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14 December 2005 @ 05:45 pm
Power and Control- Chapter 6  

Zaizen is a bad, bad man. 

Power and Control- Chapter 6




A/N: This chapter will contain graphic descriptions of abuse and non consensual sexual situations.  Please head the warning and do not read if you are sensitive to the subject matter.







            It was like a nightmare that never ended and Sakaki would have given anything to be able to wake up from it.  He lingered on Zaizen’s face for a few seconds before he lowered his gaze to meet the frightened eyes of his lover.  Michael was noticeably shaking like a cowering dog under its master’s hand.  If he thought that his day could not possibly get any worse than it had, he was about to find out just how wrong he was.   


            Michael turned away from Sakaki to face Zaizen.  “Please don’t do this.  Don’t involve him.  I’ll do what ever you want just; please leave him out of this.” 



Sakaki could feel his heart break at the sound of his lover pleading for his safety.  Zaizen just laughed. 


“Come now, Michael.  Begging?”  The old man clicked his tongue in disappointment and then grabbed Michael by the elbow, roughly hauling him out of his chair.  “It’s unseemly,” he growled in the hacker’s face.  Michael’s mouth opened in a wordless scream as the grip on his arm tightened.    


Sakaki saw red.  Well, he wasn’t sure if it had a specific color, but his rage hit a peak and it sent him flying out of his chair and towards the man who was manhandling his lover.  


“Get your fucking hands off of him!” Sakaki screamed as he threw his body in between the two men.  He used both his weight and his momentum to pry Zaizen off of Michael.  The force of the separation sent the redhead stumbling backwards and onto his rear.  Sakaki had seen a look of surprise in the old man’s ice-blue eyes as he tore Michael from him, fleeting as it was.  No sooner had Sakaki separated the two when he felt Zaizen’s hand on the back of his head and fingers tighten painfully in his dirty blond locks. 


The old man was fast.  Fast and strong.  He outweighed Sakaki by a good fifty pounds and was taller by at least five inches.  It was a mistake that he had made earlier today while in this despicable man’s office and in his blind fury he underestimated the man again.  Before he could process the older man’s movement and attempt to counter it, Sakaki found himself being slammed face first into the nearby wall.  His forehead connected with the paint covered dry-wall hard enough to leave a dent and stun him momentarily.  Zaizen took the opportunity to bend Sakaki’s right arm behind his back and press the teen’s body into the wall, effectively rendering him immobile. 


Sakaki choked back a yelp as he felt the bones in his wrist grind together painfully.  The pressure that Zaizen applied to his arm threatened to dislocate his shoulder if he continued to struggle.  The old man curled his fist in the back of Sakaki’s shirt and jerked him away from the wall.  The constant strain on his twisted right arm didn’t let up for a second as Sakaki was unceremoniously dragged down the hall towards Zaizen’s office. 


“No! Please stop,” Michael yelled from somewhere behind the two men.  Sakaki could hear the tears in his eyes.  Zaizen did nothing to acknowledge the hacker’s plea and continued on until they reached his office. The grey haired man used Sakaki’s body to push open the door, none too gently either.  Once inside the dimly lit room, Zaizen threw the blonde face first down upon the large desk and leaned his weight onto the boy to keep him subdued. 


Sakaki’s mind blanked the moment his chest made contact with the cool surface of Zaizen’s desk.  The gravity of the situation dawned on him with all the subtlety of a freight train driving through a nitro-glycerin plant.  He began to struggle once again, not caring if his shoulder was wrenched from its socket.  Sakaki felt his brain’s higher functions shut down as all the energy he possessed was being diverted to one task; getting away. 


Sakaki managed one good attempt at bucking the old man off of him but Zaizen was not so easily thwarted.  The old man leaned more weight onto the captured wrist and pressed the teen further into the desk.  Breathing became harder as his lungs fought to expand under the onslaught.  It didn’t take long for Sakaki to begin to feel lightheaded.


Out of the corner of his eye, Sakaki could see Michael standing a few feet from the desk.  The redhead wore an expression of horror.  Michael’s wide blue eyes darted back and forth between Sakaki and Zaizen.  He was clearly torn between going against his tormentor and helping his lover. 


Zaizen leaned over to pull one of the drawers of his desk open.  The change in angle caused the old man’s erection to grind further into the cleft of Sakaki’s ass.  The blonde felt a shudder pass through his body.


