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09 October 2010 @ 11:48 pm
In the midst of "Weekend of Awesome"  
Which started last night with a Megadeth/Slayer concert.  If you like metal and you like it blisteringly loud, then this is the concert for you.  My ears rang for hours after.  Awesome though.  Megadeth did the album "Rust in Peace" almost in its entirety.  Schweet!  Tonight hubbie and I saw comedian Lewis Black.  Hi-fricken-larious.  Though I suspect we may have been the youngest people in the crowd.  The average age was around 50.  I've never experienced that at a comedy show before.  So, what could possibly cap a weekend of such awesomeness you might ask?  Well, none other than the NY Comic/Anime Con.  The new Gundam 00 movie is being shown there and it is a moral imperative that I see it.  There will be pics of all the goings on. 
Current Mood: chipperawesome