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08 May 2005 @ 10:03 pm

Had dinner with both sets of parents for Mother's Day.  All was well.  I spent most of yesterday shopping with my mother, my 4 year old niece, and my brother's new girlfriend.  I now remember why I hate shopping- too many people who are too self-involved to realize that there are other people on the planet.  But it needed to be done.  I have two weddings this month and I needed a new dress.  So, I now have a new sliver-grey 40's style Marilyn Monroe dress that I hopefully won't look like a complete looser in. 

In car news, the reason that code reader wouldn't work was becuase of a blown fuse.  That's a nice, easy fix.  But because we needed to reset the engine light, my car failed inspection because the readiness codes didn't have time to reset.  Confused?  Whenever the engine light comes on and the problem that caused it is fixed, there are certain codes that will automatically reset as you drive the car over a few days.  I guess its to insure that what ever was wrong has truly been fixed and the car's eletric system reverts back to normal.  So, we have to wait a few days before we can re-inspect my car.  The only problem is that a fault code keeps coming up in regards to the secondary air flow which is related to the pump we just had replaced.  It most likely is being caused by a bad vacuum hose or a loose connection somewhere.  Hubbie and I are investigating.  Now that we can check the codes ourselves, we'll know when we can take to back for inspection.  Perhaps this ordeal will be over soon.

Later all!

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