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26 July 2005 @ 10:34 pm
[Gundam Wing Fic] Just Another One of Those Days- part 2  

Duo whimpered and moaned into his lover’s mouth, fighting to taste all that he could.  His whole body was vibrating.  The pleasure from the kiss alone was maddening, and he could feel it in his cock.  He wanted- no, needed to be touched.   He sat up a bit and leaned into Trowa’s body hoping that he could get some friction where he wanted it, but the chair put his lover higher than he could reach.  He began shifting around, trying to close his legs together.  Even his balls were aching. 


            “Not so fast,” Trowa said as he broke off the kiss.  “Keep your knees spread.”


            “Please…I need you touch it.  I’m going crazy here.  I feel like I’m going to burst,” Duo cried.


            “No,” Trowa said curtly, causing his slave to give a keening whine.  “If you don’t keep your knees spread, I’ll have to punish you.  You already have one round coming to you; do you want another?” 


            Duo sobbed again, twisting around angrily, frustrated that he couldn’t get any contact with his member.  He let out a growl when he finally settled.




            “Yes,” Duo snapped petulantly. 


            “Yes, what, pet?” 




            Trowa sighed tiredly.  “I’m going to let you go on that one, but if you ever use that tone with me again, there will be repercussions.  Am I understood?”


            “Yes, Master,” the longhaired man answered right away. 


            “Good.  Now we are going to move things along.  Turn so your back is facing me and lean forward, head on the ground, ass in the air.  And keep your knees apart.”


            Duo did as was ordered and rested his cheek against the cool tiles of the kitchen floor.  He wiggled his rear around to find a comfortable position and spread his legs wider so that all his weight wasn’t on his neck. 


            “Sweet God,” Trowa groaned from behind him.  “You almost make me want to skip the surprise I have for you.”  He leaned forward and messaged both of Duo’s ass cheeks and the braided man hummed in appreciation.   “Almost,” he said and landed a harsh slap to his slave’s right cheek.


            “Ye-ooow!” Duo bellowed and Trowa laughed.  “That hurt.” 


            “It was supposed to.  Don’t move.”


            Duo heard the scrape of the chair as Trowa stood.  He tried to relax as he listened to his lover move about the kitchen.  His groin muscles were beginning to hurt from the strain of being in his position, so he brought his legs closer together.  Cabinets and drawers opened and were shut and he then heard the soft sounds of a knife slicing through something.  The air filled with an aroma that he knew, but couldn’t place.  It was a sharp, spicy smell, but it definitely wasn’t a fruit of some kind.  No, this was earthier, reminiscent of food grown in the dirt, more like a vegetable.   


            “How are we doing, Bright-Eyes? Are we still on green?”


            “Yes, Master,” Duo groaned.  His legs still ached from his position. 


            “That wasn’t too convincing.”  Trowa’s voice sounded preoccupied.


            “My legs hurt.  Can I bring them together?”


            There was a soft thunk of the blade hitting the wooden cutting board.  He could almost hear Trowa thinking it over in his head. 


            “You may bring them closer temporarily, but not all the way.  I want to see at least two inches between your thighs, pet.”


            Duo let out a sigh of relief as he jostled his body into a more comfortable position.  Without the use of his arms, he felt like he was flopping like a fish out of water.  He laid there for a while before curiosity of all the strange sounds and scents got the better of him.  “What is that smell?  I know I know it, but I can’t think of it.”


            “Tell me, love, in all the fetish research I know you’ve done, have you ever come across Figging?”


            Duo quickly went through the file cabinets of his mind and came up empty.  “No, I can’t say that I have.  What is it?”


            Trowa laughed softly.  “Perhaps if you think back to the last time I made stir-fry for dinner, that will help you place the smell.” 


            “Um….oh, now I know.  It’s ginger!” 


            “Very good, Bright-Eyes.”


            “But what does ginger have to do with fetishes?” 


            The kitchen faucet was turned on and Duo could hear the sound of a container, probably a small bowl, being filled.  When the water was shut off, Trowa spoke.  “Why don’t we move this party into the bedroom and I’ll show you.”


            “It’s about time,” Duo complained.  “My neck was starting to get stiff.”


            “Why didn’t you say anything?” Trowa’s voice was directly behind him now.  “Sit up into a kneeling position.”


            “Well, my neck wasn’t bothering me as much as my legs were.”


            “Are we still on green?”


            Duo cocked his head in the direction of Trowa’s voice.  “Now that I’m sitting up?  Yeah.”  


            “Good.  Now stand.”


            Trowa helped his slave get his footing and then led him down the hallway to the bedroom.  “I laid out a sheet on the floor.  It will be more comfortable than the scratchy rug.” 


            “Can I lose the blindfold now?” Duo asked as he stepped onto the prepared floor area.


