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24 May 2005 @ 10:56 pm
Episode III once again  

Just got back from seeing Revenge of the Sith for the second time and I must say that it was waaay better after another viewing.  I didn't get hung up on the corny dialog and could spend time to appreciate all the little details so much more.  It was hubbie's first time seeing it and we were both in agreement that the scene where Vadar finally dons the suit and busts off the table like he was was Frankenstein was the most unintentionally hysterical scene in the movie. NOOOOO!!!!  We were trying so hard to keep the snickering quiet...we didn't do such a good job.

I also had a small epihany while sitting in the theater.  What makes the original trilogy so much better has to do with the fact that all the technology we have now was not around back in 1977.  The movies were very character driven, not effect driven and that is the key.  Actors interacted with one another and not a blue screen when a hundred other creatures would be added later.  I think all the acting to nothing took away from the basic core of the newer movies.  At least, that's my two cents.  Steven Wright once asked "Why is it a penny for your thoughts, but you have to put your two cents in?  Somebody's making a penny..." 

Also saw a trailer for the new movie Stealth which is a huge, rip-off of the anime Yukikaze.  Even the design of the planes are similar.  I wonder if it is based on it...will have to investigate.  There is no way it could ever possibly be as good as the anime.  Not with the bloated, over-acted action movies that Hollywood usually puts out.  A beautifully subtle mini-series like Yukikaze would be a complete mind-F to them.  Ah, well.  I'm going to go watch Loveless 7 again because I can't seem to get enough of Ritsuka and Soubi...cat boys rule!

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presser_kunpresser_kun on May 25th, 2005 03:58 am (UTC)
Wanna go see RotS again. I, too, think I'll like it better the second time around.

You're right about the character-driven stuff. John Lassiter (sp?), who does the Pixar thing, wrote Toy Story, says that what matters is the STORY. You got a good story, then you can tell it with clay, pixels, or rubber bands. Doesn't matter.

I've always thought the story's the thing. FX are cool, no doubt. But if they don't help the story, they're in the way.

One more thought along this line. I'm in the music biz, and Greg Nelson (a producer) told me once, it doesn't matter if you have the combined symphonies of Europe on your recording, it's not going to make a lousy melody sound good.

He's right.

Loveless is my new obsession. Though I don't like what Soubi seems to intend with Ritsuka, I'm interested in the plot. Plus, Ritsuka's just too too adorable. He's a lot like Echizen Ryoma from Prince of Tennis - a bit in looks, and in the voice, too. I first thought that Edward Elric's seiyuu was doing Ritsuka's voice, but discovered it's a different VA. Anyway, I love that husky boy-voice.

Of course, if Soubi -- well, I don't know what to say or think. He acts like he loves Ritsuka, but only in a romantic way? But why did he kiss him? Damn, I'm curious.
evilkat_meowevilkat_meow on May 25th, 2005 09:20 pm (UTC)
Its not the same seiyuu? Damn, I thought it was. I like the husky boy-voice as well. Does it make it a little weird to know that its usually a woman providing the voice? Though I have to admit that the deep, rich voices like Soubi's turn me into jelly...puurrrr.

Now, what do you mean when you say Soubi's intentions with Ritsuka? Yes, there is the sexual element to all this and the age differences make it a bit uncomfortable. I'm not into shota-con and I don't think that's where this is heading. But your right, things are so vague right now that I'm dying to know what is going on with everyone. As for the kiss, well maybe he did it to shock little Ritsuka (and he certainly did) but he hasn't kissed him like that again...I think. We could pick apart and analyze this show all night.

Buy yeah, if I've never wanted to hug an anime character more than I do Ritsuka. He does kinda look like Ryoma. I just started watching POT. I've seen up to episode 26 with many, many more to go. Tezuka...yummm. I wonder what it is about the quiet, serious ones that attract me? We could spends days psycho-analyzing my taste in bishonen.

Ah, well I'm off to go work-out. Enjoy the rest of your night!