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21 August 2005 @ 08:55 pm
The day after...  

Well, I survived my night out in the city.  Had a blast.  We hung out in this bar down in Greenwich Village called "The Slaughtered Lamb" (Its named after the pub in the begining of An American Werewolf in London)  Let's see, while I was there I proceeded to have 2 beers, 2 Irish Car bombs, one shot of Southern Comfort w/lime, and 2 shots of something they called "Fart Juice."  It was basically a shot of Bailey's and Bacardi 151.  Needless to say I was pretty messed up when we hit karaoke.  And what a blast that was.  A bunch of druken fools singing "Love is a Battlefield", "Total Eclypse of the Heart" Old School version complete with the cursing.  "And I need you now tonight.  I fucking need you more then ever."  Hi-larious. 

But waking up this morning was a bit rough. To my credit I didn't puke.  I have never had a hangover so bad where I puked the next morning.  *knocks on wood*  But I was out of it for most of the day...so I sat around and downloaded yaoi manga all day :)  I'm still working on that chapter of "Light" and am aiming to have it done this week.  Keep your fingers crossed.

And to anyone who might be lurking here, please feel free to drop a line with any questions or comments.  C'mon, pet the kitty, you know you want to. 

Current Mood: lethargiclethargic