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27 June 2005 @ 03:08 pm
The God of Death is back from Paradise....  

and all I got was a whole lot of Jamaican rum :)  So, where was it in Jamaica that I spent the last week, you ask?  Hubbie and I spent it at Hedonism III.  Yes, you read that right, Hedonism III. 

Now, let me first start off with a disclaimer.  Hubbie and I are happily married, are not swingers, and were in no way looking to swing.  Yes, that was obundant down there and we were even approached, but declined any offer we got.

So, let's begin.

Sunday- Our flight was supposed to take off at 7:55 in the morning which meant that we had to be at the airport by 6.  We were up at 4:30 and my parents picked us up at 5:30...snore.  The parents drop us off at the Air Jamaica terminal where we were promptly informed that our flight was delayed until 4 that afternoon, but if we wanted to switch to an American Airlines flight at 9:15 we could.  This exact scenario happened to us on our honeymoon 2 years eariler.  Air Jamaica screwed us once again.  So we had to take the tram over to the American terminal, check in with them, and wait 3 hours.  Not a promising start, but when dealing with AJ we knew not to expect too much.  While sitting by the gate, a woman about 40 years old, sitting next to me strikes up a conversation.  In this friendly chat we discover that she too is going to Hedo III because her husband won a free trip online.  She was very scared because she was a conservative type person and wasn't into sun and fun while being naked.  This made me feel a little better to know that I had another person going who, while a bit more extreme in her worries than me, still was apprehensive. The flight took off on time and 3 and a half hours later, we land on the island of Jamaica at Montegio Bay.  The second we walk off the plane, we hit the wall of humidity and heat.  Its in the low 90's and downright sultry.  After getting out bags and going through customs and immigration, we got to the SuperClubs station and wait for the bus to the resort.  There we meet up with the woman I met, Diedre and her husband, David who had taken an eariler flight down.  After a half hour wait, we are loaded onto the bus and begin the hour and a half ride through rural Jamaica on what they consider a highway.  It wasn't more than a dirt road in places.  I found it interesting that all the houses had bars on all the windows and porches.  Anyway, we make a "pit stop" at this bar/gift shop area about a half hour from or destination.  Here we have a Red Stripe (offical beer of Jamaica and boy is it good) and a bag of chips and the bus driver tries to sell us weed.  Oh, I forgot to mention that everyone down there from the bus drivers to the waitresses at the resort will be able to hook you up if you so desire.  After the weed stop, we arrive at the resort.  From the outside it looks inconspicious.  Beautifully landscaped with a big fountain in front of the main entrance.  We get off, tip the driver, and with bags in hand, head inside.  We made our arrangements through a travel agency and went over to the table they set up in the lobby.  Its run by a husband and wife team and we are greated by the husband wearing a t-shirt and shorts, well his wife is wearing a thong covered by a crocheted top...completely see-through.  We've been there less than 5 minutes and have seen our first pair of boobs.  They don't ease you into the nekid thing, you are thrown into the mix.  The resrot itself has a "prude" side where bathing suits are required, a nude side where you have to be naked (there are security guards to enforce this) and the "Quad" pool which is clothing optional.  Our room overlooked the Quad pool.  So after checking in and grabbing a bite to eat we decide to go swiming.  Its about 7 at night and the sun has set.  Now, I have never done the nude or topless thing...ever.  This was a first for me.  The pool was fairly deserted, everybody was off at dinner, so hubbie and I swallowed our ambitions and went for our first completely nude swim....and we never wore our bathing suits again.  It was easier than I ever thought, and no one cared because everyone else was nekid too.  Honestly, after one day of seeing boobs and cock, the shock is gone and its completely old hat.  It was a little surreal to have a normal converation to a naked person while you yourself a wearing nothing but a smile.  So, after the swim we went back to our room and the days worth of traveling caught up with us and we fell asleep.

