I realize the subject matter of this song. I, for one, never put out on the first date ^_^)

Falling in love: Deep- Nine Inch Nails "This will come true. Help me get through...into you. Deep, deep, deep, deep, deep"

Love scene: I Burn For You- The Police "You and I are lovers. The night time folds around our bed. In peace we sleep intwined and your love flows through me. Though I drink at your pool, I burn for you."

Fight scene: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor- Drowning Pool "Beaten, what for? Can't take much more. Here we go, here we go, here we go now. Nothing wrong with me..."

Breaking up: Dont't Follow- Alice in Chains "I ain't never coming home. I'll just wander my own road."

Getting back together: When we Dance- Sting "Come and live with me. We'll have children of our own. I would love you more than life, i you'd come and be my wife." (*Sigh* Hubbie and I danced to this at our wedding...still makes me cry)

Secret love: Secret Garden- Gackt (Er, well this is in Japanese. I'm good, but not that good. Damn you Lychee!)

Life's okay: Parabola- Tool "This body, this body holding me, feeling eternal all this pain is an illusion"

Mental breakdown: Hurt- Nine Inch Nails "I hurt myself today to see if I still feel"

Driving: Cold- Crossfade (Really into this song lately, could go into the break up cat, but meh...I've been singing it the car, so there)

Learning a lesson: Send the Pain Below- Chevelle

Deep thought: Just Like You Imagined- Nine Inch Nails (Instrumental, but very powerful. It makes my imagination soar)

Flashback: Nutshell- Alice in Chains "My gift of self is raped. My privacy is raked. And yet I fight this battle all alone. No one to cry to, no place to call home."

Partying: Gasolina- Daddy Yankee (Er, in Spanglish, but everytime I hear this I want to dance)

Happy dance: Brass Monkey- Beastie Boys "Brass Monkey, that funky monkey"(Same thing..fun song)

Long night alone: Reflection- Tool "Don't wanna be down here feeding my narcissism. I must crucify the ego before it's far too late. I pray the light lifts me out before I pine away."

Death scene: Learning To Fly- Pink Floyd (May seem like an odd choice, but when I finally slip from this mortal coil I would like to sprout wings and take flight like a bird....not an angel.) "Into the distance a river of black. Stretched to the point of no turning back."

Current Mood: hornyhorny