Oh god, oh god, oh god. This is really going to happen.  This fucking piece of shit is going to rape me right here on his desk. 


There was an odd sound of items being shifted around as Zaizen rummaged through the drawer. The sound of metal scraping against something else metallic was heard.  Finding what he had been searching for, Zaizen leaned down so that his mouth was next to Sakaki’s ear.


“Oh, would I love to fuck you raw right here,” The perverted old man hissed.  “But I do have other plans for tonight.” 


Zaizen pulled his weight off of Sakaki and slapped one end of a pair of handcuffs on the wrist he had been holding behind the blonde’s back.  Before Sakaki could react to the sudden freedom he grabbed the other wrist and closed it in the other end of the cuffs. Zaizen then hauled Sakaki up from the desk and dragged him over to the closet to the left of the desk and pulled out a short length of chain.


Sakaki gasped and sucked in lungful after lungful of air as he was pulled about the room as if he were a rag doll.   The handcuffs were tight and bit painfully into the skin around his wrists.  Zaizen yanked him to the center of the room and kicked back a small piece of the carpet.  Hidden underneath was a metal O-ring bolted onto the floor.  It made Sakaki wonder how many other kinds of evils were concealed in this room.  Zaizen attached one end of chain to the cuffs and the other to the iron ring.  The chain was short, maybe half a foot by Sakaki’s estimation.  In order to keep his skin from ripping he was forced to kneel. 


Zaizen took a step back to admire his handiwork once Sakaki was rendered helpless.  The blonde haired teen looked away from the man’s Cheshire cat grin.  He cursed himself for his stupidity.  He had played right into Zaizen’s hand and now he was going to have to pay the consequences. 


“I don’t think I’ve ever noticed your eyes before,” Zaizen said as he grabbed Sakaki by the chin and forced him to look up.  “Such a lovely shade of violet.”  Sakaki jerked his head out of Zaizen’s grasp and looked away.  The grey haired man laughed softly.


“You’re a fighter. I like that,” Zaizen said.


“Fuck you,” Sakaki spat back and tugged on the chain that bound his arms behind his back.  


“Amon was a fighter too,” Zaizen whispered as he leaned down and placed his lips close to Sakaki’s ear.   “He fought everyone and everything tooth and nail, but in the end he still broke.  As you will too.”  The old man stood back up and motioned for Michael to stand beside him.


The redhead reluctantly stepped over next to the STN-J’s director.  His head was down and his eyes never left the floor.  Sakaki tried to get the hacker to meet his eyes but Michael was refusing to lift his head.  Sakaki watched as Zaizen stepped behind the teen and placed one hand on Michael’s shoulder and stroked the boy’s face with the other.  Michael’s breath hitched when Zaizen began to run his fingers along the metal chain around his neck.


“Tell me,” Zaizen directed to Sakaki, “Has Michael ever told you what this collar can do?”  Michael’s head snapped up at the question; he worried eyes looked to Zaizen’s face.  The old man ignored this and kept his questioning gaze on Sakaki.


“It has a tracking device and it prevents him from leaving the building,” Sakaki answered with uncertainty. 


“Do you know how it keeps him from leaving the building?”  Sakaki shook his head no.


“Perhaps it would be better if I showed you,” Zaizen stated simply as he reached into the pocket of his sports coat.  He pulled out what looked like a small, black remote control.  It was no bigger than a typical car alarm remote.


“No… please,” Michael gasped.  He backed away from the grey haired man, his eyes as big as saucers.                                                                                                           


Sakaki watched the scene, confused as to what was happening.  At least, he was until Zaizen pressed a button on the remote and Michael screamed.  He watched as Michael fell to his knees, clawing at the collar around his neck. 


“God, stop it! You’re hurting him!” Sakaki yelled.  Zaizen quirked an eyebrow in response.  The old man let Michael writhe on the floor for a few more moments before stopping the torture.


Michael collapsed onto the floor, panting heavily.  He appeared to lack the strength to do anything but that.  Sakaki turned to Zaizen and growled.


“You see, the collar emits a small electrical current not unlike a tazer gun.  If Michael were ever to attempt to leave this building he would have enough electricity pumped through him to render him unconscious,” Zaizen informed.  “What I just gave to him was about half of that charge.”


Half of the charge?  Sakaki’s mind reeled.  If half was enough to do that to Michael he would hate to find out what a full charge would do. 


