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16 May 2005 @ 08:47 pm
Remind me never to go to an out of state wedding ever again- Part 2  

Okay, where did I leave off?  Ah yes, shoes filling with blood.  So, we all made it back to the hotel and to our respective rooms.  No after party for us.  The king-size bed in our room was quite comfortable.  I probably would have slept better if it wasn't for my husband who, no matter how much I tried to get him to move, insisted on sleeping in the middle of the bed...snoring.  I really shouldn't have been surprised. This is a nightly occurance in our regular queen-sized bed, but that's a whole different story.  Anyway, we were all up and out of the hotel by 11 and decided to head out for some brunch on our way home.  Well, we needed to get gas, but figured that when we stopped to eat, we'd get gas then.  Little did we realize that once we got on the highway there was nothing...nothing for the next 50 miles.  About 10 minutes after we got on, the gas light came on.  We eventually came to a sign that said gas, so we got off and had to drive through this town in the middle of nowhere until we found the station. So, we get back on the road trying to get to civilization so that we can eat.  What seemed like another 50 miles, we find a nice family resturant.  There were 8 of us in the convoy, and we were told a 30 minute wait.  Its not like we had a choice.  There was no other place we could go to.  Well, the wait wasn't that long and we were seated in 10 minutes.  Well,  we find out that the resturant is understaffed and one watress got fed up and walked out, leaving an entire half of the resturant with no service.  Despite that we did get our food in a reasonable amount of time.  My french toast was okay, a bit over cooked.  I like it a little soggy. 

After we're all fed, we head out once again.  We were doing well, only hit a few spots of traffic until we hit the Outer Bridge Crossing.  If you are not familiar with New York, the OB takes you from New Jersey through Staten Island to the Varrazano Narrows Bridge.  If you hit traffic here...and you usually will, expect it to be hell on Earth.  And if that isn't bad enough, once you cross the bridge you come to the lovely Belt Parkway.  "Nobody beats the Belt" is a familiar saying.  You will always hit some type of traffic here, usually becuase of an accident.  Flipped over SUV's are not uncommon.  So 5 hours after we left that resturant, we were home...exhausted and stiff.   Was it worth the time and money we spent?  Not really.  It was fun to go on a road trip with friends and to be there for another friend's wedding, but we didn't need to go all that way for a buffet dinner.

In car news, we dropped my Jetta off at a new mechanic today to have him figure out what's wrong.  Hopefully he can, and hopefully its a cheap fix. *crosses fingers*

In story news, the recent chapter of "Light" has been sent to the beta who should be back from vacation.  I will try to get cracking on "P&C" tomorrow or wednesday.

In life news, my mother talked me into joining a gym with her.  I don't need to loose weight, but I need to tone up.  I'm getting a little doughy.  Plus, I want to look good when we go to Jamaica next month.  My first class is wednesday...god, help me.  I am so lazy and I know that I'll give up in a month.  My mother will have to drag me out of the house by my hair, which BTW she said she would have no problems doing.  We'll see. 

That's all for now... 

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