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15 September 2005 @ 08:51 pm

I'm feeling much better, now.  Even got some pseudo make-up nookie...hehe.  Anyway, I want to say thank you to my friend in Canada (you know who you are) for the thoughtful cheer-up emails.  It was very sweet of you. 

I've begun work on the next chapter of "P&C" so an update should be along....whenever.  You all know I'm the world's slowest writer, right?  And if anyone out there knows what kind of car Amon drives or what type of motorcycle Sakaki has, that would be very much appreciated.  Otherwise, I'll just research and pick what I think is best.

Current Mood: creativecreative
(Anonymous) on September 18th, 2005 10:17 pm (UTC)
Happy Stuff (What's That?)
person in the dark smiles at his good work, then turns away, to suddenly tripping on his own shoelace

"I have done my work, Master Yawgmoth."

"Good. Now alphabatize my death book. Deliver it to Grim when he returns."

"It never ends, does it?"

"It's like my life, now. I never die."


-Benedict :)
evilkat_meowevilkat_meow on September 18th, 2005 10:42 pm (UTC)
Re: Happy Stuff (What's That?)
LOL...Thanks for the comment here. Hope everything is going okay. And I'm defintely reading your story later. Sorry, things got a little busy. Talk to you soon.