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26 July 2005 @ 10:31 pm
[Gundam Wing Fic] Just Another One of Those Days- part 1  

With out futher ado, here is the long awaited (I hope) sequel to "One of Those Days" and my submission in this year's Art of Bondage competition.  Many hugs and kiss to presser_kun for being the bestest beta. 

Title: Just Another One of Those Days
Author: evilkat
Author's email: vgunn@optonline.net
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi, use of toys, bondage, Figging (Not sure what that is? Read and find out.)
Summary: This is a sequel of sorts to my contribution, “One of Those Days” from last year’s challenge.  You don’t need to read that one to understand this one.  It’s Trowa’s turn to have one of those days, and Duo happily plays along.  This story could be AU or post EW.  I leave that up to you to decide.






            Duo was seated at his desk in his tiny office off the main hanger, munching happily on the ham and cheese sandwich that his lover so thoughtfully made for him that morning.  He was contemplating his next supply order when his cell phone began to ring a cheerful melody.  Digging it out of the pocket of his jumpsuit, he checked the caller ID.  The display showed his home number.  Trowa was calling him on his lunch break.


“Hey, babe, what’s up?  Did you just get home?” he asked and then took another bite off the sandwich.  


            There was a soft chuckle before the honey-rich voice on the other end responded, “Hey, yourself, Bright-Eyes.  Yeah, I just walked in the door a few minutes ago.  The kids didn’t hang around as long as they usually do.  I guess they finally realized that its summer and they have better things to do than sit in a classroom with me.”


            Bright-Eyes?  Duo’s internal radar caught a blip on the horizon.  Trowa only used that pet name when he was feeling amorous.  Could it be that his lover was calling to get a little something going on?  “Yeah, well it was bound to happen sooner or later.  I still say those kids are weird.  No one in their right mind wants to go to summer school.”  He kept his tone light and friendly.  If Trowa was testing the waters, he didn’t want to ruin the game. 


            “It’s the AP class.  They’re not there because they failed, Duo.  This is for college credit.  These are the future lea-“


            “Leaders of our nation, and we should nurture them in every way we can,” Duo finished for him, mocking the serious inflection in the other’s voice.  The long-haired man could hear his lover’s scowl on the other end of the line and laughed softly.  “Don’t be so huffy.  I’m not insulting your little protégés.”


            “Good,” Trowa responded petulantly. 


            “So, what’s on your brain?” he asked as he leaned down to take another bite off his sandwich. 


            “Well, I was wondering if you felt like playing later…when you get home.” 


            Duo paused mid-chew.  The tone in his lover’s voice was hopeful, but cautious.  “What do you mean?” he asked around the mouthful of food.   The white bread was sticking to the roof of his mouth and he had to use his tongue to dislodge it.  He had a pretty good idea what Trowa was hinting at, but if he came right out and said what it was, the game would be over.  Plus, it was fun to make his normally reserved lover ask for naughty things.


            This time, however, Trowa wasn’t so bashful.  “I was thinking about wearing the black leather pants we bought a while ago.  You know, the ones that are so tight that they hug every, single, inch of my long, powerful legs.”  His voice was steadily dropping in pitch, taking on that sexy “scotch and soda” quality that rendered Duo a drooling idiot.   “You know the ones that I’m talking about, don’t you, Bright-Eyes?  The last time I wore them, you said they made my ass look like a twelve course meal that you could dine on all day and night.”


            Duo was nodding his head though no one could see him.  That was a powerful image to have planted in his cranium at that moment.  And Trowa was right.  His beautiful partner in those pants…well; there was nothing sexier on the planet.  The first time he wore them, Duo’s eyes nearly exploded.  But the mention of the leather pants came along with another request that was being alluded to.  Trowa wanted a little master/slave action. 


            This all started nearly a year ago when, in a spur-of-the-moment decision, Duo purchased a few sex toys and brought them home as a surprise.  The real surprise should have been how much the two of them enjoyed the experience and how it quickly led to exploration into other areas.  They found bondage and submission to be an interesting foray.  Nothing too hardcore, but the giving up of control to each other had a certain appeal.  Trowa, much to both of their shock, made an excellent Dom.  He could be strict at times when needed, and tender at others.  All those years disciplining school children had paid off apparently, and Duo loved every second of it. 


            All of these delicious images came flooding into Duo’s brain and he groaned softly.  There was an amused chuckle from the other end of the phone.


            “I take it that means that you do.”


            “Oh, I remember…fondly.”


            “Good.  I’ll be waiting for you when you get home.”  Trowa disconnected the line without saying goodbye. 