            “Not just yet.  Kneel.”


            As soon as Duo was situated, Trowa knelt beside him and unclasped the leather cuffs. He then brought his slave’s arms around to the front and then refastened them.  “Now, I’m trusting you not to touch yourself, so don’t disappoint me.” 


A wry grin curved the braided man’s lips as if to say, who, me?


 “Lean forward on your elbows.  Keep your ass high.”


            This position was so much better than the previous one and Duo was happy to comply.  He yelped when he felt a cold, wet finger trace a line from his shoulder blades down to the crack of his ass.  The shock quickly turned into a throaty moan as that finger began to circle his pucker.  “Yesss…god, that feels good.”


            “It will only get better,” Trowa hummed in his ear as he bit down gently on his shoulder.  He continued to message his slave’s opening, waiting for the muscles to relax.  “That’s it, open up…relax.  Let me in.” 


Duo cried out as Trowa sunk the tip of his finger in.  He wanted more.  There was an ache deep inside that grew more unbearable with every passing second.  “Please…more,” he heard himself beg, pressing back onto that finger.  But Trowa was teasing him, only going as deep as the first knuckle before withdrawing.  It was maddening.  His cock with now pulsing, pre-come dampening the tip.  Duo growled his frustration as Trowa gave another series of shallow thrusts, swirling his finger to stretch the opening. 


“So impatient.”


A strong hand slid under his belly and encircled his erection.  Duo lurched forward, wanting the friction, and wanting to thrust into that grip.  The hand didn’t move.


“Want more…want you,” Duo managed between pants.


“And you’ll get me soon enough, but not now.”


This was not good.  He needed that hand to stroke him before he went insane. He was just about to voice that complaint when something cold and slightly wider than Trowa’s finger began to press at his opening.


“Wha…what is that?  It’s cold.”  


“I imagine it is.  It’s been sitting in cold water for a few minutes.  Now, relax for me.”


Duo’s sluggish mind remembered the ginger root that Trowa had been preparing, and the realization of what was happening hit him like a slap to the face.


“Wait!  You’re not really going to stick a piece of ginger up my ass, are you?


Trowa gave an amused snort.  “I most certainly am.  Don’t tense up.  You’ll make the insertion more difficult.  Can’t use lube, it will coat the lining of your anus and lessen the effects of the ginger.  But don’t worry.  The water reacts with the root and makes it slippery enough.”


Somehow that explanation wasn’t making Duo feel any better.  Being in the position that he was, he had no choice but to allow the root entry.  It went in easy enough and with only a minimal amount of discomfort.  But it was nowhere deep enough to reach the place he wanted it to, and that made him upset.  He felt Trowa tug a few times on the homemade butt plug.  Not hard enough to extract it, but just enough to test how secure it was.


“I’ll be right back,” Trowa informed him.  “I need to wash my hands so that I don’t accidentally touch either of our eyes with ginger on them.  You stay put and don’t move.  I expect to see you in the same position when I get back.  Understood?”


“Yes, Master,” Duo answered.  He moved around a bit to get more comfortable and then sighed as he waited for Trowa to return.  He couldn’t believe he had a piece of ginger root up his ass.  What the hell was his lover thinking?  Where does one find bizarre fetishes like this?  And what the hell was it supposed to do anyway?  It was at that moment that Duo began to feel a strange little tickle in his asshole.  Nothing too unpleasant, sort of like the buzz you get when you put your tongue on a battery.  A few seconds later, that tickle began to turn into an itch.  He began fidgeting, trying in someway to scratch it without moving too much from his current position.  After a few more seconds, that itch began to burn.  Not like a painful burn from an open flame or a dish from the oven, no, this was more like rubbing a mentholated analgesic cream on the sensitive parts your anatomy.  It was a cool, tingly type of burning. 


Duo found himself having to make a conscious effort to not sit up and remove the root.  It hadn’t begun to hurt him per se, but it sure as hell wasn’t the best sensation he had ever felt.  He was just about to make his move when Trowa walked back into the room.


“You weren’t thinking about disobeying my order, were you, pet?”


“No, Master…it’s just that it’s beginning to burn.”


“It’s supposed to.  Here, I think we can take this off now.” 


Duo blinked a few times until his eyes adjusted to the light.  Now that he was free of the blindfold he could see Trowa standing over his prone body.  The green-eyed man gave him a smile and then knelt down.  Duo didn’t like that smile.  It was almost predatory. 


“Figging is believed to have originated during the Victorian Era.  There is debate over why this practice was used.  Some believe it was a form of punishment, while others believe it was part of early BDSM play.  You know those Victorians were a bawdy bunch,” Trowa said with a rich laugh.


Duo wasn’t laughing.  “Yeah, great…wonderful.  Thanks for the history lesson.”