“Now that brings us to why we are here,” Zaizen said.  There was an ominous tone in his voice and the corner of his mouth stayed curved up in an evil little grin.  He reached down and pulled Michael’s unresisting body up to a kneeling position.  “There are certain rules that I have and I expect them to be followed.  Michael knew the rules and willingly broke them, therefore he must be punished.”


“Punished?” Sakaki whispered more to himself than to anyone in particular.  Zaizen pressed the remote again and Michael let out another pain filled howl as he convulsed back onto the floor.  The old man laughed in amusement at the sight before him. 


“Stop…Please!” Sakaki screamed in frustration.  Zaizen ended the electrocution and let Michael rest.  Sakaki pulled hard on the cuffs binding his wrists in an attempt to get closer to Michael and felt the flesh around his wrists tear.  He could hear Michael moaning softly and could tell from the way his shoulders hitched that he was sobbing. 


“That was exhilarating, don’t you think?” Zaizen directed to Sakaki.


“No, it fucking wasn’t!” Sakaki snapped.


“What a filthy mouth you have.  You should be grateful that I’m going to go easy on you tonight because you’re new to this or else I would give you something to shut that pretty mouth of yours.”


“Anything you put near my mouth you will not be getting back,” Sakaki replied evenly to the old man’s insinuation.  Zaizen smiled at the blonde’s remark.


“I’m going to enjoy watching you break, boy,” The old man said with a certainty that made Sakaki’s chest tighten.  But Sakaki flat out refused to let that happen.


No matter what happens or what that man does to me, I will not break.  I will not let him get the better of me.  I have to be strong for Michael. 


Hard blue eyes stared into pale violet as the two engaged in a silent battle of wills.  Surprisingly, Zaizen broke away first, though the smile he wore seemed very unfriendly.  The old man stood next to Michael’s prone form and gave him a hard nudge with his foot.


“Get up, Michael,” Zaizen ordered.  The hacker groaned once and then began to push himself up.  His arms were shaking badly, weak from the collar’s abuse.  Once he was almost on his feet Zaizen grabbed him by the arms and pulled him up the rest of the way.  The old man took hold of the bottom of Michael’s shirt and ripped it over the boy’s head.  


Michael was too out of it to put up much of a resistance as Zaizen dragged him over and placed him face down onto his desk.  Michael didn’t bother to struggle; he just lay there, resigned.   It was a scene that Sakaki was becoming all too familiar with lately. 


“Michael, you willfully went and told another about the nature of our relationship when you were forbidden, and then you began a sexual relationship with that person,” Zaizen lectured as he began to undo his belt.  “How many lashes do you think an indiscretion like that deserves?”


Michael was silent.  Whether it was due to shock or stubbornness, Sakaki did not know.  What he did know was that there was a panic building inside of him at the sight of Zaizen slowly wrapping his leather belt around his fist.  Old memories began to surface and for a moment Zaizen’s face was replaced by another. 


“What about you, Sakaki? How many do you think Michael deserves?”


On some level Sakaki was able to hear Zaizen speaking but it blended into the background noise of the blood pounding in his ears.  If Zaizen spoke again Sakaki did not hear him.  What brought him back was the loud smack of the belt hitting Michael’s back for the first time.


Two….three….four…Michael cried out after the fourth lash and everyone after.  Five…six…seven…Sakaki began to lose count.  A sob escaped him.  The blonde had been on the receiving end of many such beatings from his father and watched his mother take far worse.  His life had come full circle, he realized as he watched his lover take the same discipline. 


Sakaki closed his eyes tightly, unable to watch any longer.  He winced every time the belt connected with flesh.  Tears fells from his eyes in rivers.  Then finally, the whipping stopped.  Sakaki slowly opened his eyes and looked to the desk.  He was unable to see Michael’s face from where he was but he could hear his labored breathing.  He looked to Zaizen and instantly regretted doing so.  The grey haired man was unbuttoning his pants and pulling out his erection.


“No,” Sakaki tried to say but his voice cracked.  He squeezed his eyes shut as he heard Michael scream as Zaizen rammed into him.  He would not watch.  It was the only thing he could do for Michael right now. 


I’m such a failure.  I couldn’t help my mother before and now I can’t help Michael.  I’m nothing but a useless fuck-up.


Sakaki tried his best to block out the sounds of Zaizen grunting as he took Michael, who he noticed had fallen eerily quiet.  It seemed like it took forever but the old man finally finished with a strangled shout.  Once Zaizen caught his breath and fixed his clothes he pulled the unconscious redhead from atop his desk and let him fall to the floor in front of Sakaki.  On his back were dozens of angry, red welts.  In some places the skin was broken and blood was welling up. 


