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20 April 2005 @ 06:52 pm
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...  

Well, that happy ending to the Jetta saga was a lie.  I recieved a call from the VW dealership monday morning telling me that they made a mistake and the warranty had expired.  They want me to pay for the work done which comes to- ready for this? $981.00!!!!!  Pissed does not even cover what I was feeling.  I am not paying.  I would have never agreed to let them do all that work if I knew it would cost that much.  I was assured on more than one occasion that everything was going to be covered.  My husband spoke with the manager and they are trying to work out a deal.  We spoke with a friend who is a lawyer and we are pretty much in the right.  This dealership might be scamming people by telling them they are covered so they agree to expensive repairs, and then tell them- "sorry, you need to pay this"  And the kicker to all this is when I was driving home from work monday night, the engine light comes on again.  ARRRRGHHH!!!!!! 

Breathe in, breathe out....Goose fra baaa....

Okay, I have this week's FMA drabble.  The challenge was "Expectations."  This is an odd fic for me.  I'm not entirely sure where it came from, but then again that could be said about most of my works.  *shrugs*


Title: A Break in the Routine

Author: evilkat

Rating: R

Parings: Havoc x Mustang

Warnings: Yaoi

Challenge: “Expectations”




There were many things about Roy Mustang that Jean Havoc had never expected.  Take for instance, the colonel’s hands.  Havoc had long labored under the impression that they would be hot.   Not scalding, mind you, but warmer than the average person’s hands would be.  After all, Mustang was capable of producing flame with the snap of his gloved fingers, so it was a natural assumption that the hands that wielded that fire would also burn as well.  Havoc had been pleasantly surprised to discover that they were, in fact, very cool to the touch when Mustang tenderly cupped his face very the first time they shared a kiss.


Havoc had also been surprised that the colonel preferred to be taken, rather than take when it came to their bedroom escapades.  It was an ingrained reaction to follow his commanding officer’s orders without question. So, Havoc didn’t even bat an eye when Mustang asked, with black eyes glazed and a voice husky with passion, to fuck him into the lumpy mattress in his sparse military quarters.  And Havoc happily complied with the colonel’s order.  He was a very obedient solider. 


A steady routine was soon developed.  During the day, both men were the picture of perfect military decorum.  But the nights were a different story all together.  The nights were when both men could break free from the imposed restrictions and break each other apart in their own unique way.  On those nights, Havoc fucked Mustang for all he was worth because there was nothing between the two of them other than the hours of sweaty, almost primal sex.  And Havoc called what they did together “fucking” because that was the term used when two people who had no emotional ties to each other, engaged in all manner of carnal acts.  The months carried on and neither one felt the need to look for fulfillment elsewhere. The two never really bothered to question why.   


Now, in the aftermath of another rousing and heated session, Havoc looked down at the face that stared up at him, their bodies still joined together.  He felt content, numb in the pleasant way that only a post-coital haze can bring.  The heady smell of musk and sex swirled in the air around their bed.  His thoughts were sluggish and consisted of nothing more than the blissful sleep that surely awaited him. The body beneath him shifted slightly and reached up to run a hand through his spiky blond hair.


“I love you,” Mustang said softly.


Havoc’s eyes widened considerably.  He had not seen that one coming…not in a million years.  As his listless mind began to process that information, he realized, with some odd sense of levity, that his own feelings were not were not too far from that same mark.  And the thought that something could develop from nothing was most unexpected, not unwanted, mind you, just unexpected. 




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