Duo placed the cell phone back into the pocket of his jumpsuit and pondered what just happened.  Trowa was calling for permission is what it basically came down to.  He never came right out and said it, but Duo knew how sly his lover could be when he wanted.  It also dawned on him that he never actually agreed to anything.  Trowa must be feeling incredibly frisky if he was already in Master mode.  A huge grin crept its way across Duo’s face.  This was going to be so awesome.  He looked over his shoulder to the clock on the wall and his heart sank.  He still had three hours of work to sit through.


“Damn him!” he cursed to the empty office.  “He did that on purpose!”






            He opened the door to his apartment cautiously, not quite sure what to expect and was greeted immediately by a rush of cool air from inside.  The air conditioning was a pleasant enough welcome on a scorching summer day such as this one.  Sensing no immediate threat, Duo stepped inside.  His eyes went to the couch where Trowa was usually situated either reading or grading papers.  The living room was vacant.  In fact, the whole apartment seemed far too quiet.


            “Tro?” he called out.  His hand tightened around the strap of his beat-up work duffle.  When no answer came, he began to move towards the bedroom where his lover was most likely waiting with god only knew what.  “Trowa?  I’m home,” he tried again.


            “Ah, good,” Trowa said as he stepped out from the kitchen.


            Duo stopped dead in his tracks.  The duffel and his jaw fell to the floor as Trowa emerged from the kitchen and casually leaned against the wall.  Duo closed his mouth after the initial shock wore off of seeing his lover standing there shirtless, wearing nothing but those expensive lamb-skin leather pants that rode so wondrously low on his narrow hips.  Trowa really was in amazing shape- all lean muscle and sculptured abs.  Indigo eyes traveled down that tall body, soaking in every detail, every nuance of a body he knew like the back of his own hand.  He gave a half grin at the black nail polish that adorned each of his lover’s slender toes.


            “Love the toes,” he commented as he leaned forward to pull the taller man to him. 


            “Knew you would,” Trowa answered as he covered the other’s mouth with a deep, slightly demanding kiss. 


            Duo moaned loudly into the kiss and let his tongue swirl around and wrestle with Trowa’s; tasting the fresh, minty flavor of mouthwash.  Both hands immediately sought out and took a firm hold of Trowa’s ass cheeks.  The auburn-haired man let out a surprised squawk when he squeezed roughly.  Duo backed out of the kiss, pushing his lover to arms length so that he could stare again. 


            “Goddamn, Tro.  You look so freaking hot,” he said breathlessly.  “Seriously, these pants were the best purchase we ever made.  Turn around, let me see your ass.” 


            “Ever?  I wouldn’t say that,” Trowa said with a coy smile, as he did as was requested.


            Duo ran his hands appreciatively over the firm globes, loving the smooth, softness of the leather.  Yes, the expensive kind was well worth every credit he spent when it was this supple.  He continued kneading and grabbing, occasionally pressing his thumbs into the cleft to apply enough of a teasing pressure to the hidden opening.  Trowa gave a low moan of pleasure at the ass worshiping and the noise went straight to his cock.  “Fucking amazing,” he commented absently.


            Trowa picked that moment to turn back around and face him.  Duo groaned in disappointment, but it did free up his hands to adjust the throbbing need inside his jeans. 


            “Not so fast,” he scolded lightly, green eyes flashing with mischief.  “I’m the one running the show tonight.”  He reached around Duo’s back and pulled the long braid of hair over his shoulder.  “Now, I want you to go and take a shower,” he said as he let the braid slip through his fingers.  “I want you to clean yourself thoroughly, but don’t wash your hair.  When you’re finished, I want you to come into the kitchen, naked and I will give you further orders at that time.  You have fifteen minutes…no more.”   He then began smoothing the bangs away from Duo’s face much like a mother would for a child.  “Can you do this?”


            Duo nodded.  Trowa was using his I’m- the-teacher-so-you’d-better- listen voice and staring directly into his eyes.  Those piercing green eyes from which Duo knew there was no escape.  “You bet I can,” he responded smugly. 


            An amused smile twisted at the corners of Trowa’s mouth.  “Good.”   He gave the Duo’s braid another tender caress before jerking his head in the direction of the bathroom.  “Now, get going.”  The longhaired man walked with a bit of haste in his steps.  When he reached the edge of hallway, Trowa called after him.  “Remember, Bright-Eyes, fifteen minutes.  Even one minute longer and you will be punished.  Time starts now.” 


