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29 December 2005 @ 06:05 pm

Well, my niece left for Texas early this morning.  We won't be seeing her again until the summer.  My brother is devastated, she was his whole world.  He's remarried now with twins on the way and it's such a mixed bag of emotions for him right now.  He's happy about the new babies (a boy and a girl btw) but crushed, absolutely crushed that he won't be able to see her all the time.  He bought a webcam so that they can see each other, but she's only 4 and doesn't understand all that's happening.  It's going to be hell for him to have to explain to her why he can't come over and visit her. 

Christmas was the last time hubbie and I got to see her.  It was so odd to have a such an occasion overshadowed by the fact that I wouldn't get to see or play with her for a long time.  I've been wandering around in a funk for the past few days.  Hubbie and I ended up having a huge blowout yesterday.  There have been moments where I feel completely irrational.  It's been a rough year.  I can only look ahead and do my best to try to make next year better.  Those of you out there who have been listening to be bitch and rant about everything- thank you.  You guys are my lifeline sometimes. 

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