Monday- So, now that we are okay with being sans clothing, we head over to the nude pool after breakfast to see what's what.  It was rather dull.  While sunning myself on a lounge chair, a 87 (yes, 87) year old man told me to be careful with my pale skin (I have a natural olive complection, but work keeps me indoors so I am on the pale side) He told me to "pay attention to my tits, especially the area around my nipples."  The second he referred to them as "tits" he lost me.  I was completely skeeved out by the dirty, old man, so we left.  The Quad pool was where it was happening so we stayed there for the rest of the week.  The interesting thing about the rooms around the quad pool is that showers have a huge window that if you were in the pool, you could see right into them.  There was a screen you could pull down, but I took my showers before dinner so it was still light out.  At night you could see everything.  That night we saw a woman give her husband/whatever a blowjob right there in the shower.  I must admit to a voyeristic tendency, so hubbie and I watched in rapt facination.  Every night was a different dress theme for dinner.  This night was "Island Beach Party."  I wore this cute little halter top with a very short skirt, while hubbie wore a colorful Hawaiian-type shirt we purchased on our honeymoon.  Dinner was served on the beach, and the atmosphere was like a luau.  After we ate, we danced in the disco and I shook my booty for all it was worth.

Tuesday- Lounged in the pool all day and played the first of many nakid pool volleyball games.  That first game was a little odd, especially when the guys would jump up to spike the ball and their junk was flapping in the breeze for a few seconds...much to my amusement ;)  I was surprised at how quickly I adapted to being naked around other people.  Granted, not everyone was a super model, but after a while that didn't even bother you any more.  Fat, thin, old, young, hairy...big boobs, small boobs, small dicks, big dicks...it didn't matter to anyone.  I did get some appreciative stares and that made me feel good.  I did find myself trying to figure out which of the men were "showers" and which were "growers"  It was a fun game I played with myself.  Had sex twice that day, it would appear all the new experiences were effecting hubbie as well :)  The theme for the evening was "Pajama Party."   I wore a sheer purple (my favorite color) baby doll nightie with a matching sheer purple thong.  Hubbie wore boxers and a silk robe.  Tons of women in all sorts of barely there lingere and guys in thongs.  That night as we were leaving the disco, we were approached by a friendly black man who stopped hubbie to tell him how cute I was.  Well his exact words were "She's so cute and she has nice glasses (yes, the kat wears glasses)" then after getting a closer look at me, he proclaimed with astonished eyes "and a really pretty face."  My ego was soaring.  He then ruined it all by asking if we were swingers.  We told him no, but he then told us all the "rules" swingers had in case we changed our minds.  He finally relented after the second refusal. 

Wednesday-  Once again, we spent the day in the pool sunning and playing volleyball.  We ran into Deidre and David at the pool.  He had no problems with the nudity, but Deidre was a little shy.  She eventually went topless, but that was after a few drinks.  We told them how we got approached by that guy and David was jokingly upset that they hadn't been approached yet.  David was a nice guy and we suspected wanted to be a little more freaky than his wife would allow.  They did a buch of side trips off the resort so that she could get a break from all the wildness.  Oh well.  Had sex twice again this day.  Was really enjoying how much hubbie got off on showing me off to everyone.  We ate dinner in the resort's Italian resturant "Pastifari" get the joke?  The theme that night was "Pimp and Ho attire"  we didn't even bother with this one.  After dinner we wandered around and then turned in.

