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26 May 2009 @ 09:12 pm
Memorial Day BBQ  
Went off without a hitch this year and as usual, there were many drunken highlights.  What made this year's BBQ way different from the previous ones is that we all have babies now.  But that didn't stop the crazy stunts that make our yearly BBQ legendary. So, one friend brought all the fixings for a rum punch that while delicious, was very strong.  It was made with 3 types of rum--one being Bacardi 151.  That stuff is almost rubbing alcohol.  Anyway, after consumption of said punch, the guys decided to do "fireballs" with the rest of the 151.  For those who aren't familiar, a fireball is when you spray/spit the alcohol over an open flame and get a glorious puff of fire.  151 is high enough proof for this to happen.  You can't just do it with any old alcoholic beverage.   There was much hilarity as most of the guys succeeded in spitting out the flame rather than creating a fireball.  We had this torch, not a tiki torch, but something more like a four foot candle that the guys were using.  Once the 151 ran out, they took turns leaping over it.  I did mention that it was 4 ft, so you can imagine what that must have looked like.  One guy didn't make it and landed right on the flame.  No severe burns, but he did have a wax burn in the seat of his shorts.  LOL.  Something crazy happens every year.

I also finally got around to seeing Star Trek and all I can say is OMG.  It was awesome.  It has me completely jazzed about the franchise again.  Go see it if you haven't already.  You don't have to have been a fan, this is a completely fresh take on the old idea and is jam packed with action. 
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