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03 July 2005 @ 01:13 pm

Went and saw Batman Begins again last night.  It was just as amazing as it was the first time around, if not better.  It was hubbie's first time seeing and he was blown away by it.  That is saying a lot because he is not a fan of comic books or superhero movies.  I've been told by some friends to save my money and avoid War of the Worlds at all costs.  I was surprised, but after they illustrated their reasonings, I'm inclined to follow their advice.

Everytime I see a trailer for the film Stealth, I want to scream "Yukikaze rip-off!" at the top of my lungs in the middle of the theater.  The plot is different, but there are too many similarities (especially with the designs of the planes, the whole AI system) for them not to have seen the mini-series.  I'm sure it's all a coincidence...that's what it has to be.    

Well, I'm off to go to a BBQ at my parents.  My brother and his girlfriend are coming up for a visit.  No, niece though :( It's not his day to have her.  Oh well. 

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