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15 January 2006 @ 08:46 pm
Teh awesomeness was delivered...  

Spamalot ruled!!!!  It is a must see for any Monty Python fans.  David Hyde Pierce and Hank Azaria were so good as Sir Robin and Lancelot.  The fact that they doubled as other parts just shows how amazingly talented they are.  I was completely blown away by their performances.  The supporting cast was a treasure unto themselves.  The new songs were as funny as you would expect of anything MP.  I was overjoyed that they kept all of the original dialog. (Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?)  Unfortunately the Castle Anthrax scene was cut, but what can you do?  (Bad, wicked, naughty Zoot)  Seriously, you must see this musical at all costs. 

But let me backtrack a bit.  Dinner at Carmine's was sofa-king good :)  While we waited for our table I proceeded to have the first of two rather large whiskey sours (my fav ^__^)  on an empty stomach.  I was feeling quite good by the time the food arrived.  Carmine's serves "family style" which means you only need a few entree's for the table.  The salad we had was the best salad I've ever had in my entire life.  I can remember all the details, but it was mista, spinach, chicory and other various lettuces with marinated carrots and olives in an oil and vinegar dressing covered with Gorgonzola.  Delicioso.  The two entrees we settled on were chicken Marsala and baked ziti with chicken sausage and when I say my parents and hubbie and I ate everything, I'm not lying.  And I hardly ever clean my plate...it was that good folks. 

It was rather unfortunate that it was gale force winds amd rain last night...we were getting blown all over the place.  There were umbrella carcasses everywhere, shoved in every garbage can we passed.  Seriously...I was almost knocked over several times.  And then the cold front moved in.  We awoke to about 3-5 inches of snow and ice this morning.  The roads appear to be clear, so driving to work tomorrow won't be a huge ordeal.


presser_kun where are you?  *weeps*
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