“You monster,” Sakaki cursed, yanking hard on the restraints.


“I believe I have made my point,” Zaizen said.  His breath was still a little short. He reached down and ran a finger through the wetness on Sakaki’s cheek.  “Easier than I thought,” he said with a smug grin.


“I will make sure you die for this,” Sakaki growled under his breath.  Zaizen ignored the comment and reached around to unlock Sakaki’s wrists from the cuffs. 


“Oh, I’m sure you will, boy.  That’s what makes this so much fun,” Zaizen said as he straightened himself. 


Sakaki would have punched the vicious old pervert if he had the use of his arms.  Now that they were no longer bound behind his back the feeling was beginning to return with an aching pins and needles sensation.  Sakaki moved his arms experimentally.  The muscles were stiff and his wrists were badly abraded.  


“Take him and get out,” Zaizen said with a gesture to Michael. 


Sakaki crawled over to his lover.  He was lying very still and it frightened Sakaki.  The blonde reached out and placed his hand gently on the redhead’s shoulder.


“Michael?” He whispered.  The hacker slowly came around.  Blue eyes fluttered open but seemed to have trouble focusing.  “Come on, we have to get out of here,” He said as he attempted to get Michael’s arm over his shoulder.  It was a struggle but eventually Sakaki got them standing.  He didn’t spare a glance backwards and all but dragged Michael from the room. 


Curse that horrible man.  I will make sure he dies a slow and painful death.


Michael became more lucid as Sakaki led them down the hallway to Michael’s room.     


“H’ruto?” The redhead’s voice was hoarse.


“Shh, don’t talk, we’re almost there,” Sakaki whispered.  He shifted his grip on Michael’s waist to keep the hacker from falling.


“M’sorry….It’s all my fault,” Michael sobbed into the crook of Sakaki’s neck.


“No, it’s not….don’t say things like that.”  They reached Michael’s room and Sakaki had all intentions of putting him onto his bed but when they were within a few steps Michael’s body went completely limp, dragging them both down to the floor.  Sakaki frantically pulled Michael into his lap.


“Are you okay?  Michael?” 


The redhead opened his eyes and briefly met his lover’s worried gaze.  Michael’s eyes were bloodshot and swollen from the tears.  He choked on a sob and buried his face into Sakaki’s chest.


“I’m so sorry.  It’s my fault you got dragged into all of this,” Michael bawled into the blonde’s shirt. 


Sakaki could not find any words of comfort.  There were no reassurances he could give because there were none to be had.  In the end, all he could do was hold the trembling boy.




            Amon stopped at the intersection as the light turned red.  He glanced at his watch; it was almost midnight.  He hadn’t planned on staying in the park so late, but he didn’t feel like he could face Michael and Sakaki just yet.   He hit the steering wheel out of frustration.


            I didn’t want anyone finding out.  I was hoping to bring the bastard down without my involvement coming to light. 


            The sound of a fast moving car brought Amon out of his thoughts.  Heading in the opposite direction was Zaizen’s Cadillac. 


            “Oh, no,” Amon gasped.  As soon as the light changed he floored the gas pedal and took off for Raven’s Flat.  When he pulled into the garage he could see Sakaki’s motorcycle was still there.


            No, no, no…please let them be alright.


            Amon punched the button for the elevator over and over, as if that would make it come any faster.  As soon as the doors opened he was inside, furiously pushing the “up” button.  When he finally reached the office floor he dashed down the corridor and into the office. 


            Michael and Sakaki were no where to be seen.  Amon called out their names but received no answer.  As he made his way through the room, his eye caught a dent in the wall outside Zaizen’s door.  His stomach bottomed out and he ran down the hall towards Michael’s room.


            The door to the room was not closed completely, and Amon slowly pushed it open.  He inhaled loudly at what he saw.  Sakaki sat on the floor with his back leaning against the bed.  In his arms he cradled a sobbing, cinnamon haired computer hacker.  The younger of the two was shirtless and Amon could see that his back was covered by dozens of raised, red welts.


            “Sakaki?” Amon said, his mind trying desperately to ascertain what had happened.  The teen slowly looked up.  His eyes were red-rimmed and his face was drawn with exhaustion.  A large bruise was blossoming on his forehead.


            “You’re late,” Sakaki said wearily.





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