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19 January 2008 @ 02:20 pm
The first week  
Well, we made it through the first week and a half.  I'm tired, but not walking into walls yet.  I think the baby is slowly getting on some kind of schedule where he only wakes up twice overnight.  It's bad, but not too terrible.  He absolutely hates being changed though and pitches a fit whenever we have to.  The only good part is that once you're finished, he calms right down.  But let's backtrack a bit and I'll talk about the birth.

So, I show up at the hospital Tuesday night as planned and get admitted.  After being hooked up to all the monitors and IVs, the midwife comes in to insert the Cervidil.  The Cervildil looks like a small, square piece of gauze attached to a tampon string.  I had heard that the Cervidil may induce labor, so I asked the nurse if that was a possibility.  She tells me that if this were my second kid- maybe, but not with the first and certainly not with the way my cervix was.  Well, consider me a medical anomaly because within two hours, I started to have contractions and dilated to one centimeter.  A few more hours later, the contractions were coming harder and faster.  At around 2 AM I told my husband to go home because he wasn't comfortable in the fold out seat that was in the room.  They gave me an Ambien to help me try and rest, but every time I would get into that almost asleep phase, a contraction would wake me up.  At around 4 AM, I was 3 centimeters and in full-blown labor.  The pain was becoming unbearable, but it was too soon for the epidural, so they gave me an analgesic injected into my IV.  That put me to sleep for a few blissful hours.  I do recall waking up to one particularly strong contraction and feeling my water break.  Very strange.  At some point during my little nap, the nurses put an oxygen mask on my face, which, in my semi-conscious state, I kept taking off.  At around 6, the analgesic had worn off and I was 7 centimeters and in a mega amount of pain.  I have no idea how women give birth without any drugs.  When I say those contractions hurt like someone was tearing apart my insides, you have to believe me.  I have never felt anything like it.  But I did not scream.  I refused to be one of those women.  Sure I grunted, gasped, and whimpered, but I held back the screams.  Now, at this point, I'm begging the nurses for the epidural.  They tell me my doctor will be in in 45 minutes and I have to wait.  Welcome to the longest 45 minutes of my life.  It was around this point that my husband shows back up and asks how I'm doing.  I believe I yelled "I'm dying!" or something to that effect.  Believe me, that's what it felt like.  The pain was so bad and the contractions were coming every minute and lasting a minute.  I couldn't talk.  I could only grit my teeth and ride things out until the doctor showed up. 

I'm guessing it was longer than 45 minutes, but I had no concept of time at this point.  My doctor shows up and gives the okay for the epidural.  That was music to my ears.  The only sucky part is that now I have to wait for the anesthesiologist to come and give it to me.  Argh...more waiting and torture.  Let me just say that when I finally got the epidural, there was much rejoicing.  The pain disappeared so fast it was almost shocking.  By this time, I'm 10 centimeters and ready to go, but my doctor wanted me to rest for about an hour seeing as how I barely slept.  Best nap of my life.  So, they wake me up an hour later to start pushing.  I'm still slightly out of it, but aware enough to do what they're telling me.  I push for about a half hour when my doctor decides they need to help the baby a little.  So, they wheel me into an OR where they apply this little suction cup device to the top of the baby's head once he crowns, to help pull the baby as I push.  It takes about four rounds of pushing and voila!  baby Dylan is born wailing and screaming his arrival.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that even though my doctor gave me an episiotomy, the baby tore through that and ripped me a little more.  Can you say ouch?  So, I was stitched aft to stern and really sore for about a week.  The stitches are dissolving and I'm doing much better now.  It totally sucks getting your period again after 9 months without it. 

Ah, but the best part was that moment when they first handed him to me.  Words can not possible describe it.  He was perfect.  He was beautiful and he was mine.  I was all expecting them to hand me a red-ish or purple-ish baby since they all look like that until they "pink up" but what I got was a perfectly peaches and cream complexion with no residue of any kind and no puffiness.  He looked 3 days old at birth.  It was amazing.   The little porker had also gained weight as of his first pediatrician appointment a few days later.   He's up to 9 pounds now.  He's definitely going to be a big boy...eep!
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