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12 July 2005 @ 10:18 pm

Today was my parent's 36th wedding aniversary!  It's crazy that they've been together that long.  They've weathered some hard times, but they're still hanging in.  It gives me hope and really sets a good example.  So, happy anniversary Mom and Dad! 

Made an appointment for next week to get my eyes checked.  Its been over two years since my last and I know that I need a stronger perscription.  All the time spent on the computer is making me blind.  Whaaa!!!  If I could afford Lasik, I'd probably do it.  But alas, I can't. 

Working on the smut, but I've been beat the last two days so its taking longer than I wanted.  Am I the world's slowest writer?  I'm beginning to think I might be.

Nine Inch Nails tickets go on sale on saturday for a show in November...must get my hands on some.  I need to see them.  If Tool ever did a show with NIN I think I could die happy afterwards.  *Has orgasm through music*  I love my angst music.  Anyone who has read "Hold Your Light" can see that.  I still cry that Alice in Chains is no more *weeps*  See?  Ah, but the music is eternal.  *Hugs CD's and MP3's* 

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: NIN- Terrible Lie