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25 February 2010 @ 09:24 pm
Well, the phone is fixed  
The technician said that the guy who installed our internet/cable phone thingy didn't connect something correct and that was what caused the short on my line.  Funny how its always the other guy's fault.  Every time we've had to have emergency service on our furnace, the technician has always said the last guy who serviced it didn't do XYZ and that was why XYZ went wrong....typical.

The freezing rain we had all day has now turned over to snow.  The minimum they're saying is 5 inches....let's hope its that.  The bummer to this whole this is that the weather people are saying that the storm could go into early Saturday morning and my husband is supposed to fly home Friday night.  I have a bad feeling his flight will either get canceled or at least delayed.  total suckage.