            Duo took off running down the hall this time, bouncing off the walls like a pinball as he pulled his shirt over his head.  He turned the faucets on in the shower with one hand while he yanked off his shoes and socks with the other.  While attempting to kick his pants off, he bashed his foot into the linen cabinet and muttered a few choice words for his trouble.  He was sure that the sight of him hopping around on one leg while trying to get undressed as fast as possible had to look pretty funny.  Now free of clothing, he pulled back the shower curtain and stepped under the lukewarm spray.  The attachable enema nozzle was waiting from him, draped over the metal curtain rod. 


            He found that washing yourself one-handed was quite difficult.  In his rush to get into the shower, he forgot to grab a hair clip to pin his braid up so it wouldn’t get wet.  Not wanting to get back out to find one, he instead held his braid out of the way while he hastily ran the washcloth over his body.  His erection had subsided slightly, but not all the way.  The anticipation of what Trowa had in store for him was enough to keep him aroused. 


            It was as he was drying himself off that he realized that he didn’t check the time before he got into the shower.  He had no idea how long he’d taken and how much time he had left.  For a split second he became worried.  Trowa said he would be punished for even one minute over his set deadline, but then it dawned on him that the reason a time limit was set was so Duo could break it.  Trowa wants to give him a little “punishment” and that thought excited him.  So he finished drying off at a more leisurely pace and then headed to the kitchen.


            Trowa was seated on one of the chairs to the small dinette set that he had turned to face the entrance.  He was leaning back against the table, sipping from a glass of wine that he held loosely in his long fingers.  His posture was relaxed and comfortable and very, very alluring.  When Duo stopped in the doorway, he gave him an approving look as his eyes traveled the length of his body.  He then casually brought his wrist up to glance at his watch.


            “Eighteen minutes,” he said coolly as he placed the wine glass on the table. 


            Duo liked this game.  If Trowa wanted to be the harsh master, then he could play the disobedient slave.  “I’m sorry.  I lost track of the time,” he said with a little bit of fake sincerity. 


            “Well, that just means you’ll have to be punished for disobeying my order.”


            Duo had to hide his smile.  Trowa was keeping his tone light.  There was an undercurrent of authority, but he was not being overly demanding yet, so Duo knew he could push a little more.  His lover motioned from him to come closer.


            “Kneel,” Trowa ordered when he was directly in front him and the longhaired man feigned a moment of resistance before he complied.    He reached for the leather collar that was on the table and held it up in front of Duo’s face.  “When this collar goes on, you will be under my complete control.  What I say, you will do.  Do you understand?”  Duo nodded.  “Do you accept this of your own free will?”  Again, Duo nodded.  A pleased smile graced the taller man’s face.  “Now bow your head and lean forward.”


            Duo bent over, resting his arms on his knees, and felt the cool leather slip around his throat.  Trowa gently moved the long braid aside so that he could fasten the buckle at the nape of his neck.  Once completed, he gently pushed on his slave’s shoulder so that he sat upright.  Hooking a finger into the metal ring on the front of collar, he gave a few tugs to make sure it was on securely. 


            “Not too tight, is it?” Trowa asked sweetly.


            Duo shook his head.  “No, it’s fine.”


            “It’s fine- what?” 


            The tone in Trowa’s voice wasn’t angry, but there was just the barest hint of annoyance.  It took Duo a second to figure out what it was that was being asked.


            “Uh…Master!  Its fine, Master,” he blurted out and received a pat on his head as a reward.


            “Very good.  Now, what is your safe word for the evening?”


            A long-fingered hand began to trace his jaw line lightly, thumb barely grazing his lips.  It was such a subtly erotic gesture that Duo had to shake himself out of the trance of those hypnotic green eyes. 


            “Um…I, well…”


He honestly couldn’t think of anything.  He knew the importance of using a “safe” word, but the fact that he needed to come up with one made him a little apprehensive.  Trowa was apparently planning to go all out and not hold back.  This wasn’t going to be a simple session of tying to the headboard or playful use of handcuffs.  Not that this was a bad thing; it’s just that Duo wasn’t prepared for it exactly.  Trowa had been rather vague when he called before.  Well, it was too late to turn back now.  He had agreed, after all. 


“Would you like me to come up with one for you?” Trowa purred as his fingers slipped down the column of Duo’s neck and the longhaired man nodded dumbly.


“Your safe word for this evening is- Sapphire.  Is this acceptable?”


“Yes, Master,” he answered obediently, head bowed. 


Trowa sat back in the chair to regard his slave momentarily, amused at the way he pouted at the loss of contact.  “Stand up,” he ordered, and Duo rose to his feet slowly.  Seated in the chair, he was now eye level with his slave’s half-hard erection.  Green eyes flashed up to see a look of barely contained anticipation in the braided man’s eyes and he smiled.  He picked up the metal cock ring off the table and held it up for his slave to see and then slid it down onto the base of his penis.  Immediately, the flesh in his hand went into full rigidity and became painfully engorged.   Duo opened his mouth to protest, but a hard, sidelong look from Trowa silenced the complaint.  Giving his slave’s balls a playful caress, he ordered him to kneel on the floor once again.