Thursday- Guess what?  More sunning, volleyball, and drinking.  By late afternoon things were getting kinda lame at the pool so I suggested we go back to the room to shower and rest before dinner.  Well, as I'm in the shower, barely 10 minutes after we left, a Roman Orgy breaks out in the pool.  The entertainment staff had some of the guests doing body shots (you know, drinking liquor off another person's body) and I guess that got the guests reved up.  There was everything from blowjobs to full-blown sex going on right before our eyes.  I watched the whole thing as I showered.  Hubbie was pissed that I made him go back to the room and miss it, but we wouldn't have done anything anyway.  We're not that open about our sex life.  That night was "Toga Party" night.  The toga we made for me was fashioned to look like Mila Jovavitch's "bandage" outfit in The Fifth Element.  I took one strip of sheet and tied it around my neck as an anchor and then took one long strip and attached one end to the front, ran the piece through my legs- thong style, and tied in in the back.  We then took another thin strip and tied it across my chest to cover my nipples and another strip around my waist.  I made to the final round, but didn't win for the best toga.  Everyone told me how much they liked it, and I guess that will have to be good enough.  After dancing at the disco for a bit we decided to go to the hot tub and hang.  Well, there were a few couples down there and we made some initial small talk.  The one girl reaches over and starts working this guys dick.  Well, we had met this guy before and this girl was not his wife.  In fact, his wife was no where to be seen.  So, once this guy is completely hard, the woman motions to the woman sitting next to me to come over.  This chick promply grabs the guy's hard on while at the same time asking "what was your name again?"  Needless to say, hubbie and I were shocked and bailed as graciously as we could.  The hot tub is apparently the swingers hang out...we learned that the hard way.

Friday- You guessed it- more sun, volleyball, and drinking.  That night we ate at the Japanese resturant at the resort.  Let me tell you, its quite an interesting experience to have your habatchi dinner cooked by a large Jamaican woman, but she was funny.  Ya mon!  This night's theme was "Fetish/Masquerade"  I found this really cool sexy pirate costume online.  It had a skimpy faux leather vest with matching pleather hot pants.  I added a pair of thigh-high fence net stockings and my black combat boots for this goth/pirate thing that ruled.  Tons of people were dressed in leather and chains.  While dancing the woman behind me who had a leash on began to smack my ass with the end of her lead.  I just went with it, much to hubbies shock and probable enjoyment. 

Saturday- I don't need to say it right?  Yes, more of the ususal.  This night was the Grand Buffet dinner and the theme was "Bare as you dare"  I wore a see-through purple mesh short dress with a white Y-back thong.  I was apparently the first one at the dinner to be in such attire and garnered a few looks until more women showed up in similar fashion.  I did observe that the men generally didn't dress up and left it all to the women every night...wusses.  We were told when we booled the trip that there would be lobster at this buffet only to find out that it's out of season this time of year...drats!  Other than that, the food was awesome. 

Sunday- Time to come home.  As much fun as we had, I was ready to come home by friday.  We packed up all our belongings and the few items we purchased (mostly jerk sauce which is delicious, especially on BBQ'd chicken) and got on the bus to the airport.  Well, Montiego Bay airport is not air conditioned, so we waited on line for an hour to check in, sweating our asses off the whole time.  Now, 2 years ago on our honeymoon Jamaica Air F'ed us by delaying our flight home by 3 hours.  We prayed for that not to happen.  After we checked in and confirmed the flight was on time, we head to the duty-free liquor shop to by some goodies, mostly rum.  Next thing we get on the plane only to find out that there was an issue with a "part" and we couldn't take off, so we waited an hour on the runway until it was replaced and we got clearence.  Then we find out that 10 people haven't boarded, so we had to wait for them.  Pissed does not cover what I felt at that moment.  And to top all that off, there was a baby that pretty much screamed the entire flight and the woman sitting next to me kept dousing herself with perfume until I thought I was going to vomit.  JA has screwed us everytime we have flown with them.  Never flying with them again! 

But it's good to be home from Bizzaro world.  I find it amusing that now we are so accustomed with swiming nude that we may feel weird when we have to wear bathing suits.  Go figure, and I used to be so body shy.  I think that I have made remarkable strides in my recovery to be able to do that when just 10+ years ago I was hiding in the biggest, bulkiest clothes I could find because I didn't want people to notice me or my body.  Ah well, back to work tomorrow...yuck.  I missed you all out there.  It was a challenge being cut off from the internet for a week, but I did it.  Drop a line to say hello...and don't be afraid, I'm really quite normal ;)


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