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29 June 2005 @ 08:50 pm

So, I started watching Meine Liebe.  The animation is adequate, the storyline as of the first 3 episodes has been rather dull, but damn, those boys are pretty.  I'm not sure if the show is considered shonen-ai or if that's my dirty little mind twisting it as such, but these boys seem to have many delightfully slashy moments.  If the storyline doesn't improve, there are some fine bishes to gaze at. 

I've also decided that I need to write some smut.  I've been writing too much angst lately and need to write some good old fashioned, down and dirty, smut.  Shenlong Deb's GW contest this year is "The Art of Bondage."  I have an idea. (Be afraid, be very afraid)  So, I'm going to write that before I move on to the next chapter of "Hold Your Light."  Then after that, I'll move on to "The Unicorn."  I like to keep working on all my fics, rather than one at a time.  Not sure if its the best way to get things done, but its my way, so there- nyahhh *raspberries* 

Now, if only the second Haru wo Daiteita OVA would download faster...been waiting for months...months for the next installment.  I need Kato and Iwaki in motion.  *takes deep breath*  I'm okay now.   Goes off to patiently wait for download to finish.  

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