Trowa clicked his tongue.  “What?  Is my little pet getting frustrated?”  He ran his hand down the toned back before him and then over the spread ass cheeks to gently cup Duo’s balls.  “Perhaps a bit of distraction will help, hmm?”


He couldn’t hold back the throaty moan that escaped him, not when Trowa was kneading his balls like that.  When that calloused hand began to pump his erection, Duo didn’t think his arms would be able to support him.


“Uh…yeah…just like that,” he gasped as he thrust slowly into the hand.  The burning sensation was still there, but it had taken a backseat to the building pleasure.


“Like that, pet?” 


“Yeah…good…it’s so good…need to come.”


The hand withdrew suddenly and Duo nearly screamed.


“Not just yet.  I still have a punishment to administer.  Come, lay over my knees.”


            Duo blinked at his lover.  Trowa’s handsome face was calm, not betraying an emotion, but the eyes were filled with passion.  A burning lust that he knew was only for him.  He shifted closer, and then lowered himself down onto Trowa’s lap.  It was hard not to grind his erection into the one trapped in the confines of those sexy-as-hell leather pants. 


            “I thought about using the flogger, but decided that some hands-on punishment would be fitting,” Trowa informed him as he ran his hand lovingly over his slave’s buttocks.    “How does ten smacks per cheek sound?”


            Duo didn’t get a chance to object before the flat of Trowa’s hand came down hard on his right cheek.  His asshole clenched reflexively around the ginger root and the slight burning he had been feeling flared off the chart.  It took his breath away.  When another slap was dealt to his left cheek, he could only make a strangled gasp.  Another two slaps in rapid succession to his right, followed by two to his left and every time he clenched, the root felt like it was burning him alive from the inside.  It truly was the strangest sensation.  The root burned around his opening, so similar to the stretching burn of initial penetration.  But the real torture was in the fact that the burn didn’t give way to the deeper fullness of having a cock seated inside you.  Every strike to his backside made Duo ache for Trowa to shove his thick cock deep inside, and fuck him into next week. 


            “Ow!  Fuck, that hurt,” he yelled as another slap landed on the same spot the previous one had.  Trowa paid no mind and kept on doling out Duo’s punishment.  Between the burning of the root, the sting of the spanking, and the fact that every hit pressed his erection against Trowa’s, Duo was near incoherency from sensory overload. 


            The last blow fell, and Duo lay panting and across Trowa’s legs.  His lover soothed the hurts as he brushed his fingertips back and forth over his injured rear.  “Trowa, please…please, I need you to fuck me.”


            The other man leaned down to place his lips right next to Duo’s ear.  “Well, since you asked so nicely.  Hands and knees and I’ll see what I can do.”


            Duo was more than happy to comply.  Trowa stood in front of him, fondling himself through the leather pants. 


            “See what you do to me, Bright-Eyes?  You get me so hot.” His voice flowed like liquid sex.  Duo nuzzled his face against Trowa’s crotch, feeling the evidence of his desire.  “I’m going to fuck you till you scream.”


            “Yesss,” Duo hissed.


            Trowa moved behind him and took hold of the ginger root.  He pressed on it and moved it around in a circle.  Duo moaned and wiggled his ass.  Slowly, the root was extracted and placed to the side.


            “Still feels like it’s burning and…Ahhh!” Duo screamed when Trowa blew on his anus.  It was a much lesser pain then the actual root, but he was caught completely off guard.


            “Let’s see if I can soothe that burn a little,” Trowa said and then drove his tongue into Duo’s asshole. 


            The braided man clawed at the sheet beneath him.  Trowa’s tongue was so hot and wet and moving so deliciously in and out of him.  He was so lost that it took him a second to realize that the tongue had been replaced by two fingers that were now messaging his inner walls, spreading him wide, seeking and then finding his prostate.  Duo bucked from his lover’s ministrations, nearly sobbing from the pleasure. 


            “Easy,” Trowa said as he calmly removed his fingers and slowly pushed himself inside.


            “Fuck, yes!” Duo cried out as his lover impaled him on his thick length.  It was nirvana.  But then Trowa didn’t move.


            “Here, sit back on me.”


            Duo pushed himself up and Trowa helped him into a position where he was seated on Trowa’s lap, back to chest.  But still, Trowa didn’t move.  The green-eyed man began to rotate his hips and thrust very shallowly, but it wasn’t enough.  Duo whimpered and let his head rest on Trowa’s shoulder as the man played with his nipples and caressed his stomach. 


            “Move, Trowa…please,” he begged. 


            “Not yet.” 


            Another shallow thrust, and Duo tired to lean forward to give him leverage to move on his own.  Strong arms encircled him and held his bound wrists to his chest.


            “Not so fast, pet.” 


            Duo fought against the hold, but Trowa was stronger.  “Please…you’re killing me here.  Please move.”