Duo sank back down to his knees, keenly aware of the now throbbing erection between his legs.  He just needed to touch it to alleviate some of the pressure.  It was an unconscious gesture to reach in between his legs and press the heel of his palm against, but the second he made a move, Trowa seized his wrist roughly. 


“No,” the Master barked.  “You will not touch yourself unless I give you permission.  Is that understood?”


Duo nearly whined in frustration.  He only wanted one touch just to appease some of the ache, but it looked like Trowa really wanted to watch him squirm.  “Yes, Master,” he ground out.


“Now, to insure that that doesn’t happen again, I’m going to bind your wrists,” Trowa said as he stood up and swiftly moved around to Duo’s back.  He leaned forward and pick up the pair of leather cuffs that were linked together by a short length of chain.  “Put your hands behind your back.”


Trowa made short work of the cuff’s fastenings and soon Duo was scowling at the tiles on the kitchen floor, hands securely bound at the small of his back.  At least the cuffs were much more comfortable then handcuffs would have been.  Metal tended to dig into the bones of your wrist much more painfully.  He cursed himself for not noticing that his lover had placed all these items on the table when he walked in.  Damn those leather pants, they were far too distracting. 


“Just one more item and your outfit will be complete,” Trowa said as he ran a sympathetic hand over Duo’s head.  When he held the blindfold up, Duo didn’t even bother to react.  He should have known. 


Once the blindfold was in place, Duo sat where he was and listened to his lover move around the kitchen.  It was so bizarre how a body became so much more aware of everything once you could no longer rely on your eyes to tell you what was there.  He heard the sound of the refrigerator open and then close followed by the soft smack of Trowa’s bare feet on the floor. 


“I figured you would be hungry after work, so I prepared a little snack for you,” Trowa’s smooth voice told him.  “I’m going to hold up a piece of fruit and if you can tell me what it is, then you can eat it.” 


There was the sound of a plate being set on the table and the soft crunch of leather as Trowa sat back down in the chair.  Great, Duo thought to himself, even the food comes with a game attached.  A hand at the back of his head gently guided him forward until his chest came into contact with what felt like Trowa’s knee. 


“Now, what is this?” his lover inquired.


Duo felt something cool and wet touch is upper lip and he backed up and gave it a tentative sniff.  It was sweet, with a slight tinge of acidic sourness, but didn’t have a distinct citrus smell.  “Apple?” he guessed.


“Very good, Bright-Eyes,” Master Trowa praised.  


The piece of fruit was placed against his lips and he parted them to allow entry.  While he munched on the apple wedge, a hand smoothed and petted his hair.  When Duo finished that piece, he was given another wedge. 


“Tell me what this one is?”   


Duo recognized the new fruit immediately from the overpowering sugary odor.  “Strawberry,” he answered with a smile and received the fruit gladly.  When Trowa’s finger lingered a bit too long, Duo closed his lips around it seductively, clenching the digit lightly between his teeth.  There was a barely audible gasp that came from the other man and the finger in his mouth withdrew slowly only to be pushed back in.  He sucked and swirled his tongue on his master’s finger, knowing that it was affecting him tremendously. 


The finger withdrew abruptly.  “No more of that, my love, unless we want the night to end quickly.”  Trowa’s voice was flustered. 


The game continued after that with Duo guessing each item correctly.  When he bit into a particularly succulent slice of pineapple, the juice began to dribble down his chin.  With his arms bound behind his back, he was helpless to do anything about it.  He flinched when he felt Trowa’s tongue lick the juice off his face.  When another piece of pineapple yielded the same problem, once again Trowa was there to clean him up.  This time, however, his lover didn’t stop the tongue-bath with his chin.  He instead ran it down his neck, pausing to nip lightly at the juncture of his shoulder, and then back up, tortuously slow before closing his mouth over Duo’s in a hungry kiss. 



Feedback is always appreciated!

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dmnutv_archer: Cutie - Fruitydmnutv_archer on July 31st, 2006 10:58 am (UTC)
Er... I am in the mood for fruit now. ^^
*rushes to read the next part*
evilkat_meowevilkat_meow on July 31st, 2006 10:21 pm (UTC)
Whaaaa....I love that icon! And I will say that having written this story, I've never been able to look at fruit or ginger for that matter, in the same way.