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15 March 2005 @ 08:08 pm

Well, I've come to the conclusion that both sides of the husband/niece b-day debacle have valid points.  I'm too tired of being the go-between.  I'm siding with my husband and we'll see what happens.  Perhaps I can explain it better to my mom and she will understand where my hubbie is coming from and that it's not to be taken personally.  I'm sure my brother will understand and I will do my best to explain it to him when I see him on saturday. 

In other news, I wrote my first drabble for the FMA500 LJ community.  This week's challenge was "Feverish."  This is unbeta'd.  Sorry Press, I'm flying without a net.  Please don't take it personally.  You'll still get all the big stuff, promise.  It a quick RoyxEd kiss.  Not only is this my first drabble, it's also my first time writing for FMA.  I'm not used to both, so this isn't my best effort.  Feedback is always appreciated. 


Title: What a Lovely Way to Burn

Author: evilkat

Rating: PG

Parings: RoyxEd

Warnings: None




“That will be coming out of you’re salary, Fullmetal,” Mustang said calmly as he leaned back, crossing his arms over his chest.


Edward stared down, wide-eyed, at the crater his fist had left in the antique mahogany desk.  The additional strength of the auto-mail, coupled with his spit-fire temper often led to accidents of this nature.


  “I’m not paying for your stupid desk!” Edward yelled.  “You’re the one who keeps provoking me…always calling me ‘shrimp’ or ‘short-stuff’ or ‘Full-midget Alchemist.’  You’re lucky that it wasn’t your face that was hit by my fist.”


Mustang stood up and rounded his desk to tower over the teenager.  “That sounded dangerously like threatening a superior officer, Fullmetal.”


Not intimidated in the least, Edward shot back, “So what if I am?  Walking around here like you’re Mr. Know-it-all…you need to be taken down a few pegs.”


“Oh, and you’re the one who’s going to do it, huh?” Mustang asked through a sarcastic laugh.


“Damn right I am,” Edward proclaimed as he stood up taller.  “We can finish that little competition we started for my evaluation, only this time without the crowds and distractions.  Think you can beat me, or are you going to mistake me for another Ishbal refugee and freeze up again?”


That was a low blow, even for an angry Edward Elric.  Mustang’s eyes widened and he took a small step back, pain and shock clearly displayed upon his face. 


“I’m sorry…I…I didn’t mean it,” Ed blurted out, trying to back peddle out of the insult. 


“You can leave now,” Mustang stated coldly and turned to walk back around his desk.


“No, wait!”  Edward lunged forward to grab the colonel and turned him back around.  “Look at me,” he demanded.  When Mustang refused, he fisted his hands in the lapels of the colonel’s uniform and pulled him down so that they were eye to eye.  “I’m trying to apologize here…”  Edward trailed off upon seeing the hurt reflected back at him in those bottomless, black eyes.  He needed to make the colonel understand that it wasn’t his intention to be hurtful.  Both alchemists complimented each other as well as gasoline and matches.  Explosions of this type were almost the norm, but never had it taken such a personal turn.


“I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean what I sa- mmphf.”  Edward’s second attempt at forgiveness was cut off abruptly by Mustang’s mouth closing over his own.  And just as suddenly as it began, the colonel pulled back, gaze pointedly on the floor.


“I’m sorry that was…inappropriate of me,” the dark-haired alchemist said shaking his head.


“Why?” Edward croaked.  Mustang looked up, eyes forlorn.   “Ah, screw it,” Ed said and leaned in to kiss the Flame alchemist back for all he was worth.  


And it burned.  Mustang tasted of fire, of smoldering pine on a cold, winter night.  The heat that radiated from his lips seared through Edward like a brushfire and shot down into his gut.  It left the blond feverish and light-headed in its wake, and he didn’t mind it at all.  Not one bit. 


I know, I should be working on "Uni" and I am.  I just needed to indulge this flight of fancy.

Later all!

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