            “How about I do this instead?”  Trowa licked Duo’s ear as his hand slipped down and took hold of the base of Duo’s cock.  In one easy motion, he slipped the ring off and began a steady up and down rhythm. 


            “Oh, shit, Tro…I’m not gonna last long.” 


            Just as the pleasure was rising to a peak, Duo felt the cock inside him start to move.  The thrust were still shallow, but they were strong.  Trowa would withdraw a bit, and then shove back in hard.  Their current position was perfect.  Every thrust hit Duo’s prostate dead on.  He felt that tell-tale tingle at the tip of his dick and his balls tightened in response. 


            “Tro, I’m gonna…I’m gonna…”


            Duo was unable to finish that thought as his entire body went rigid and he ejaculated over Trowa’s pumping fist.  His lover milked him of every last drop.  When his was finished, Duo’s sated body sagged in Trowa’s arms.


            “That’s was beautiful, love.  You always look so beautiful when you come,” Trowa cooed in his ear and he pressed his lips along the nape of Duo’s neck. 


            “God, that was intense,” Duo panted, trying to catch his breath, head thrown back on Trowa’s shoulder.  When he tried to disengage himself, Trowa tightened his grip again.  Through the post-orgasmic haze, he realized something.  Trowa was still hard.  A million questions went zipping through his mind, but all that came out when he opened his mouth was, “Tro? Wha…you’re still…you didn’t?”


            Trowa laughed softly.  “Think you can go for another one?”


            “I…I don’t know.”


            “We’ll just have to find out, won’t we?”  Trowa sat up and pushed Duo back down onto his hands and knees.


            “I really don’t think I can.  I just came and I need time to- oooh,” 


            Trowa’s first real thrust changed his mind very quickly.  His lover pulled almost completely out and then slammed back in.  The pace was relatively slow at first.  Trowa waited until he had slowly coaxed Duo’s limp penis back into full rigidity.  Once that was accomplished, he began to fuck in earnest.  Duo howled as his lover rode him hard, making the colors dance behind his eyes. 


            “Told you I would make you scream,” Trowa ground out between panting breaths. 


            Duo didn’t possess the mental capacity to retort.  He was reduced to nothing more than a bundle of nerves connected between his ass and his dick.  He was sobbing outright over the sheer bliss of it all.  When Trowa finally came inside him with a growl and a series of short, brutal strokes, it triggered a second orgasm so powerful that his vision blackened momentarily.   


            Duo came around to find that he was lying on his side with his head cradled on Trowa’s shoulder.  The taller man’s breathing was still ragged.


            “You okay?” his lover asked.


            Duo thought about it for a second.  “Yeah…didn’t think I had it in me.  I feel eighteen again.”


            “Yeah,” Trowa agreed with a chuckle. 


            Duo tilted his head up to meet his lover’s eyes.  “That was crazy.  How were you able to hold off like that?”


            Trowa gave a guilty smile.  “Well, while I was making the preparations for this evening, I..er, I had to jerk off.  I got myself so worked up thinking about what I was going to do, I couldn’t stand it.”


            Duo snuggled himself into Trowa’s body and gave a contented sigh when the other man put his arm around him.  “Then, it all worked out for the best,” he said through a yawn.


            “You’re not going to sleep, are you?”




            “Duo, we’re still on the floor and we need to clean up.”


            “Don’t care…sleep.  No more talking.”


            “Well, at least let me take the cuffs off.”


            Duo held up his hands without opening his eyes and Trowa undid the leather cuffs.  Now that his arms were free, he reached down and caressed the leather pants covering Trowa’s hip.  “Hmm…definitely the best purchase we made,” he said sleepily.


            “Glad you think so,” Trowa replied and placed a kiss on top of Duo’s head.






            “My ass is still on fire.  I am so going to get you back for this.”


            Trowa smiled.  “I know.  I look forward to it.”







A/N:  If you are curious about Figging, please, please, get more information before trying it yourself.  There are many places on the web that will give all the dos and don’ts that I did not go into in this story.  Be informed and play safe. 

Feedback is always appreciated!

dmnutv_archerdmnutv_archer on July 31st, 2006 11:10 am (UTC)
HOT! Wow... I had heard of figging before, but never read it as part of a story. You did a wonderful job of blending it into the entire evening's play. The whole story was extremely erotic. Um. Yeah. Wow. ^^
evilkat_meow: Sasuke- evil is sexyevilkat_meow on July 31st, 2006 10:28 pm (UTC)
Thanks, it was so kinky and so much fun to write. I got a lot of interesting reactions to the figging. Most people were like "you put what</> where?" I thought it was an unique fetish that needed some more exposure. Thanks for reading^^
Jukeboxjukebox_csi on May 3rd, 2007 02:35 am (UTC)
Oh wow that was hawtness personified! Yuuuum