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19 July 2005 @ 09:15 pm

Got back from the eye doctor about an hour ago.  My pupils are dilated like a drug addict's...all the lights have this funky, starburst effect.  It's very cosmic.  I wonder if I can see in the dark now.  That would so awesome if I could...like a cat.  My prescription didn't really change that much which is surprising.  I thought I was going blind from all the hours spent on the computer.  So, I got me some new Armani frames.  Go me!  Hubbie got new frameless glasses, so we'll both be stylin'. 

Not sure if I'll be able to write anything tonight.  The screen is very bright right now.  We'll see what happens when I eyes go back to normal.  The smut is close to being finished! 

Current Mood: creativetrippy